UBD Block Ad Plugin – Awesome Advertising Solution

My friends over at Unique Blog Designs has released a really cool WordPress Plugin that is sure to help you make more money online. The UBD Block Ad Plugin allows you to easily set up those cool 125×125 buttons you see on my right sidebar. Co-developed by Alex King and Unique Blog Designs, the new plugin is a must for anyone who uses block ads on their WordPress blog. With smart, easy to use features, the plugin will help you manage the advertising more effectively than manually editing codes.

With the UBD Block Ad Plugin, you’ll be able to use a variety of advertising layouts. You can either use one column or two columns to display your ads, with a maximum of 10 ads at any given time. The plugin will also automatically rotate the button with each page refresh. This is a great way to ensure that your advertisers won’t feel any bias when buying a block ad from you. The rotation doesn’t limit you to the number of buttons you have running. If you have 8 buttons and 10 advertisers, the plugin will simply rotate 10 advertisers among 8 buttons.

The plugin is also fully widget compatible. You don’t need to manually edit the sidebar.php file in order to add the add the block ads to your page.

UBD Block Ad Plugin

Download the Plugin Here: UBD Block Ad Plugin

54 thoughts on “UBD Block Ad Plugin – Awesome Advertising Solution”

  1. Reed says:

    its about time someone made a plugin for that.

    1. Shaun Carter says:

      Great plugin. I’ve been considering putting up block ads on my blog, but not sure If I would be able to sell the space or just use clickbank affiliate ads.

      1. Abdul says:

        Once again the wordpress users get a more cooler plug-ins, whereas Blogger holds back!

        1. You should be using wordpress or at least hosting your own blogging platform if you plan on actually trying to make money and potentially selling your site in the future. It’s a must.

          1. imo, yes self-hosted blogs are a must for the serious blogger.

        2. Marketing says:

          You cannot even compare the 2. WP is definitely the tool to use.

      2. Clickbank affiliate ads are definitely one way to fill up space until you get paid advertisers. Don’t want to leave more than 1 space empty.

    2. I am using a free theme called Daily32 WordPress Theme, which is similar with John cow. It is easy to add, delete or modify 125*125 ads

    3. I am using a free theme called Daily32 WordPress Theme . it is easy to add, delete or modiy the 125*125 ads.

  2. bob says:

    Hey Chow its Bob again from Onetweak.com. I was wondering if you could email me at [email protected]. I have a business idea you might be interested in. I had an idea for a CPA network. The product that would be received for completing offers would probably drive millions of uniques a month. No joke. Im totally serious about this. I don’t know how to get ahold of you and you seem to read comments.

    Please email me and I will tell you the idea.

    1. Tyler Ingram says:

      Why wouldn’t you just use his contact page and send him an email? Why make him come to you?

      1. That’s not the way to do it. Guys like John are pretty busy.

  3. Shanel Yang says:

    Very helpful info! Thanks! I’ve bookmarked it for future use. πŸ˜›

    1. ditto. I’m surprised there wasn’t a plugin like this before.

      Great job to the person who created it!


      1. Thiago Prado says:

        I’ve seen a plugin like that before however you have to buy it.

        1. Yes, it’s called OIOPublisher and it is awesome. I use it to manage the ads on my blog and it takes care of billing from PayPal, emailing, stats and more for only $37.

      2. There have been a few. But this would have to be the best one so far. I have installed it.

      3. There is, called Random Ads. This one looks to be better though. It took me hours of searching to find Random Ads though. Hopefully this one will be easier for others to find with better SEO and submission to the wordpress extension DB. πŸ™‚

  4. Thanks for this post! I have a feeling that this is going to make my life much easier in the future.

  5. Guillermo says:

    Great News! Now I just need an advertiser to fill it in!


  6. Thanks, downloading now! πŸ™‚

  7. Earnblogger says:

    Just downloaded it. That’s really a nice plugin. Thanks.

  8. juler says:

    This really work nice, i now could use it to generate those nice 125×125 buttons form affiliates… Kudos to the maker of this plugin…

  9. Geiger says:

    So was this a paid review or is this part of the John Chow Pay It Forward Technique? πŸ˜‰

    1. Doesn’t look like a paid review. Just one blogger letting others know of a useful tool.

      1. Its not a paid review – Look at the bottom of this blog theme -Both guys and chow has don enough for one another. they seems to me cool chap’s friends.

        1. tyna says:

          It is not a paid review i got an email when they just launched they wanted us to try it and blog about it .That way to let other bloggers know about it too. I think they are just testing it to know if it needs improving.It a useful plugin and best of all it is free.So it doesn’t really matter if it is paid review or not.

  10. Julian says:

    Just what the doctor ordered!!! Thanks again :mrgreen:

  11. cangel says:

    This article has rekindled my interest in using WordPress. I did not realize that it was so easy use plugins. Thank you. I have bookmarked this and sent it on to a friend who is a web designer.

  12. This plug in will change the game. Great post, John!

  13. Thiago Prado says:

    This plugin is a very good solution for advertising problems ❗

  14. Just what I’ve been looking for. Sweet!

  15. Looks good. It may be a good alternative for those that don’t want to pay $37 for OIOPublisher.

    1. Chris says:

      What are the main differences between this plug in and the OIOPublisher?

      What is the advantage to paying the $37 OIOPublisher vs using the free UBD one?

  16. Infogle says:

    Good easy plugin to work with – nice update

  17. Edward Lomax says:

    Looks cool. Going to download it now and test it out. I plan to put in affiliate blocks since I don’t have enough traffic to get paid advertising yet. Thanks.

  18. jatt says:

    Nice one John. Promoted the link with my friends, and they said it was great!

  19. Glad to hear everyone is enjoying the plugin. We (UBD) will be releasing many more cool plugins and WordPress themes in the future, so stay tune for some cool stuff to come.

  20. ElectroGeek says:

    Thanks John! I just downloaded the plugin and I’m looking forward to testing it out.

  21. It is a great plug and you rock Nate White Hill :mrgreen: can’t wait till i start using the plug in and i am waiting for more releases from Nate in the future.

  22. Maxspeed.us says:

    Great plugin! Now i just wonder where you guys get so many 125×125 affiliate logo to put on your site?

  23. Thiago Prado says:

    This plugin is great. It’s by far the best plugin to rotate AD I’ve seen lately. And the best part! It’s free.

  24. Without reading anything more than the title my first impression is that it’s a method of blocking ads… which means someone would have to be searching for an ad blocker to find it. I expected a system to block ads at first glance.

    I’d change the confusing name. Now i’ll go read the article :p

    1. After reading… I think it’s a great plugin.

      A suggestion to people using it – slap your entrecard widget in there, make it jump around too :p

  25. Ian says:

    I’m just getting into WordPress and am starting to wonder why I used Movable Type. Love MT but all these great plugins make WordPress a much, much better tool…

  26. This is a great plugin, it saves a lot of time being able to insert the code into your wordpress back area instead of manually going into your sidebar.php file.

    the reason I love wordpress so is that there are so many great plugins that save you time and money. :mrgreen:

  27. Austin says:

    Thats another neat plugin sorta like that adsense plugin you talked about before.

  28. Great plugin indeed! It is not the first, but looks a bit more friendly. I’m currently using Random Ads from impNERD, found at: http://impnerd.com/downloads/random-ads

    I may switch over to this one though.

  29. that’s nice plugin! πŸ˜‰

  30. Sha says:

    I’m late on this, but I tested this plugin & it works like a charm. It basically kicks the other one’s ass.

  31. tony says:

    Really stupid question here from me, a newbie. Does this new UBD block ad plugin work with 125×125 ad code generated for me by Google Adsense (for ads based on my content??? Or is this specific plugin designed to only work with specific kind of ads???

    I just want to figure out how to group some 125×125 adsense into which doesn’t have the kind of sponsors that many of you pros have…i would appreciate any clarification as i couldn’t determine the answer in the introduction to the plugin.

  32. I installed this plugin but i have to do a number of other changes to the template to make it fit. It’s a little more complicated than I thought but it might just be the template. I might need to look for a template that has them already.

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