Up, Up, And Away! My Orbital Space Flight

This will go down as one of the stranger ReviewMe reviews. My Orbital Space Flight is a blog about a person (not sure if this person is male or female, but I assume male) with a dream of flying to the International Space Station. The current price for such a trip is $20 million. How does our space dreaming friend plan to pay for this?

This is simple and easy-to-understand blog of a person who is going to earn 20 Million Dollars using internet and then spend all this money to pay for the flight to the International Space Station. It is live show of my adventures related to this trip. Viewing is simple – no special software is needed.

There are many things one can do with $20 million. Spending it on a flight to the International Space Station wouldn’t be on my list, but I can understand someone with a dream so I won’t blame anyone for spending a crazy amount of money for a piece of butter. I did a little checking and found out that only five private citizens have made the journey to the ISS. The last person was Charles Simonyi, who went up on April 7 and came back down on April 21, 2007.

To help raise the $20 million needed for the round the world who knows how many times trip, our intrepid space traveler has came up with the space grid (my term, not his). The grid offers 135 promotion spaces for putting Favicon, company logo or some other picture that will link to an advertiser’s website. The number one cell on the grid cost $100,000 while the last cell can be had for the bargain basement price of only $150.

rocket.pngPlease, keep in mind that placing your promo-link here you are not paying for my living expenses – a salary from my regular job covers all that. By placing your link you are investing into orbital space flight that I’m intending to do in the year of 2010-2011. All the money I’ll get from this site will be spent to pay for this trip. That’s my dream and this is the only thing I need money for.

Assuming the entire grid got sold out, our spacey friend would have made $1,259,550. A nice sum indeed, but well short of the required $20 million for the space ticket. Could it be that the wannabe Buck Rogers haven’t thought things through?

Who Are You?

There are so many things wrong with My Orbital Space Flight that I don’t even know where to begin. First of all, who the hell are you? Your name is not listed anywhere on the blog. You never left your name in the ReviewMe request. You Xxxxx your name in the email reply from Guy Kawasaki. I went to check the WHOIS for your domain and it says you’re hidden behind a private registration service. How do you expect someone to pony up $100,000 to help your space flight when they know nothing about you?

Even with this review giving you a lot of buzz and sending you a ton of traffic, my prediction is you will sell a grand total of zero ad spots. If you are truly serious about going to the International Space Station and making your dream come true, you’re going to have to open up and reveal a lot more than you have now. Right now, no one will take your blog as anything more than a joke.

Good luck with your venture and I hope you tell us a bit more about yourself in your next post.