Using Twitter To Leverage Facebook

If you’re into social media then you are no doubt a Twitter and Facebook user. Facebook has a status field to enter what you are doing. Twitter does nothing but ask what you are doing. Wouldn’t it be cool if you can update your Facebook status using your twits? Well, you can!

The Twitter Facebook App

The Twitter Facebook App integrates seamlessly with both Facebook and Twitter. All you have to do is go to the app and turn it on. Now, whenever you make a post to your Twitter, it’ll show up in your Facebook status as well. The app only send pure twits to Facebook. Direct twits and twits that are replies to other Twitter users do not show up.

The app works flawlessly and instantly. The only downside I can see is if you’re a Twitter whore who make a ton of twits, you’ll be flooding the news feeds of your Facebook friends. Oh well, you know they can’t get enough of you. 😈

Twitter for Facebook App

50 thoughts on “Using Twitter To Leverage Facebook”

  1. Pheak.T says:

    I just signed up for twitter only a few days ago, it reminded me of a smaller, bundled package version of facebook..since i have an iphone i downloaded twittelator, it’s a pretty cool application of course, but limits some things in my opinion, like right now i cant figure out how to change my status on twittelator so i just go to and change it there…i’ll figure out sooner or later, and it’s probably real simple.
    my twitter

    1. Ryan McLean says:

      I really want to get an iphone because all the apps are really awesome. I would love to get a wordpress app for my iphone (when I get one). Then I can quickly and easily update my blog on the road. Im sure you will get there with your twitter app

      1. Abdul says:

        What? Iphone has a wordpress application?
        I just couldn’t stop playing the Crash bandicoot game on iTouch!

      2. Pheak.T says:

        Ryan, the WordPress app for iphone is a very good tool to use, i can be sitting in the bathroom and still update my blog at the same time haha

      3. I’ve had the iphone since it came out….i paid 600.00 for it then cracked the glass…i then paid 200.00 to get it replaced. The VM is what really sold me on it. So make the investment if it will help you make some money and make your life easier.
        It seems that the secret with FB and any other social network is showing your face over and over again. I am at almost 1000 friends but most of my friends don’t have that many. That means that most of my “friends” will see the updates throughout the day. This twit app will make life easier so that you don’t have to think of something different for each network. However, the only problem is if they or you are followers too. This means that they are going to see duplicates. This may defeat the purpose….but if they are of a different group then by all means…..apply the app

    2. jesse grant says:

      This is a great application , I will start using it , recently i have been kinda anti facebook as they deleted one of my accounts with over 3500 friends in which i made 2k off of in 2 months. They seem to be cracking down on people leveraging facebook for financial gains.

  2. I never really jumped on the Facebook/twitter wave. How much have I missed? 😛

    1. Only potentially your whole life!

      1. No big deal. 😛

      2. I guess I would have lost my life if i started using them 😛

        1. 100kjob says:

          That’s quite possible as they may take over your life quite easily…when you got addict to them.

    2. Not much with Facebook except constant spammy requests to use someone’s app, but with Twitter, that’s a whole different matter. If you want to keep up with what’s going on in life, you can’t miss Twitter.

      1. judge says:

        I agree up until today when Joel Comm got his monkeys to spam Twitter big time…

      2. Twitter can also be a great promotion tool.

  3. You could also just use and tweet every service at the same time…

  4. I’ve been reluctant to sign up due to the same reason you describe. I’m becoming a twitter whore especially when I can’t sleep.

    1. I’d really love to use this app too, but I make alot of posts on twitter too. I don’t wanna drive friends away from facebook because some of the things I saw on twitter don’t interest them at all.

      I try to keep with the interests of my readers for each social media application.

  5. I’ve been doing this for a while. People always ask my why I am always on Facebook. But I am not.

  6. Thats cool. I’m def. gonna add this to my profile.

  7. Clog Money says:

    See I don’t mind tweeting with my twitter people, but facebook is still too private for me, close friends and family only. Any one else like this?

  8. I’ve been using this for a long time to make up for the fact that I haven’t had the willpower to log into facebook in the past 5 months (lazy), but want to keep my account anyways (have cake? eat it).

    Basically, it works. but it has the effect of confusing the heck out of everybody, specially when you send direct tweets (not to mention that ORIGINALLY it would also publish your d user tweets! glad that’s been fixed).


  9. Kevan G. says:

    Wow — brilliant timing. I was literally searching the web right now to find out how to crosspost UGM’s brand-new Twitter account to our Facebook page, and BAM, JohnChow has the solution. Thanks! 🙂

  10. I also use to update Twitter when I do blog posts. With both apps, you can update Twitter and Facebook from your blog.

  11. Nice app. I’m going to add it now.

  12. I couldn’t agree more John. I’ve been using this method to promote my website and have been seeing insanely large amounts of traffic. It seems like when people are bored at work or school they just sign on and check what everyone is doing!

    Great post.


  13. Salwa says:

    Nice application. I am going to add this. Thanks for sharing John.

  14. UnosTips says:

    All you need is to put your blog post in the what are you doing and ready!!!
    Excelent tool.

  15. I’ve been doing this for a few months now… I don’t really check Facebook too often, but it’s nice to have my status update every time I tweet.

  16. Mike Huang says:

    lol, already all the twits are being spammed everywhere and an application comes along for facebook…


  17. says:

    Great tip and i will be using it.

  18. Jerry Ong says:

    I’m more greedy here ! i use to updates all the social networks at once

  19. Greg Ellison says:

    It is cool that it combines the two networks together.

    Greg Ellison

  20. Already tweeting on Facebook.

  21. izzat says:

    another reason to use facebook instead of friendster or myspace,
    facebook have to many good feature right?

  22. Allan says:

    On my first attempt it didn’t work. I’ll have to try again

  23. cool idea
    thanks for the info
    this blog rocks.

  24. Undergoing Facebook Fatigue

  25. I just noticed about this today too, it looks pretty interesting to link the twitter to the facebook account, more social effect!

  26. Wow, thats a great idea. Thanks a lot for the post. Those of us that are following you John, know that you love to twitt! You should follow some of us too though, like myself. I met you at Izeafest if you remember me. My twitter name is Coop56.

  27. Catie says:

    I had no idea Twitter even existed! I love those social networking sites. Plus, knowing how easily Facebook works, especially on the go, hopefully Twitter will work just as well! Now I will have to go make one. Wait… They didn’t pay you to say that, did they!??! XD

  28. Catie says:

    I didn’t even know there was a site called Twitter, and it works with Facebook? I love Facebook. Now I have to go make one! I love how easily I can access my Facebook from my cell. They didn’t pay you to post that, did they? XD

  29. Debo Hobo says:

    How does this differ from With one is able to update all of their social networks at one time, not just facebook.

  30. Argh! So, is that easy? I’ve heard so much about the 2 but haven’t get serious about it. Perhaps, it’s time. Thanks!

  31. I already have the Twitter for Facebook

  32. thanks for sharing John.

    Yesterday I posted on my blog on the same topic, how you can use twitter to leverage your business. this is a good thing to add on there, if you dont mind.


  33. 🙂 Facebook is cool and I can’t seem to pull myself away from the social network. The only problem with it is that is started to become too gimmicky with all of the damn forced ads and forced marketing! Sometimes I just want to check my messages! Why do i have to view an ad before I can get to my profile! Even though Facebook and myspace will always be big, I might look elsewhere for marketing success. Good advice though 🙂

  34. David says:

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  35. Tim Jones says:

    Been doing this for a while, but I forget that my “tweets” go through to Facebook. I get some funny comments from my non-geek friends on Facebook that see some of my more “geeky” tweets.

    You can also do the same thing with eBay — if you’re an eBay seller, as you list new items, they cross-post to Facebook. That can get very annoying to your friends, though, so use with caution!

  36. Keral Patel says:

    I love to populate my facebook profile page a lot. Infact I love to populate all those free profile pages like myspace facebook etc. It just gives me satisfaction to use lots of applications in there.

  37. Ben Pei says:

    Thanks once again… Very insightful tip!

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