Two Tricks To Increase Profit with Aweber

Here’s the video I made while my car was being serviced at North Shore Acura. I would have got it done sooner but the WiFi speed at North Short is pretty slow. I decided to upload it at home instead. In the video, I explain two features of Aweber that many Internet marketers overlook: the include/exclude filter and the suppression list. These features really come in handy when dealing with multiple lists or trying to extract addition income from customers who haven’t bought yet.

It’s pretty amazing that I am able to produce such a video while waiting for my car. Only a few years ago, this would have been impossible to do in a mobile environment. Technology is a wonderful thing.

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65 thoughts on “Two Tricks To Increase Profit with Aweber”

  1. Great tips John. I’m working on building some niche based lists per your post about list building and using CB. Let’s see how it goes!

    1. Salesfist says:

      Nice tips. I currently use aweber. i will see if I can make any adjustments.

      1. Hey Salesfist,

        Are you a big fan of this service? Such as everything it has to offer for the price.

        Thinking about pulling the trigger quite soon on it but still debating.



        1. I love it Chris, it’s well worth the money if you ask me.

          1. PPC Ian says:

            I agree with Profit Addiction! AWeber is well worth the price. The tools/templates the offer to build forms/pop overs are amazing and definitely help with gaining more leads.

        2. salesfist says:

          I am a big fan of this service. I make half of my online income with my list. I never used it until seeing one of john’s videos about it. It is really worth it. The guys at warrior forum are all about it too.

          1. Certainly Awebar is an important part of every online entrepreneur.

  2. d3so says:

    Nice tips! I can’t use these yet because I haven’t built a huge list but I be sure to bookmark this.

    1. Hey d3so,

      I am sure over time you will get your list up to a place where you can capitalize on this.

      The day you can look back will be great. 🙂

      1. d3so says:

        Yes, I know! I can’t wait til I build a huge list and more importantly more than one list.
        I’m just running one list at the moment.

  3. That secound idea about the suppression list is GOLD! Thanks for the tips John.

  4. Dino Vedo says:

    Love the suppression list trick!

    Good to know about aweber as I use it myself!

  5. Haha, didn’t realize that about the Shoemoney system. Oh well. It’s just $200.

    1. d3so says:

      No. it isn’t. The price is going to be different for a lifetime membership, which I already have 😉

      1. What do you get with a lifetime membership? Just out of curiousity 🙂

        1. I think a sticker saying “you rock”. LOL, just kidden.

  6. I hear aweber is great for email lists, but haven’t looked into yet myself. great video.

    1. d3so says:

      You should give it a try! It’s only $1 for the first

  7. aroopam says:

    great post john…i definitely agree with you in this regard

  8. Earl says:

    Great tips! I’m still figuring out squeeze theme with my latest site, but have started to use aweber now. Can’t wait to see what’s possible.

    1. Yes you should start using awebar from the very first day.

  9. Sally says:

    Hi John,

    Ohhhhhhhhh the suppression tip is brilliant, so sneaky ha ha, will be sure to remember this one for future mailings, thank you for sharing it.

    Look forward to reading lots more of your tips,

    Sally 🙂

  10. Jason says:

    Thanks for this John! I just started with Aweber about a week ago!

    1. Hey Jason,

      Have you seen a increase in your subscription base already? Not certain if your focusing on that yet but just curious.

  11. Jason says:

    What kind of Camcorder do you use?

    1. John Chow says:

      I use the Canon HF S100 camcorder and a Manfrotto tripod.

      1. Great! Hand held videos tend to make me dizzy, all these mini movements, SY

        1. I’ve only seen John making videos without the tripod. Perhaps his hand is so steady he doesn’t need to use it.

          A friend of mine positively cannot watch hand held videos. I thought she was unique. Quess not.

          1. Hey John which camera you recommend for low budget ??

  12. Jason says:

    And what kind of software do you use to get that cool intro effect and audio?

    1. John Chow says:

      That intro comes standard with iMovie 09. It has tons of intros you can use. Get a Mac! 🙂

      1. I think I will John, have been debating that for a while now. Do you use Boot Camp at all?

        1. Mac is really rocking …

  13. Jason says:

    I’ve been wanting one for awhile!

  14. browie says:

    Great video John. Aweber has so many features I get lost in them all.

    1. That’s why you should pick your options clearly and than work on it.

  15. Kirk says:

    It is great that you let everyone see you working everywhere you go. You walk the walk!
    Thanks for the information.

  16. Great tips John. I didn’t know about the suppression feature. This can come really handy.


  17. Jackie Chia says:

    Great posts John,its really helpful.
    Best regards.

    1. John always love awebar … and at the moment this one is rocking.

  18. Good info John, I’m currently trying to build up my E-Mial list, not the easiest task.

  19. I love the dot com lifestyle.Also I hope you car gets fixed sooner.

    1. John next time show your workstation somewhere else.

  20. Danny says:

    Yeha, Aweber really is a great service. I have used them on and off for various projects over the years. They really are worth every penny. Good tips!

  21. everyone says thanks an all and God know I apreciate this post but… I really don’t know how to use aweber 🙁 really!!! really!!!
    Can you recomend some tutorial for dummies? 😀

    1. John Chow says:

      Aweber’s own site has a bunch of tutorials. They even have live month webinars you can attend to learn how to use it.

  22. Wow! If they’re offering the first month for $1 they must be pretty confident in the product they’re offering. And I’m sure John gets a little commission for every person he recommends 😉 Great tips though! I would never have known about those techniques otherwise.

  23. Always been looking ways to increase my profits through Aweber. This is perfect.

    Thanks John

  24. Josh Rimer says:

    Speaking of Awebber, I’ve had two people tell me the signed up for it through my blog and neither was recognized for the affiliate commission I was owed. Of course, if you email Awebber and give them the names & invoice numbers, they’ll credit you, but it just makes me wonder how many people I don’t know about signed up through me and I didn’t get anything for it.

    1. That;s interesting. Yeah, I’d probably send out an email blast asking your readers who signed up through you….that might help

    2. Hi Josh that surprises me in AWeber’s case but I’ve heard of other conmpanies that don’t honor half the clicks. Somebody I met did some investigation into a company (not AWeber) and had a proof that they cheated. Needless to say he doesn’t promote them anymore.

      But I’d be shocked if AWeber did something like this. I always think of them as a great company and have even said in one of my posts I love AWeber and meant it.

  25. I had my first ad space offer from a person yesterday. Now that I’m catching the eye of some people, and people are signing up for my forum that I haven’t promoted yet, only have a link on the home page, it may be time to get into Aweber…

  26. An FYI about Aweber. So, I had an email list, fairly large, of about 400 ppl (that’s good for my start up business). Well when I started Aweber, I had to enter everyone’s email addresses and then it sent them a confirmation to subscribe. Well, these people were already subscribed that’s how I got their emails in the first place, and I instantly had 8 unsubscribers in a row because I guess they were freaked out about re-subscribing / or didn’t fully understand why they had to confirm the email. So, fair warning to all you out there. I had Aweber for one day and canceled immediately.

    1. Kimberly says:

      Yes, I too have had the same problem 🙁

    2. John Chow says:

      That’s not Aweber’s fault. You will encounter that with EVERY list service. It’s a requirement of the CAN SPAM rule that people must re-opt in if you’re changing providers.

      1. So that they can protect themselves legally.

  27. Tinh says:

    I have used GetResponse but not tried aweber yet. Great idea to give it a try as many bloggers are using it now. Thanks John

  28. Sean Supplee says:

    Two very solid tips, I know its always a pain when I am on a few lists and end up getting 5 of 6 emails all the same. I always wondered how I could limit it via my subscribers and heres my answer. Aweber rocks!

  29. Kimberly says:

    Yes I think AWeber is pretty cool… it depends on how many subsribres you have to make it worth it though.

  30. Lakhyajyoti says:

    Finally it is uploaded.Thanks.I’ll watch it later.

  31. Aweber simply rocks man. Its way better than the rest & actually the best.

  32. Hi John,

    Great tips. I’m currently using aweber and not content with just things are. Yeah, I’m working on the two things now. See how it goes?

  33. jay says:

    where is this?

  34. I use Traffic Wave and am happy with their service.It’s also FREE for the first 30 days.

  35. I thought that such lady is running to hug you from behind (at 5.09 time frame)

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