Unfollow All – Sometimes, You Just Want To Start Over

Are you getting tired of receiving a thousand DM spam on Twitter everyday? Are you following so many people that your iPhone Twitter app no longer works because it can’t download all the updates? Do you feel like starting over with a clean slate? Well now you can with my newest Twitter service, UnfollowAll.com.

Enter your Twitter information into Unfollow All, hit the start unfollowing button and it will nuke everyone you’re following on twitter. Once your following count hits zero, you can start a fresh list by following only the people you want to follow. Be absolutely sure you want to do this because once you hit the button, there’s no going back!

Unlike some other Twitter unfollow services, Unfollow All is completely free to use and I have no intention of every charging for it. The service is a good way to find out just how much influence you really have on Twitter. Many big Twitter accounts with a lot of followers got that way because they mass follow everyone with the hope of getting followed back. Unfollowing your entire list will mean only those that are truly interested in you will continue to follow you. The rest will unfollow you because you unfollow them.

If you only wish to unfollow people who are not following you, then you can use Twitter Follower.

Unfollow All – Sometimes, You Just Want To Start Over

80 thoughts on “Unfollow All – Sometimes, You Just Want To Start Over”

  1. Kevin Pasco says:

    Now THIS is the service I need! 🙂

    1. Just don’t follow so may people.

      1. I think that people are realising that being a twitter-slut is just not worth it. Quality has to prevail over quantity. Isn’t it odd how that good old saying applies to so many concepts, both old and new?

    2. Ms. Freeman says:

      I’m going to use it right now, I currently don’t get much traffic from Twitter anyways. I was one of the idiots that just followed anyone thinking it was a numbers contest. Well it is but quality numbers is what’s really important 🙂

      1. Ms. Freeman says:

        Wait before I go un-following all these folks in one fell swoop how will that affect my Sponsored Tweets status? Will it reflect negatively? Hmm don’t want to risk losing money just so I can follow fewer people.

        1. John Chow says:

          Your follower to friends ratio will increase greatly, which is good. However, the gain maybe offset by a lost of too many followers.

          1. If we will loose those followers than there will be no loss … as they are like reciprocal links … lolzzz

            Did you also loose when you unfollow thousands

  2. Tad Wolfe says:

    Great idea John. This would also be a good way to test your personal branding. Do you think this would be a good idea to try every 6 months to see how your infulence has grown?

  3. Ari Herzog says:

    I nodded along until the second-to-last sentence:

    Unfollowing your entire list will mean only those that are truly interested in you will continue to follow you.

    You couldn’t be farther from the truth. If I don’t have an mutual unfollow script set up, I will never know (or it will take a heck of a long time to know) if you unfollowed me.

    1. RichardM says:

      I’ve gotta agree. I unfollowed a bunch of people that posted content that really wasn’t relevant to me, they did at the start but either I lost interest or they changed direction and honestly I’d never notice if they did, or didn’t unfollow.

  4. You went from Twitter Follower to UnfollowAll. Quite the complete opposite, but I can see how it’s useful. lol

    1. He is having both options … if you need followers than come to his website … if you want to unfollow all than come to his website …

      Life and death … have both options.

  5. Really helpful to start over saturated twitter account.

    1. Do not forget to note down your favourite person to whom you are following.

  6. Why not start a new account? You could be stricter with whom you follow with the new account.

    1. Diabetis says:

      Because he will loose all his follower the moment that he does that.

    2. 1) Branding. Hard to change from twitter.com/johnchow to something else and people still be able to find him easy. Same goes for many others.
      2) Because many of the followers might not know or notice that you changed names. If you already have a following, it is very hard to tell them all to move over.

      1. Gordie … if you have 50K+ followers than would you like to have new account ? I am sure you wont.

        John have announced huge competition to gain so many followers … and this one is really hard working

    3. Lee Ka Hoong says:

      You may need to take some times to build your follower list again. If JohnChow creates another twitter account, people might think someone else is stealing JohnChow’s brand and create that account.

      Also, as ZK said, building a 50k followers is not that easy. 😉

  7. Kalvster says:

    There’s many websites like that. So your probably getting paid to say this. 😈

    1. John Chow says:

      Or maybe Unfollow All is my site? 🙂

      1. S Ahsan says:

        well yea thats another possibility! I have been working on some new twitter apps. Will have several scripts setup on my server. Thanks for the share anyways!

      2. I used this service before. I think I even used this site.

        It’s great.

        1. fas says:

          His disclosure says it all.

    2. John gets paid to do everything including breath, look at a computer, or even exist for that matter. There is no question in some way, some how, John is getting paid for this

      1. Yea, and that’s in his disclosure policy if you remember.

        1. This is his website … read post …

      2. Lee Ka Hoong says:

        Haha that’s John’s site, so he is paying himself to write this post. 🙂

    3. Bwahahahahaaaa! It is funny how some “commenters” do not even read the post before passing their comments. It just makes me wonder sometimes……

      1. You should not because you are old player of this game and spamming is every where.

  8. LukePeerFly says:

    haha…I just used that service last week!

    I unfollowed everyone and ended up losing 4,000 followers because of it. It’s much easier to actually follow the people I am following now 🙂

    1. Lee Ka Hoong says:

      It’s expected to lose the same amount of follower with the number of twitter user you follow, as I believe that many twitter user use the automated unfollow tool. But it’s good for you to just follow people you want. 🙂

      1. Yeah, it make our twitter become more personal.

        1. Lee Ka Hoong says:

          It’s useless for me to make it more personal because I don’t have friend around me using Twitter, but Facebook is popular in my area. 🙂

          1. I’m beginning to think Facebook is nothing but a waste of time. I spend more time on FB just deleting app requests than I do on twitter.

          2. Lee Ka Hoong says:

            It depends on the purpose of using Facebook, most of my friends use FB to connect with others, the most important is..playing FB games..that’s what my friends do. I used FB to connect with others only.

          3. If you are into web business than I am sure you should have one account through which you can promote.

  9. If your application can’t handle a large number of Twitter users, then follow the RSS feeds of selected users with an RSS reader application. There is no need to unfollow everyone if one application has problems doing it.

  10. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    I’ve never heard any services like this, perhaps I don’t know it at all. I have been following about 1200 twitter user right now, if I unfollow all of them I believe that most of them will unfollow me as well. lol!

    So John, is this your site? 😉

    1. John Chow says:

      Yes, this is my site. I said so in the post.

      1. Lee Ka Hoong says:

        Yea I read your post and I know that’s your new site, I was confuse when reading your comment to “Kalvster”, haha!

        Anyway, congrats on your new site, that would be your second Twitter services site right? 🙂

        1. Wow John … you are providing both service …

          Enhance your followers
          Decrease your followers …

          You are giving life and taking life as well … 🙂

  11. Jessica says:

    This happens to most of services. People jump on it, spam it and then try and clean up stuff later. This is a good service and will save lot of time.

    1. Yes very true and now we have both options through John.

  12. Hm, I like my own system better, first I set my account to private / protected, that gets rid of 99% of the DM and @spam. Then I block / unfollow the spammers that are amongst my followers and weed the ones out whose tweets I am not interested in and sort the others in the new twitter lists. A bit more work and far more effective, imho, SY

  13. That thing really works! I`m down to only one. Thanks!

    1. And how many your followers you loose ?

  14. Mike says:

    The only thing I would be concerned about is “follower churn” .

  15. Susan says:

    Thanks for making us aware of this new service, i like this one.

  16. Dean Saliba says:

    This is the service I’ve been looking for. I have aorund 2,000 DMs and every day I’m getting hundreds more. 🙁

    1. Use this service and now you can easily breath … 🙂

  17. Unfollow All looks like something I may be able to use one day. For now, I’m pretty happy with who I’m following but I’m getting close to the point of wiping that part clean.

    Of course, once I unfollow everyone I’m sure I’ll lose quite a few followers in the process.

  18. Brian says:

    Thanks for your share… Much appreciated.

  19. That’s certainly a unique idea. I’m not sure if it would really be useful or not. It seems like it would only be useful for people who are spam following people.

    1. I think it’s mostly for people who fell into the “twitter follower frenzy.” After you’ve followed 30,000 people and you realize that you don’t care about more than about 5 of them, you might want to unfollow them and just not be able to.

      For accounts only following a couple of hundred people, this seems a little overkill.

      I’m still fond of unfollowing people who don’t follow me. I have a list I always refollow after I’ve wiped my slate clean of people who aren’t following me.

      The big risk with this is losing followers who automatically unfollow people who don’t follow them.. They might not even notice that they unfollowed you via automation (and start to wonder why you quit tweeting).

      The mass unfollow John did hit is following for about 2 months.. he’s already basically back to where he was when 10,000 people unfollowed him.

      1. But at last now he can breath easily …

        I still remember those contest and giving away apple products to follow John and Jeremy.

  20. Rahil says:

    Wow!! very innovative! thats what we call thinking out of box…lol people creating tools to increase followers and john chow comes with a totally different tool…UNFOLLOWALL …love it 🙂

  21. Thanks John something I am interested in.

  22. Someone followed me the other day that had zero tweets. Why would I follow them? Are people that lame?

    1. Lol, perhaps this person is just interested in collecting information, not in distributing them? SY

    2. Lee Ka Hoong says:

      I do have many followers like this too, they just follow and don’t tweet any message. Perhaps they just want to collect followers and make money from Sponsoredtweets, who know? 😉

  23. videostar says:

    Good ideas!Many ways how to solve the problem!

  24. First of all use those websites which can give you good number of followers and after using that one for few months use this one and clean the garbage … lollzz

  25. Hey John

    What about one more option where we will be able to get list of persons whom we are following so that when we will start following we can select them from this list.

    An excel format will be very nice.

    What do you think ?

  26. EarningStep says:

    is this one of your new site john, this is great idea . i am looking this for a long time .

    1. Your blog is down today … what is the matter ?

  27. Fredrik says:

    haha, what great service. I think a lot of people are following to many people on Twitter these days..

  28. Seobooks says:

    It’s the greatest site!

  29. How many people can you really “follow” anyway? You can possibly ever read the tweets of more than about 300 people.

  30. Farouk says:

    thanks for the tool john
    my account has been blocked on twitter for following and following people using external tools, thanks God its now enabled.

    they surely won’t disable an account from the first time but just wanted to tell people to take care not to over do using external tools

  31. Hopefully this new site really unfollows all. Your tiwtter follower project requires me to “unfollow” about 5-10 times before it really unfollows all that are not following me.


    1. Also would be good to add a small information box or tutorial to your new site. Right now it just says “username” and “password”.


  32. Kevin Pasco says:

    This tool is WAAAY too helpful, I just deleted 4000 people off my follower list. Thanks John!

  33. satrap says:

    great info thanks man. it gets so annoying after a while, all of those crazy tweets you get. good tool. but the problem is do the presses can begin again , but then this at least gives you a fresh start and a while to be ok.

  34. I followed your link, and it took me straight through to a username and password box, with no option to register. Must I enter with my twitter ID? Great initiative, by the way!

  35. marcos says:

    this a really helpful.

  36. It’s great to know that you have such a great service.
    Kevin Njoroge

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