Use AceRevenue to Earn Cash with Casinos

There are very few verticals on the Internet that are quite as profitable as online gambling. The trouble is figuring out exactly how you can maximize your efforts so that you can rake in the most amount of money possible. After all, there are so many affiliate programs out there that tackle this segment.

Over the course of today’s review, we’ll take a look at one such program: AceRevenue. Rather than focus their energies on just one online casino, they’ve selected a small batch of casinos so you can find the one that works best for you.

Betting on Your Success

So, how can you make money with this casino affiliate program? Well, there are two basic structures in place, both of which could prove quite lucrative. First, they’ve announced a $150 CPA. That’s a fantastic payout, considering the amount of money you get with just approved (depositing) referral.

To make even more money, though, you may be more interested in the revenue share. Right now, AceRevenue is giving you the opportunity to earn up to a 45% revenue share for the first 90 days. This is higher than their normal commission structure, which starts at a 35% revenue share.

How this works is based not on the deposits your referrals make to their accounts, but rather how much profit the casino earns each month. Yes, you are capitalizing on your referral’s losses. Let’s say that Joe Gambler loses $1000 in blackjack one month; you would then earn $450. If Joe Gambler wins $500 that month, though, the reverse becomes true. Thankfully, those “negative balances” are reset to zero each month.

Also, since these wins and losses are taken as an aggregate and casinos always win on average, you can always stand to profit so long as you have enough depositors under your referral umbrella.

What Casinos Are Available?

In the screenshot above, you can get a glimpse at the main dashboard of the AceRevenue affiliate program. On that main page, you can get information regarding earnings, signups, attempted deposits, and so forth. They’re shown in summary form, as well as being broken down by casino.

The four casinos promoted by this affiliate program are Silver Oak Casino, Planet 7 Casino, Royal Ace Casino, and Slot Madness Online Casino. You may or may not already be familiar with these names; that’s not the issue. The hurdle will be for you to get enough people to sign up (and spend money) at these establishments.

Join Me for a Game, Won’t You?

So, how can you go about promoting these casinos and enticing new users to register for accounts? AceRevenue has you covered there too, offering literally hundreds of ad creatives for each of the four partner casinos.

Here is an example of a 720×300 banner ad for Royal Ace Casino. When you go through the available marketing tools (your affiliate account has to be fully approved and in good standing before you are able to view these creatives), you’ll see the description of the creative, as well as the related HTML code snippet that you’ll want to use.

Continuing with the example of Royal Ace Casino, AceRevenue has over 800 marketing tools at your disposal. This includes 83 banners, 18 landing pages, 12 HTML mailers, and 713 game screenshots. I found the interface in the dashboard to a little less than ideal, since it can sometimes to difficult to line up your choice (say 250×250) with the link (which is a count for the number of those creatives available). Better spacing or hyperlinked options (like the text for 250×250) would be helpful.

Another Motivation to Throw the Dice

Money talks and there are very few places that talk quite as much money as casinos. If you’ve been interested in promoting online casinos, AceRevenue is certainly worth checking out. They have generous revenue share programs, plenty of ad creatives, and several payment options.

To help entice you even further, AceRevenue also has a bonus promotion where you can receive any gadget of your choice if you refer 15 new depositing players in your first 30 days. This seems like it has a $400 limit, though the wording isn’t entirely clear.


37 thoughts on “Use AceRevenue to Earn Cash with Casinos”

  1. fazal mayar says:

    Nice Review Micheal. However, Im not a big fan of casinos and dont recommend it to anyone as it’s risky play and you want to play it safe and have a great long term online busines instead. 🙂

    1. Zach Crawley says:

      Exactly. With all the stuff going on with online casinos lately, you never know if that income is going to be there later.

      1. d3so says:

        I’d rather waste money at an actual casino.

      2. The income will be there if you win it, providing you use a reputable online gaming website. Rather than an unknown one with no reputation

    2. That’s why you only bet what you are prepared to lose! Also there are several techniques to boost your money you’re prepared to use and take advantage of their free bonuses so you actually profit 😉

  2. I thought online gambling just too a big hit from our Dept of Homeland Security (go figure that one out), so how can you get away with being an affiliate and not get busted?

    1. Handbags says:

      I was also wondering the same thing. Can we get in trouble for promoting this? And if we do promote it, will we get paid or denied our earnings since we are from the USA?

      1. Our Dept of Homeland Security seized a bunch of domains and is suing the owners for like a billion dollars. Pretty scary stuff.

        1. You are right about that. I read about this myself. It wouldn’t be wise to get involved with any online casino.

        2. They are poker websites who committed fraud.

  3. Handbags says:

    Nice review on Ace Revenue. Sounds like a great affiliate program. I might just have to join it. I also like how they offer hundreds of ad creatives! I don’t like when affiliate networks don’t provide that many. It makes this site look more promising because they offer so much more!

  4. Jeffrey says:

    I am too not a cool fan of Gambling, but this could be one people can work on as there are plenty of affiliates program in the market and majority of these kind of program has been reviewed by many of the well know reviewers or affiliates. So we must go with the affiliate program we are comfortable with or the theme of website we are ok with.

  5. This seems to be very profitable and I will certainly check it out but as some others mention I have some concerns if becoming an affiliate to online gambling websites is legal

    1. The poker websites got in trouble for committing fraud by bribing banks to bring the money into the US through channels which did not look like the poker websites themselves.

  6. PsychicJim says:

    Hey , here is a thought. Start your own money making blog and in a sense you have created your own little money making casino without the associated bad karma!

  7. Hotdogman says:

    Online gambling is a tricky business- look at how the FBI shut down Full Tilt Poker recently.
    Payouts can be a challenge too as both player and affiliate. If you are serious about being a gambling affiliate, check out the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association at . It is free to join and there is a ton of information there about how to be a successful gambling affiliate.

    1. They’ve since been given their domains back. Hopefully it will all get resolved but it appears the way they were bringing the money back into the US is what the main issue is being resolved around since, they have been bribing banks etc

  8. Looks like not many people are big fans of gambling here. Anything in moderation is ok in my book though.

  9. Earning cash from the casinos rocks!!

    1. And it does pay some HUGE commissions.

  10. This looks like a fun and exciting way to earn money. I love gambling. 🙂

    1. You love it if you win.

  11. yes you are right, gambling always gives money, but there luck should be important.

  12. fas says:

    Gambling always loses money not gains.

    1. Hotdogman says:

      Unless you are running the casino- the house always wins!

      1. This is so true I have never met people who have won on the long run money by gambling. The only exceptions are talented poker players, which it’s not exactly gambling

      2. The house doesn’t always win, there are ways to beat blackjack. Just sayin.

        1. They proved that in 21 😉

  13. Dave says:

    Hey guys, in online casino affiliate marketing as an affiliate it does not matter where you live. You are paid whether you are in the USA or elsewhere. The risk related to the USA falls on the operators, not their marketing partners. Also, most companies take players from all over the world.
    The events that happened recently (Hotdogman mentioned Full Tilt Poker above) were specifically related to poker companies. I’m not saying there is no risk, however if you were selling widgets online as an affiliate and the company that sold the widgets closed shop, there is always a chance that you would not be paid, even if they were on an affiliate network.
    On the other hand, casino affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative branches of affiliate marketing, much greater than most affiliate widget sales. 😉

  14. It’s all about the money!!!

  15. Sean Supplee says:

    Seems like a interesting niche that I can play around with. Never got into it before but the numbers sound promising.

  16. Techabouts says:

    Never knew about it.
    Thanks John

    1. John’s always there to tell you the unknown

  17. There are really good points…thanks for providing the information with us..

  18. I want to more earn the money,that is why i really like this sharing,this sharing all about money…keep such sharing..

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