Two New Text Link Advertisers

It seems my commercial break worked! Barely a day has passed and already I got two more text link sales! This is what happens when you under promise and over deliver. I like to welcome the new advertisers:

Local Search Watch

Local Search Watch is a new blog focusing on getting local search results and local pay per click marketing. The blog is run by Frank Travisano, the CEO Impaxion, Inc., an internet services company offering website design and search marketing services since 2002. He is also the President of Local Breeze, Inc., a new local startup that is creating a series of local portals throughout the country.

Local Search Watch looks like an interesting blog. However, there are only five posts on it at the moment, with the last update on Jan. 15th. I hope Mr. Travisano updates it more. Otherwise, he could be wasting his advertising money.

Must See Funny Videos! is the buyer of the must see funny videos link. As you can image from the text description, the site shows funny videos. is among the first users of the new AdBrite InVideo Ads format. I was approved to be part of the private beta for InVideo Ads. I should follow up on that. I don’t post too many videos but the ones I do posts would get viewed a thousand times and it would be interesting to see how much it makes.

The InVideo ads are not that intrusive at all. Here’s a sample video from