Valentine’s Day Dinner at Miku Restaurant

Miku Restaurant

I first sampled the cooking of Miku during the Taste BC fund raising event. They had by far the best tasting food at the event and I was looking forward to the day I would visit their restaurant. That day was last night as I took Sarah to Miku for our Valentine’s Day dinner.

Miku is the first North American restaurant of the Tora Corporation. Founded by Seigo Nakamura, Tora operates seven successful restaurants in Japan and has built up quite an enviable reputation. When it came time to invade the West, Vancouver was their city of choice. And you can’t really blame them. Vancouver has a large Asian population and is ranked the best city in the world to live. Plans are in the works to open restaurants in New York and Los Angeles. But for now, the only way to experience Miku’s famous Aburi-sytle sushi in America is to come to Vancouver.

No doubt, you’ve had sushi before. But I bet you’ve never had Aburi-style sushi before. When most people think of sushi, they most likely think of raw fish on rice served with soy sauce. Aburi-style sushi, on the other hand, is lightly seared with a touch, topped with some other ingredients and paired with a French sauce. It really adds a new dimension to plain sushi.

Located inside the Guinness Tower at 1055 West Hastings Street, Miku is at the heart of the Financial District and caters to a high end clientele. The restaurant is awe inspiring with its 20 feet floor to ceiling windows. Miku means “beautiful skies” and the restaurant carries out that theme by integrating a giant glass waterfall and glass clouds that literally float from the ceiling. You can tell that Mr. Nakamura spared no expense when creating Miku. He even flew in his own chefs and head servers from Japan.

The instant you walk into Miku, you are literally greeted by the entire restaurant staff. Miku features an open kitchen and all the chefs will welcome you in Japanese as you walk by. First time diners are shocked by this experience because the greets are quite loud – it’s more of a broadcast that new diners are entering the restaurant. They do the same thing when you leave. The only other Japaneses restaurant I’ve been to that did this was Guu in Richmond’s Aberdeen Centre.

I had no doubt that the food at Miku would be great. If they could produce great Aburi-style sushi during a high pressure event like Taste BC, they would do an even better job at their home court. We sampled a range of Aburi sushi and Aburi Tufo. Sarah’s main course was the Sablefish Nitsuke made from Pacific Sablefish simmered in soy sauce stew, daikon, carrot and green bean. I had the American Kobe Beef with vinegar soy sauce, asparagus, carrot and mashed potato. From the first Aburi sushi dish to the ending Green Tea Tiramisu dessert, Miku was a fantastic dining experience. I highly recommend them for your next Valentine’s date. Or any other date for that matter.

Miku Restaurant

Miku Restaurant

Miku Restaurant

Miku Restaurant

Miku Restaurant


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49 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Dinner at Miku Restaurant”

  1. Mike B. says:

    The food looks AMAZING! Good to see you enjoyed you V-day. I wish I had the stomach for sushi, cause all you post make me hungry.

    1. That’s a crazy promotional video. lol

      1. John Chow says:

        Like I said, spared no expense. 🙂

        1. yet again, another mouth watering post!

          1. As usual the dessert seems very very tasty and the rest a little too hardcore for me 🙂

      2. You spared no expense because you love your wife 🙂

  2. paowiee says:

    Ate japanese also during v-day haha food looks great!

    1. Ben Pei says:

      Whats with the jap food for vday?

    2. Looks pretty good. I haven’t had a lot of Japanese food in my lifetime.

  3. issa says:

    AWESOME FOOD!! love the video too, the cooks were cute, LOL!

    here in our city, waiters in Japanese restos also shout out greetings to arriving customers. a bit embarrassing really o_O

  4. WOW, that looks really good! Me and the Mrs.had and Steak and Portobello Fajitas with a few Margaritas at Chili’s.

  5. Talk about pure decadence in a fine dining experience! One of many I need to try…

  6. Yet another place to put on the list of potential places to dine during the Olympics.

  7. Silvia says:

    Sushi begins to become my favourite dish.

  8. your the third person to recommend this place in recent time…only this time I see pics and vids which totally seals the deal for my trip to Van-city soon…looking forward to some of the same eats and experience you got!

  9. The food looks real yummy. I don’t take sushi but if I ever eat at Miku, who knows I might start to love Sushi.But wonder when that would be though. Glad you had a great time.

    Peter Lee

    1. Ben Pei says:

      You have to Peter.. They are just too good!

  10. coolcoolbird says:

    Great photo & video. make me feel hungry

  11. daryllorette says:

    Great looking food!

  12. shun2u says:

    wow! it looked so delicious!! 😉

  13. Oh Dear God! This looks soooo delicious!

  14. Ben Pei says:

    They look really tasty John, or is it because you had a good camera? By the way, happy v day to you and sarah!

  15. Ben Pei says:

    By the way, I will be going to Japan come May and maybe I could take photo of some real authentic local sushi there!

  16. Mama BoK says:

    I told the “gwai low” .. i’m moving to Vancouver..!!!!!!!! i need .. some good food..!!!

    1. yanjiaren says:

      Ah I am also the Guoilao lol in the Yan Jia and I am moving there in two weeks ahahah. I wonder if they have good martial arts schools there as they have food. M I will have to check it out and see. So is the Gwai Low your other half too?

  17. yanjiaren says:

    Well I am moving to Richmond in two weeks with m Fiance and we will be getting married there. So if I settle down your neck of the woods then I will sure think about going there for my honeymoon dinner! Now I am busy looking for some good Hanfu to wear!

  18. What a great food. Make me hungry. anyway, nice photo. Mr John will become a photographer, right?

  19. Pheak Tol says:

    that place looks pretty good! too bad there’s none here where i live like that, we have all you can eat brazilian steak houses like 5 types of them here and no fancy japanese place like that.

  20. You always have great footage of the food – makes me hungry!

  21. Wow, now that food looks tasty, and you always seem to have a great eye and pictures for capturing food. What’s your secret if any? Also, my wife just ended up going to starbucks to relax and chill. Here is a tip for you at Starbucks if you don’t like your drink tell them about it. The messed up my order and I was debating to complain or not, but I ended complaining and they had completely forgotten the syrup in my drink.

  22. joe gelb says:

    Dot Com Moguls always eat like kings!

  23. SEO Tips says:

    As always the food looks mmmm delicious, a little OCD with the presentation for my liking but still 😛

  24. Kishore says:

    Tempting pictures John – Hope you enjoyed it

  25. Anthony says:

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  26. John,

    The photos and the video were impressive to say the least. My wife and I celebrated our Valentine’s day dinner at P.F. Chang’s, an upscale ‘China Bistro’ in the SF Bay Area, CA.

    The place as packed but we got a large booth within thirty-five minutes and had a fabulous meal. The service was very efficient and personable. Menu selections included Hot Sour Soup followed by Orange-Peel-Chicken in a light sweet sauce and Mandarin Beef, just the right spicy-ness! Large bowls of steamed rice complemented the entrees.

    A flour-less chocolate cake, shared for dessert, (it must have weighed 2 pounds!), finished off the meal. The restaurant manager stopped by our table during coffee, and we shared some of our histories. Turns out he grew up in Los Angeles’ suburbs like me.

    The meal was paid for by a birthday gift card received earlier in the year, so it was nice to get this dinner virtually for free, we did have to pay valet parking, but since it was seriously storming that evening, we appreciated the umbrella escort to the car waiting out front!

    Hope you Valentine’s day was equally memorable, and Miku looks like a must visit destination. You did not mention the pricing, but like your previous post on that private jet, “If you have to ask the price, you cannot afford it!”.


    Nicholas Chase

  27. This is something which I have never seen. Amazing food and video! 🙂

  28. Chris says:

    Wow that sounds great! Sushi that is slightly cooked! thanks for the post. I am not a big fan of raw fish but the pictures you posted look yummy! – Info that can help you live and work better.

  29. suround says:

    I do not celebrate valentine’ s day because it has not been a have girls. video with
    healthful foods and coincidence also I like cook.

  30. MLDina says:

    Glad you had a great time at the MarketLeverage Valentine’s dinner! Next time, you’re going to have to get a table for a lot more- we’re all going to join you and Sarah! 🙂

    1. John Chow says:

      When you come to Vancouver, I have the perfect restaurant to go to!

      1. MLDina says:

        I’m going to have to find a really great one here in Orlando then!

  31. Pahn says:

    that is a delicious date.. yummy..

  32. wow i like it this foods 😀 . John please send few foods for me 😛

  33. Reading this post just made me so hungry.

  34. mini says:


    I’m impressed with all your restaurants photos. Living in London, we are spoilt with world class restaurants (Michelin Stars) and I found it hard to take photos of either the food nor the restaurants as most fine dining in London do not permit us taking photos in the restaurant. Maybe this is different rules to fine dining in Canada.

  35. Dang, now I am dying for sushi, thanks a lot John!

  36. They look good! I just ate, but now I’m hungry again!

  37. Hey John,

    I just ‘dugg’ your reference on Jonathan Volk’s blog about his Valentine’s Day dinner and your attached comment!


    Nicholas Chase

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