Unleash the Affiliate Power of the Mage Monster

A couple of years ago, I wrote a review of WordPress Mage. It was a package of products that aimed to help you understand the “forbidden science of click and profit.” Well, the same people have now updated and upgraded that package.

The new product is called Mage Monster and as we make our way through this review, we’ll take a look at some of the features that got carried over, as well as some of the new things that have been added. If you want to make money online, it looks like they’ve got something for you.

The Manual for Making Money on the Internet

When you sign up for access to Mage Monster, you don’t just get a single e-book or a single tool. You get a whole suite of products that are designed to help you be more profitable on the Internet.

The first part of this comes by way of the training materials. After watching the brief overview video on the main page of the members’ area, you can then dive into the other sections availed to you. As far as training is concerned, you get a series of training videos, downloads, resources, and PDF files. All of these are meant to teach you various things about Internet marketing.

Among the videos, for instance, you start out with a video on how to use one or more of the tools through Mage Monster, as well as videos on “pimping your sites” and the “core technical information” for doing so. Beyond that is a growing library of guides in PDF format.

You can learn how to make a profitable ePN (eBay Partner Network) website that is accepted into the program and actually generates revenue. There are also guides on getting a WordPress API key, pointing your DNS, using the Mage Wheels, and so forth. Some of these guides are for using the different tools in Mage Monster, whereas others are for making money online in general.

Magical Tools for Online Mages

As with the original WordPress Mage product, Mage Monster is also equipped with a number of different tools. In addition to Index Mage and Keyword Mage, there’s also a handy utility called Domain Mage.

When you use this mage tools, you can see the various expired domains and domains available for auction. This is a great way to snatch up some domains that may already have PageRank and history, giving you a solid head start in making money by developing sites on them.

You can sort the list based on a number of criteria, like Yahoo! backlinks and how much they cost. In the screenshot above, I sorted based on Google PageRank. It would help if the developers offered a legend on this page, as some people may not understand several of the acronyms. In any case, clicking on any of the available domains will then lead you to a purchase page on GoDaddy. However, some of the domains listed may have already been sold.

More Help at Your Fingertips

For any number of reasons, you may want to get some extra assistance. That’s where the forums come into play.

These are largely the same as the original forums on WP Page, but there are some new sub-forums specifically for Mage Monsters and Monster Mages. It is a little confusing how they swap between the two terms, but there you have it. The forums let you report bugs, ask for tips, discuss affiliate networks, talk about plugins, and so forth.

It is important that you always go back to the main Mage Monster page, as there is nothing in the WP Mage sections that isn’t available through the Mage Monster sections.

Build Affiliate Sites That Make Money

And that’s the main idea behind Mage Monster. You get a wealth of instruction and resources, as well as several valuable tools and access to the member forums. You also get the Monster Mage Blueprint, a 7-step module that will teach you how to build your affiliate sites and how to make money from them. It covers everything from choosing your domain to creating your keyword list.

If you liked WP Mage, then you’ll probably like Mage Monster too.