Unleashing the Best Web Hosting Service


Most readers of John Chow dot Com are active members of the internet community. Many of us are bloggers, for example, so issues surrounding search engine optimization, domain registration, and web hosting are always on our minds. It can be tough researching which host is best for our needs, which offers the best deals, which is the most reliable.

Web Hosting Unleashed asked us to do a ReviewMe review of their site and my initial impression is that it’s a great resource that helps you compare all those web hosting companies out there. Naturally, there’s huge value in all that research and as an informed consumer, you want to know what you’re getting yourself into. After all, you typically sign up with a web host for at least a year at a time.

The Brains Behind The Operation

Web Hosting Unleashed was originally launched in 2002 “to help people find good hosting” and it was subsequently acquired by Ben and Joel in early October 2006. When they bought the site, they found that the concept was great, but it didn’t exactly have the best design and the material may have been a little outdated.

So, Ben and Joel went and revamped the entire design and backend system, auditing past articles for accuracy. The result is a very clean look that’s easy to navigate and one that’s loaded with tons of information about cheap hosting, Cpanel Hosting, Multiple domain hosting and more.

In terms of monetization, you won’t find any Google Adsense ads popping around Web Hosting Unleashed. Instead, they get sponsored by a limited number of web hosting providers. This kind of advertising is well worth it for the web hosts, because it gives the impression that WHU is recommending them to their readers. If Web Hosting Unleashed says that they’re good, and numerous user reviews recommend them, then XYZ Hosting must be good, right?

Reviews Are the Driving Force

And don’t they know it. That’s why they ordered up a ReviewMe review from John. Ironically, the folks at Web Hosting Unleashed served up a review of John Chow dot Com for free, asking whether John Chow is good or evil. Given that they had to cough up $125 for this review (50% off coupon in February) and John got one in return for free, I think we have to chalk up another one in the evil column. 😈


Reviews make up the bread and butter of Web Hosting Unlimited. They’ve got candid reviews of just about every web hosting provider out there, most of which are given by visitors of the site. This way, you can have some confidence that the information you’re getting is honest and from real people, not filtered through some PR company. Big names like GoDaddy and Dreamhost are represented, naturally, but so are the smaller firms. A couple of the most highly recommended hosts are HostGator and Lunarpages.

In addition to a series of web hosting guides, they also have a huge supply of useful articles. Here are a few that you might want to check out:

If anything, there might be too much information. But it’s not like you need to read all of it.

Win an Xbox 360!

In an effort to help expand their ever-growing library of user reviews, Web Hosting Unleashed is currently holding a contest where they are giving away an Xbox 360 console system. And it’s not the cheap one either: it’s got a 20GB detachable hard drive, wireless controller, and an Xbox Live Silver membership. All you have to do to enter is to submit a review of a web host that you have used in the past or are currently using. The contest runs until the end of the month.