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Having a snazzy-looking website doesn’t mean very much if you don’t have valuable content to substantiate it. More importantly, the content on your website needs to be both high quality and unique. That’s what powers the Internet, but getting some great content for your site can sometimes be an expensive proposition.

Sure, you could browse through various job posting sites, online marketplaces, and freelance bidding sites to find people to suit your needs, but that can be a time-consuming process as well. What you need is a reliable freelance writer who can deliver quality content at an affordable price. Chris Bibey has decided to address that growing need with the creation of the Unique Content Club, the service that serves as the subject of this review.

What is Unique Content Club?

In short, Unique Content Club has been set to provide you with unique content at a very affordable price. When it comes to some of the article farms on the Internet, you may be able to get the best price but you’re far from getting the best quality. This freelance writing service aims to rectify that situation.


Unlike some freelance agencies on the Internet that seemingly offer the same service, Unique Content Club has no outsourcing whatsoever. You get the work of a professional, full-time freelance writer with English as his first language. Chris Bibey does everything.

You want a snazzy-looking website? You won’t find it here. The overall design of Unique Content Club is all about business. There are no images to be found at all. What you get are the straight goods in a straightforward manner. Even the about page is remarkably short. It almost looks like a default template of some kind.

Who is Chris Bibey?

As a freelance writer, I am always on the lookout for how I can improve my craft and grow my business. One of the contacts that I made fairly early on in my career is Chris Bibey, the man behind ChrisBlogging.com and Unique Content Club.


Chris is quite the accomplished and well-respected writer, having already published his own book. He has been in business for a number of years, earning as much as $10,000 a month from his freelance writing.

As mentioned earlier, the Unique Content Club does not involve any outsourcing at all. Chris does not have a team of writers and he does not subcontract your request to someone else. If you order it through Unique Content Club, then Chris is the man who’ll be writing your articles.

Why Choose Unique Content Club?

While Chris does spend some time writing sales letters and other types of projects, the focus of this freelance writing service is creative online content. This is particularly appropriate for blogs, but the service will work for other kinds of websites as well.

There are several benefits to joining Unique Content Club. First of all, membership is free. Signing up is as simple as providing an email address through the Feedburner-powered subscription system.


Through this subscription, you’ll get first dibs to purchase niche sites and blogs from Chris Bibey’s personal network. Presumably, any updates and news will also be pushed through this subscription. Naturally, the biggest benefit to Unique Content Club is that you have the opportunity “to purchase deeply discounted content packs created specifically for members.” And you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the quality of an experienced freelance writer.

How Much Does It Cost?

Even though Chris Bibey is an accomplished freelance writer normally charges about $30 each for these kinds of articles, he is offering a gigantic discount when you order content packs through Unique Content Club.


A pack of five unique articles is $35 ($7 each), a pack of ten is $60 ($6 each), and a pack of 20 or more is $5 an article. Each piece will be at least 250 words long and will be completely unique. As far as I can tell, Chris is prepared to tackle just about any kind of subject matter, but you may want to contact him to make sure.

The website itself could use some serious work: it looks very drab, completely lacking in personality and uniqueness. Even the inclusion of a unique header image or logo could go a long way. That said, the quality of articles offered by Chris Bibey’s Unique Content Club appears to be quite good and his pricing structure is easily among the best in the business.


24 thoughts on “Unique Content Club for Affordable Quality Articles”

  1. Go Local SEO says:

    He definitely has good pricing. I am sure I will be able to refer some business his way.

  2. Very good for those who have a hard time writing, but what happens when you finally meet the owners of those blogs?

    Will they freeze up and not know a damn thing they’re talking about?

    How successful can you really become buying articles?

    I guess we’ll find out. 🙂

  3. let’s see.. $5 a piece for unique content… If Chris is a professional writer, he could earn MUCH more working for some of the bigger blogs out there… there’s just something wrong behind this…

    1. I do not think that such kind of big projects can be handled by one person. I am sure behind this he have team of writers and they are taking care of that.

      1. I agree with you. I find it a little hard to comprehend how he is able to, without help, write all these articles. Perhaps Chris can enlighten us.

        Peter Lee

  4. Tushar says:

    Seems cool. Chris will certainly want to hire more writers to help him out in the future.

    I wonder what kind of money he must be making to pay for a $500 review.

  5. Wow this can really be helpful at times when other projects make is hard to continue blogging or even during vacation! Checking out the site right now, prices are great!

  6. You’re right, Chris needs help with the site design! As the owner of a web and graphic design firm, I can attest to the importance of not only having quality content, but aesthetic appeal.

    I trust websites that have devoted marketing dollars to create a compelling, attractive site that will bring in users and keep them coming back.

  7. I can see this being a benefit for some people and not bad pricing either. Selling in packs is a good idea.

  8. Hmm. Possibly a good source for good content., Might be worth giving them a spin to see what kind of content they produce.

    Thanks for posting this!

  9. 250 words is pretty low these days for a blog post, but if it’s at $5/article, you can’t really complain 🙂


  10. Richard says:

    Great! I already vistit the site price of content article is very reasonable.

  11. I think most of us may take up outsourcing at some point in time so I’ve noted his contact. But I agree with someone here who doubts one person can do all this writing by himself given that he makes $10,000 a month. Totally don’t think so.

    Peter Lee

  12. internet says:

    If you blogging your passion then you would write your article yourself.
    But if you are thinking of making money only then may be …

  13. I guess Chris pays other ghost writers some fraction of his earnings so he can write that much and got 10,000 a month.

    I dont believe you can write that much by yourself.

  14. Thanks for all the comments on my service! To address some concerns, as a full-time writer I have no problem handling any workload that is thrown at me. Of course, it does keep me busy!

  15. internet says:

    Do you guys think that all the posts on this blog is written by John himself including the posts with his name???

    1. fas says:

      Seems like an interesting club out there.

      Well John does write quite alot of the articles.

  16. Master Guide says:

    The value is on doing a great job writing the articles, there are many doing it already but browsing, reading and taking a little bit from here and there to create something new. Must be a pro to avoid problems of “similar material”.

    I think is a great idea if done it properly.

  17. @Master Guide – Thank you for your kind words. I have received many orders, and all of them have been pleased so far.

  18. I am interested with this club. As an internet user for almost seven years now, I can honestly say that indeed, content plays a vital role for all the websites. It is not just for the purpose of driving a high traffic but also for the goal of having a high conversion rate. There are essay writing service companies that offer high quality content but it is always healthy to study these companies first before investing.

  19. Nicholas says:

    I agree on this in order to have an effective website its not just important to have a catchy graphics or a flashy website. The content is more far important that anything else, people will visit your website not just because of your graphics but also the content of your site.

  20. Seems like a good service, but I still prefer to write my own articles & whatnot.

    1. I prefer to write articles about the topics I want to learn more about personally. But if you have a blog that you want to keep updated but have no real interest in the topic it would be a good idea to outsource the writing or else you posts will just get worse as you interest dwindles…

      BlogTipsForBeginners’s last blog post: Get Traffic From Forums By Not Being A Loser

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