Using The Tiapei 101 To Pop The Question


On our way to dinner with PowerColor last night, we noticed that the Taipei 101 had an interesting message (question) on it. Our taxi driver informed us that one of the ways the 101 makes money is by using itself as a the world’s tallest billboard.

Most of the time, the building is used by companies doing product launch promotions. Tonight, the building was asking a question to a girl named Diana. It looks like a guy wants her to marry her and is willing to spend $250,000US to ask the question. that’s right, it cost $250,000 to put up a sign for one night on the world’s tallest building.

We don’t know whether Diana said yes or no. However, I can’t imagine getting a no when a guy goes through that kind of trouble (and expense) to show his undying love. Maybe we’ll find out the answer tonight. That is, if the guy can find another $250,000 for a “She Said Yes!” message.

75 thoughts on “Using The Tiapei 101 To Pop The Question”

  1. blogcrowds says:

    Well, she’s a lucky girl and he’s a lucky guy 😎

    1. Andy Dang says:

      I hope this will end up on youtube or the asian news broadcast.

      Hopefully, this is a rare thing. If it happens every night, it won’t be so special.

      1. I don’t think a lot of people could even afford an expensive proposal. This probably happens at least once a month.

        1. Marc says:

          Yeah, I have to say that I would rather spend the money on the ring. Unless the guy spent plenty on the ring and added this on top.

    2. Kumiko says:

      It certainly beats spending $0.25 on a proposal through Adwords!!

      1. Marc says:

        I wonder what the CTR was on that one…

      2. Yeah, but the Adwords was more creative, plus the dude saved money…that’s all that matters…right?

        ➡ Don

      3. That would be original! It would cost alot, but could you get it number#1 on every single search term for a day?

    3. well you could say that but what if the girl said no then $250k went down the drain

      1. Jack says:

        I think, immediately would be thousands of Diana there 😀

      2. Zac Johnson says:

        Should could always use another building across from that one to buy adspace that says “NO!”… or “YES!” 😆

    4. Advice says:

      wow. cool news. and that’s coming from taiwan.

    5. She is lucky, but I am not sure whether the guy is “lucky” to spend US$250,000 😛

  2. Andy Dang says:

    If there is no response then she probably said no. Hmm…If I was that girl, I’ll probably yes anyways because he’s probably a rich guy. *wink*.

    I’m pretty sure a lot of guys around the area got the stare down from their girlfriend after the girlfriends saw the message. How can they beat a quarter million marriage proposal?

  3. that is ingenious, and a thriving income for taipei 101.

    a marriage proposal for a quarter of a million dollars?

    I love it.

    1. Andy Dang says:

      I wonder if the girl saw the message. Imagine she was home sleeping!

      Better yet, Imagine another girl’s name was Diana and saw the message and the boyfriend took the credit for it!!

      1. I’m pretty sure they where out drinking :

      2. Haha another guy taking credit for the sign — what are the chances of that happening on the same night? Good idea nonetheless. 😆

      3. Advice says:

        LOL! good one! that’s a big giveaway!!

      4. Hari says:

        Lol, Thats a very nice reply 😀

    2. Aaron Cook says:

      Yep, that’s what smart business do. They monetize anything and everything they possibly can. And $250,000 a pop for a “world’s tallest billboard” ad is certainly some damn fine monetization!

      That kind of idea and thinking will certainly get you a fatass bonus at the end of the year. 🙂

    3. that guy must’ve loved her deeply to spend that much money on just a question

      1. OR…he doesn’t love her that much; he just wanted to show off how rich he was. For Diana’s sake, I hope you’re right though.

        1. Marc says:

          Dropping cash like that usually isn’t a big sign of love. Not to suggest he doesn’t love her, just that for people who have that kind of money, spending it is just part of life, not a symbol of love.

  4. I asked my wife to marry me in the back of a church parking lot.

    1. Andy Dang says:

      That is a lot better than my friend who propose in the restroom. True story.

    2. soundofgold says:

      Dude looking at your avatar I thought you were a hot asian chick 😉 Er…unless….

      1. Andy Dang says:

        maybe that is his wife 🙂

      2. Andy Dang says:

        women propose to women maybe?

      3. Zac Johnson says:

        ha, I was thinking the same thing. female at the least

  5. soundofgold says:

    John try to fit there “Make Money Online with John Chow dot Com” 😀

      1. Yeah, John’s loosing it. The OLD John would have know to pimp without his reader suggesting it… 😀

        ➡ Don

  6. Aaron Cook says:

    Wow, that’s a hell of a lot to spend to pop the question. I can’t help but think of all the better ways one could spend $250 grand. What a crazy world. Some people are literally starving to death and others are paying enormous sums of money just to light some lights. Crazy.

    1. Andy Dang says:

      Its sad, but if it weren’t for the starving people, 250 grand wouldn’t be of such significance.

    2. soundofgold says:

      Yup I second that.

      1. Don’t get that? It’s okay for a company to spend that much on advertising, but when an individual does it, think of the starving people! Reality Check: whatever the source of the financing of the message, the starving poor won’t get 1 cent.

  7. josh says:

    If the advertisments sell every single night that is an impressive 91 million 250 thousand dollars per year! that is a lot of income!

    1. Robinson Go says:

      I bet they spent billions on that building anyway. worth it.

      1. James says:

        I don’t think it would have been that much. But even at a billion, in 12 years it’s paid off with the advertising.
        I bet zoning for that would be a real pain.

  8. Love will always make it’s way to the top. For some reason no matter how bad the economy or anything gets people always fall in love. I still think they should be letting you live in the building for a year for that price!

    Have you been up it yet?

  9. John, you need to think of an evil way for them to pay you $250K to put your message up there!

    Something like JohnChow buys 101 … to find out how visit


  10. zaki says:

    That’s rally touching moment and a romantic way of expressing…

    But in the other hand…what a waste of money…!!!

  11. Rick Yuen says:

    What a loser!

    It’s like the guys that propose in sports arenas. The girl usually says ‘yes’ from the pressure but will tell him ‘get lost’ afterwards. Divorce is 50% these days!

    1. Marc says:

      There is a difference though. In a sports arena there are people everywhere. In this case, they could have been on a private balcony looking out over the city and had a nice pressure free situation without ten or a hundred thousand sets of eyes on you.

  12. John Chow: i want to see you put a message “Make Money Online At John Chow Dot Com”. 😈

    1. Katana says:

      Great idea hehe. This will make John even more evil.

    2. Haha it’ll probably take up the whole side of the building. Could cost John more than just $250K LOL.

      1. Marc says:

        If John won’t spend that much on the cars he loves, there’s no way he’d spend it on this.

  13. I think it’s romantic. And considering he spent $250k on it, he’s either very loaded or poor, but totally in love with here. Either way, both reasons are good enough for girls to say yes :b

  14. Grace says:

    ❗ hey, guys! look at the punctuation: it says

    “Marry Me? Diana”

    (not “Marry me Diana?”)

    the way *I* read that, it means that a person (presumably a woman, named Diana) is asking someone to marry ***HER***… 😎

  15. Actually this is a promotion by a Taiwanese company, you can ask around there to confirm it, the company is trying to do something special to attract all the media

    1. Robinson Go says:

      good thinking there. i guess i got fooled.

    2. Aaron Cook says:

      Hmmm, very interesting.

    3. Marc says:

      Seems to be working then 💡

  16. Budi S says:

    If I was the girl ..
    I will ask the man not to spending that money for the billboard …
    But give it to me cash …
    I will say yes directly

    1. Robinson Go says:

      I’d do that to my girl as well, if i have the cash… lol

  17. If my boyfriend pops the question like that, I’d be thrilled — maybe even cry. But if I find out he blew all his money on it, that changes everything! 👿 😆

    1. Steven says:

      LOL I think most girls would feel this way, however if he has that kind of money to throw away, I can only imagine he must be quite wealthy. He has to have enough money to not care, and at that point, the girlfriend or fiance / potential wife really probably won’t care either.

    2. Marc says:

      Yep… You’d probably have to cry even more… 😐

  18. Jeff Kee says:

    No woman’s worth $250,000 BAH HAHAHAH

  19. Stephen says:

    The marriage proposal was actually fake. It looks like the local news picked up on it and found out that the proposal was not real, but the service is. $250,000 is actually TOO LOW. It is more like $312,500 😮

    1. Aaron Cook says:

      Wow, now that’s expensive.

      And I’m glad to know that no one actually blew 250 g’s on a proposal. Whew! :wipes forehead: 🙂

  20. Casey says:

    250K damn!! That would suck for him if she said no… I think that’s so cute to do that for someone.

  21. Linda says:

    I think that is awfully moving that someone would go to that much trouble, its the same difference of writing in the sky or a hot air balloon

  22. John, do the same to Sarah, Happy X years anniversary.

    Spend some of your money!! Dont just keep it in bank 😆

    1. Yeah! Why not?!
      Very romantic!

  23. Dave says:

    Actually I think that thing is the advertisement advertising the fact that you can advertise on Taipei 101. I hear that unfortunately it’s not a real proposal.

  24. My girlfriends name is Diana. Thats kind of funny. Now I don’t have to pay for the billboard, I can just send her this photo.

    1. green says:

      Then you are lucky 😯

  25. “Tiapei 101?” Oops.

  26. Man when I read the post title I thought you were the one popping the questions. Then I remembered you are already married.

  27. Michael says:

    I just hope there wasn’t a mix up with any other couples where the girls name was diana

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