Tyler Cruz Vs. Gyutae Park

If you were are living it up at the CES like I was then you may have not heard that Tyler Cruz and Gyutae Park of Winning The Web are having a little competition to see who can get the most votes. The loser of the competition will have to pay $100 via PayPal to three lucky voters. In addition, each blogger has ponied up some additional prizes. Tyler is offering 150 Entrecard credits and a plug on his blog. However, Winning The Web is offering a free T-Shirt to the first 50 people who votes for him.

To vote, all you have to do is write a post on who you’re voting for and why. There are some linking rules as well but they’re pretty minor. Right now, the score is 17 votes for Tyler and 30 for Winning The Web. After much debate, I have decided to cast my vote to Tyler Cruz for the following reasons:

  • He is losing
  • He is a fellow Canadian
  • He asked for my help first

The contest ends on Monday January 14th at 6:00pm Pacific time (9:00pm Eastern), so if you wish to enter, make sure you get your vote post in before then. Good luck Tyler. You’re going to need it to catch up.

*Update – Since I voted for Tyler he has to send me 150 Entrecard credits and a plug back to my site. I already have a lot of credits saved up though so I don’t know what I will do with them. If I win one of the 3 $100 prizes I will give it away in a future contest on my blog

41 thoughts on “Tyler Cruz Vs. Gyutae Park”

  1. Tyler Cruz says:

    Thanks a lot John, this might just be what turns this competition around!

    1. I like your blog, but I believe you could do better than just entrecard credits if you intend to win this competition 😛

    2. Alan Johnson says:

      John, this post doesn’t contain 300 words and cannot count as a vote at this point so that editing it might be in order.

      Alan Johnson

  2. Gyutae Park says:

    Hey John,
    Thanks for plugging the competition – although you voted for the wrong guy. What did Tyler bribe you with? 😆

    To all John Chow readers…
    I only have 20 free t-shirts left, so be sure to vote asap. I’ll also be linking out to all voters at the end of the contest as a thank you.
    In order to have a chance at winning the $100 cash prize, you must vote for the winning blog. Since I’m up 30 to 17 with only 2 days to go, it would definitely be beneficial for you to vote WTW. 😎

    1. David Chew says:

      You should have more interesting prize like giving out free review. 😀

  3. David Chew says:

    Actually i also wanted to post about the contest of you two competing but it seems that John posted it so it will be better. Luckily i have post another topic to replace this. 😈

  4. Dustin says:

    I think both blogs are great, but offering free T-Shirts isn’t really a beneficial offering. Don’t get me wrong, its a good concept if your trying to advertise but if someone votes for you, why should they have to advertise too. Just my .02 cents… either way, best of luck and I’ll be watching this one closely.

    BTW John… did you read on Tyler’s blog his effort to promote his and your blog on the radio station, unfortunately the station didn’t give him any talk time. 😕

    1. Alan Johnson says:

      The T-shirts weren’t meant to act as an impressive incentive but rather as a thoughtful gesture and, as far as branding is concerned, offering T-shirts is a great approach. And if the people who receive it were to take a picture of themselves wearing it, I’m sure that Gyutae would be glad to post that picture on his blog and link to them, an approach which is popular on other blogs.

      Alan Johnson

  5. I like your blog very much. I visited it frequently & hope to start a blog soon.

  6. Rob Schultz says:

    This contest should be an inspiration to all of us lil’ bloggers out there in the blogosphere. Gyutae is taking on one of the more respected blogs in the “make money online” niche and winning. It’s not because of the free t-shirts or link backs, but it’s because his blog, albeit fairly new, offers content and a personality that readers like me want. Are you listening top dogs? We like him because he’s creative and unique. It’s a refreshing change. I’ll be casting a vote via my blog very shortly…I bet you can guess where it will go.

  7. Just casted my vote earlier for Tyler too 😛

  8. Contest Beat says:

    Go Gyutae Park – the underdog 🙂

  9. shy guy says:

    Oh.. I vote for tylercruz but maybe he lose…

  10. I vote for myself :mrgreen: 😈

  11. John, have you noticed a problem with Kontera? it seems that the ad network isnt working very well and the text link ads arent showing up quickly…

  12. May the best person.. oops.. the best blogger win!

  13. Spiros says:

    Vote for Tyler 😈
    I like his blog !!! 😎

  14. Buy Website says:

    My guess is the contest spin-offs will start soon. Many will try to copy this, but without a large amount of traffic to start with, they really have no chance.

    Thanks for keeping us informed.


    1. Alan Johnson says:

      Of course, this contest is attractive because the bloggers involved are receiving a fair amount of traffic but otherwise I agree, the exposure wouldn’t have been something to brag about.

      Alan Johnson

  15. Great contest, I’ll vote for erm… Tyler. 🙄

    Good luck to both!

  16. John Cow says:

    Wonder if this contest has anything to do with the mysterious disappearing of all of Tylers’s Pagerank…

    1. Alan Johnson says:

      It may have to do with the fact that Tyler has linked to the ones who have voted for him, but since he links from a different blog post and since the links are not sitewide ones in both cases, I doubt that the contest played that much of a role.

      Alan Johnson

  17. DotDriven says:

    Vote for Gyutae on Winning the Web! He’s the underdog even though he has been in the lead pretty much the whole way. He also offered up extra incentives from the start just to show appreciation…rather than a last ditch effort to bribe for votes ;).

    The only thing you get extra for voting for Tyler is 50 extra entrecard credits which isn’t worth all that much. But with Gyutae you get a shirt and since he is winning, and actual chance to win one of the 3 $100. If you vote for the loser you won’t be entered into the drawing.

    And lastly, Gyutae has supported John Chow with over $1000 in paid reviews in just the last month!

    Here are my reasons for voting for Gyutae…not just because of winning his free John Chow review: http://dotdriven.com/index.php/04/picking-sides-sucks-but-a-chance-to-win-loot-makes-it-a-bit-easier/

  18. Mike Huang says:

    John, you should help out bloggers more often 🙂


  19. Benny Ong says:

    Will read both blogs and see who I will be voting for… 😉

  20. Dan Root says:

    I am going to have to say that my vote will go for anyone other than Tyler. His posts have gone from quality content to nothing other than paid reviews and worthless information that I have read from 10 other blogs before he publishes his.

    Tyler is so last Tuesday! haha

  21. hmmm…what do i get if i vote for Tyler? probably a big fat nothing.

    guess who i’m voting for?

  22. Mister Poo says:

    Shock to the system. Poor old Mister Poo has been dinged by Entrecard:- zero’d – faxed – eliminated – fin.

    Apparently pictures of human poo
    are taboo even though we all do
    the doo doo.

    They say “Specifically you violated code C of section 201.2.d stating:
    “Excessive images of bowel movements and / or feces is not suitable content for network blogs”.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.”

    So look out for morals and read the all sections. Especially 201.2.d if you don’t want to waste your time.

    The pictures of poo may be base but it is a balancing act with the snippets of fine philosophy. Bof.

    What happened to all my credits? Gone? What happened to the credits of blogs advertising on me and those who accepted my ad? I hope truly they got paid/refunded.

    Boo to Entrecard. Vive La Revolution.

  23. Ahh well, better luck next time Tyler. I was with you all the way! 😀

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