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Social bookmarking and social networking sites can offer a wealth of traffic to your website when utilized correctly. I wrote about this last year, documenting my experience of combining Twitter and StumbleUpon to generate a huge surge in site visitors. Wouldn’t it be great if you could sustain that kind of growth by using a variety of social bookmarking sites?

The trouble with that kind of approach is that it can be terribly time-consuming. Sometimes, it’s just a better idea to pay someone else to do it for you and that serves as the subject of this review. Today, we consider the social bookmarking service being offered by uSocial. It could be the simplest solution you’ve seen to date.

No Accounts, No Interface, Just Email

The philosophy behind this social bookmarking service isn’t new. You’ve surely encountered a few similar services on the Internet that promise all sorts of traffic rewards, telling you about their system of submitting your website to directories and social bookmarking sites.

Typically, these kinds of services will either get you to install some software on your computer or to access some sort of web-based application. From there, you’d enter all of your usernames and passwords for the different social bookmarking sites. Only after all of this could you finally submit a page. This saved time over doing several manual submissions, but it was still time consuming.

With USocial, you just do this:


There is no software to download. There is no user manual to read. Instead, all you do is send an email message containing all the URLs that you would like to see submitted and uSocial takes care of the rest. That’s it. You don’t even need accounts on the various sites, because they will all be submitted using some other account. It really doesn’t get any easier. That said, it is a little unclear how the keywords and descriptions are selected for the URL submission process.

From Digg to

What social bookmarking and social networking sites are utilized by uSocial’s service? By their last count, uSocial will direct your submissions to nearly 200 social sites around the web. Looking through the list of sites, you’ll find familiar names like Reddit, Mixx, Tumblr, Digg, and Furl. Since there are so many, you’ll also find a lot that you don’t recognize too.

In a highly unscientific study, uSocial found that their service was able to generate sustained results after about 20 days. Scroll about halfway through their sales page to see this shot from Google Analytics.


The unnamed site went from about 400 daily visitors to almost 700 daily visitors after about 20 days of using the uSocial bookmarking submission service. Being able to nearly double your traffic in such a short time is pretty good, I’d say. Whether it can sustain that kind of growth remains to be seen. Naturally, you’ll need some good content too.

How Much Does It Cost?

Since you are not purchasing a specialized piece of software or anything like that, you shouldn’t be all that surprised that uSocial’s social bookmarking service is subscription-based. I’m assuming that they keep a database of user emails so some rogue user doesn’t take advantage of the service for free.

While you could certainly go to the regular page and pay the full asking price for uSocial’s service, you’d much rather get a special deal, right? The regular price for uSocial’s service is $47 a month. However, if you go to the special John Chow discount page, you’ll find that you can get in for $37 a month instead. That’s just a touch over a dollar a day for an unlimited number of submissions. Yes, you can submit as many pages as you’d like.


If you find that you are not completely satisfied with the service or results of your uSocial subscription, you can request a full refund within the first 30 days. They guarantee it.


42 thoughts on “uSocial Simplifies Social Bookmarking Submissions”

  1. this is a great option if your a big blog making a lot of money, then again, not many are and the free services out there are suffice. great option tho for those that truly need this type of service.

    [email protected]’s last blog post: Practice Your Trades with Virtual Money!

    1. @Aman
      I have to agree, it’s for the high end users. I don’t mind putting in the effort myself. Not to say the service isn’t worth it, I’m sure it does what it should.

      [email protected]’s last blog post: The Friday Mix – Number 1

    2. If you’re a “big blog making a lot of money” you shouldn’t need services like this (nor should anyone). If something deserves to be bookmarked it will be. If you’re forcing the bookmark there’s a good chance the content just isn’t that great.

      David Turnbull’s last blog post: Speed linking, 25th of March 2009

      1. Ryan McLean says:

        It is not forcing the bookmark, but rather placing it in front of people’s eyes so they can bookmark it if they like it.
        I love the idea and will definately consider using it myself.

        Ryan McLean’s last blog post: Earn Money By Telling Me What You Think About The New Theme

  2. Bibokz says:

    The social bookmarking sites have successfully dealt with numerous troublemakers who try to “game” the voting systems.

    Bibokz’s last blog post: Ways how to attract advertisers on your Blog

  3. Melody says:

    You’re always on top of the newest do you have the time..

    Melody’s last blog post: Twitter: Reciprocated Follows

    1. fas says:

      Its not John, its Micheal. And its a review. Sponsored to be specific. BTW Social traffic does not convert all that well.

      fas’s last blog post: How To Market Your Business In A Recession

  4. Very tempted to try this, might have to go for it and purchase.

    Giancarlo Massaro,’s last blog post: Contest of the Day: Hydracoach Intelligent Bottle

  5. thanks john……great recommend, the site offering great benefits and making job easy…..I ‘ll sign up now

  6. Michael Zhao says:

    Nice! I may try it!

    Michael Zhao’s last blog post: Spot reduction in exercise.

  7. dashen says:

    thanks john……

  8. Paul U says:

    I think that I would just do it myself.

    Paul U’s last blog post: 4 link cloaking plug-in for WordPress 2.7

  9. Looks like a great tool, but I don’t have a trouble doing it myself for now

  10. Great blog,

    Very much to learn here 🙂 Thanks.

    Lost Philosopher’s last blog post: STOP MESSING AROUND

  11. BlogAngry says:

    It looks good, I will try it myself.

    BlogAngry’s last blog post: RIHANNA AND CHRIS BROWN SEX TAPE

  12. Pete says:

    It sounds like a good idea to generate some traffic, but I do wonder about:

    1. Quality of such traffic — ie. how many page views? 2.5 page views per visit like they showed in the screen capture is pretty crappy. But then again, at the relatively cheap price, this may not matter…

    2. Penalties from Google if discovered as a link spammer?

    3. Would social bookmarking sites discover this and come up with a way to stop this?

    Pete’s last blog post: Using canonical tag to avoid duplicate content penalties

  13. Pete says:

    Actually, would be nice if someone who tries this provides an analysis on its effectiveness…

    Pete’s last blog post: Madsen

    1. Lee Ka Hoong says:

      haha Agree! Anyone else here tested the services and mind to share your experience? 😉

      Lee Ka Hoong’s last blog post: Make Money Online with Cash Crate

    2. Alexandru says:

      Looking for someone who is using this service as well .
      I am curious with the Anchors and details. Can we chose what we want ?

      Alexandru’s last blog post: Make Money Online with your blog through PayU2Blog

  14. BlogAngry says:

    ohhhh!!!!!! I forgot to say THANK YOU!!!!!!

    BlogAngry’s last blog post: $100 CASH & BLOGANGRY T-SHIRT CONTEST

  15. Blog Expert says:

    Nothing I really need. Just would cause trouble.

    Blog Expert’s last blog post: 5 Reasons to Pick a Multitier Affiliate Program to Make Money at Home

  16. all blogger must test this service…..sound’s very useful and effective

  17. proson says:

    Hi John, what;s the difference with this service with the free socialposter or social marker in the market? I don’t see a pay social bookmarking is necessary unless it offers features like spinning the titles and the stories for each SB submissions to make them looks less spammy…

  18. flyssy says:

    I got burned after buying the Twitter “product” in a previous guest post…no questions asked money back guarantee? yeah right…

    I won’t be risking cash on this one either after reading the comments.

  19. Alexandru says:

    I am using the Social Submiter software, and I can say it doesnt pay the money. Many bugs arround
    Curious if this one is working fine
    e.g. for a bookmark sent to 150 SBS, i get arround 90 submited. Plus that the report is broken, it doesnt give you a direct link, only a profile link.
    Is this one okay ?

    Alexandru’s last blog post: Make Money Online with your blog through PayU2Blog

  20. Zac Johnson says:

    I might give this a run with the “john chow” discount tonight!

    Zac Johnson’s last blog post: Tracking 202 Pro Version Released

  21. submit to 185 sb is great number…need time……great service with cheap cost

    diabetes mellitus’s last blog post: The Type 2 Diabetic Diet and Exercise Routine

  22. With a little bit of work, I would rather go for the FREE social bookmark submission sites than pay.


  23. I don’t really have any need for this, but reading the feedback from some that have used it is interesting.

    TYCP Entertainment Magazine’s last blog post: Courtney Van Dusen Interview

  24. I think I’ll pass for this one. Since I get free submissions using social poster I don’t really need this. The cost of course is the main stumbling block. BTW thanks John for fixing my access problem here. Feels good to be back.

    Peter Lee

    Work At Home Blog’s last blog post: Case Study:How Top Twitter Client Gave Me 293 Page Views

  25. Social bookmarking can also help you out to increase your high quality backlinks and may get higher PR and better place in the serps.

    Marketing Business Review’s last blog post: Easiest Way to Make Money Online With PeiProfit Contest

  26. Now i do manually to social bookmaking sites, if have lots of sites, maybe better use bookmaing software.

  27. As an internet marketer, I social bookmark projects like crazy. I’ve used a few auto-bookmarkers in the past, but they have never really worked as promised. I’m always looking for tools that I can use to leverage my most limited resource, my time.

    I signed up for usocial on March 25th and submitted a small handful of links to test the waters. As mentioned in the review, you’re provided with an e-mail address that the links to be bookmarked are sent to.

    After sending out the e-mail I received an automated response: “We will begin submitting these links to over 185 social bookmarking sites shortly, however please be aware that due to workload it may take 24-48 hours in some cases, mostly during weekends.”

    It’s now been 6 full days since I received that e-mail and have yet to see any indication that my links have been submitted anywhere.

    Yesterday morning (March 30th) I sent and e-mail to their support group stating my issue. I once again received an automated response stating that they would get back to me as soon as possible.

    For now, I’m far from impressed with this service.

    1. Ok – so here’s an update to my experience so far. I still have not received a response to the e-mail that I sent to their support group, so I sent uSocial a message via the contact form on their website.

      Here was my message:

      Good Morning,

      On March 25th I subscribed to your Social Bookmarking Service. The same day I submitted a small number of links to be bookmarked via the e-mail address provided –

      I received an automated response stating: “We will begin submitting these links to over 185 social bookmarking sites shortly, however please be aware that due to workload it may take 24-48 hours in some cases, mostly during weekends.”

      After 5 days had passed, I saw no indication that my links had been submitted – no e-mails and no apparent submissions on the major social bookmarking sites.

      On March 30th I submitted an e-mail to the address given in the automatic response above – – stating this issue that my links seem to have not been submitted.

      I once again received an automated response stating that you would get back to me a soon as possible. It has now been three days since my original e-mail and I have not received a response.

      So far, I have been very displeased with this service and have posted my experience so far in the comments of the post on that recommended your service.

      I would appreciate an explanation for the delay and the status of the links that have been submitted.

      Jeremy Waller

    2. Well what do you know – I finally got a response from uSocial.

      “Please be aware that we have experienced a server issue over the last week and we are currently clearing a backlog of emails received during that time, however all links will be completed within the next 24 hours. If you still have URLs ourstanding, we assure they will be submitted within this time.”

      Server issue caused by the “John Chow” effect?

      I’m happy that they finally did respond. We’ll see how it goes from here on out.

      1. Well here I am a week later.

        I’m pretty disappointed in uSocial. I submitted several rounds of links to be submitted. Each eventually received a reply stating that the submissions had been completed. However, I cannot find any indication that my links were submitted anywhere.

        I’ve checked all the major social bookmarking sites – no trace of the my sites anywhere. No results from any Web 2.0 properties in Google. No backlinks from social bookmarking sites in Yahoo Site Explorer.

        I tried contacting them via e-mail and via the contact form on their page. I have not received any response.

        My final verdict. Don’t give your money to uSocial.

        I’m getting a refund.

        Jeremy Waller’s last blog post: Merry Christmas Everyone

  28. Maark says:

    Jeremy exactly the same here, no submissions, no replies. Looks like it’s just another scam 🙁 Too bad.

    Maark’s last blog post: What you should know prior to beginning real estate investing

  29. SmartDad says:

    Hi All,
    It’s so disappointing to find that recommendations dont turn you as you’d wish. I tried FREE traffic links on a systen and it was fantastic. The story is linked. you get up to 30 links with one submission and as its FREE well you really cant to wrong. From The Wealthy Affiliate SmartDad…. Happy linking peeps.. We all don’t have JC’s cash flow… Shame eh!

    SmartDad’s last blog post: Hi everyone! Just Who Is SmartDad Anyway?

  30. I think if someone have lots of website, so using social bookmarking service or just software social bookmarking is a must. Because it will realy time consuming and confusing also to send and organize one by one…

    Thank for the information..


  31. They are certainly looking great and promising in paper. But I would love to see some good review from others as well before going to start this one.

  32. This is awesome, I will use it. I was just trying to figure out a way to break into the social bookmarking sights. This is brilliant, I think I will post about it!

    BlogTipsForBeginners’s last blog post: Why YOU Should Start A Blog – The Top 10 Reasons And 26 More

  33. Jeremy Waller; I’m with you. Had the exact same experience and in my case have had NO response. Zero, nothing. Usocial just took my payment and that’s it, I guess?
    It would be wonderful if I COULD get a refund, but I hardly see that happening when you don’t even get a response as a happy, paying customer.
    I signed-up April 2nd – have received NOTHING. My advice…. DO NOT TRUST USOCIAL. Appears to be a massive scam.

    Carlee Potter’s last blog post: Fix Before 30: Week 2

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