Vancouver Business, Marketing & Entrepreneur Meetup

I will be speaking at the next Vancouver Business, Marketing & Entrepreneur meetup on Monday, June 22 at the downtown YWCA. If you’re going, then I look forward to meeting you. If you want to attend but haven’t RSVPed yet, then you can put yourself on the waiting list as the event is sold out. My topic will be how I make $40,000 a month on the internet with my blog. This wasn’t the topic I had planned to speak on. It was just what the organizer, Ronald Lee, put up on the meetup site, so I guess I’m stuck with it. At least I won’t have to do much research for it.

The Vancouver Business, Marketing and Entrepreneur meetup group is a local network of businessmen, marketers (traditional and online), and entrepreneurs looking to share tips and problem solving techniques, get advice on profitability, share services, create a referral program, and help each other grow and sustain your business.

At these meetups, members are given time to do an elevator pitch, plus take a short Q&A after the pitch. The advantage of this is that people will get to know the pitcher more. I will do my presentation after the pitches. This is my first time speaking for this group and I’m really looking forward to it. My presentation will center around my blog’s business model and all the back end systems and support structures I have in place to allow me to make over $40K a month while blogging for an average of two hours per day. I’ll see you on Monday!

22 thoughts on “Vancouver Business, Marketing & Entrepreneur Meetup”

  1. Have fun John
    I really wish they had these kind of events in San Antonio.
    I just may have to start one myself 🙂

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    1. May be you can start this event by yourself … at the beginning you will get less response but after spare of time you will get good response that’s for sure.

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  2. Justin Dupre says:

    I’ll have to try and make it out to one of these sooner than later. Although, being in Thailand makes that a tough situation for me! You’ll have to fly out here sometime!

    Justin Dupre’s last blog post: Facebook Cares About Click Quality. Really?

    1. Yeah we need a name like John Chow to start this kind of event everywhere.

      If he will come than I am sure many people will come to see him as well.

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  3. Maybe your next contest should be round trip tickets to one of your speaking events!

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  4. Palabuzz says:

    Goodluck on the meet up!

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  5. I remember when you were still making a little over $32K a month. You’ve moved on up!

    Anyway, I wish I could go. Hopefully they’ll be a video of your presentation.

  6. EarningStep says:

    Very good john , Hope you can share the best ( just like your ebook ) , you are the best ebook writer that i ever know

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    1. I think you should also read Darren … he is also a good writer on this niche.

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  7. Jackie Chia says:

    One day I can do that.
    Hope a great success.

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  8. An elevator pitch is like 30 seconds long, is that all the time you get to speak?

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    1. John Chow says:

      I am not doing the elevator pitch. I’m the main speaker. I will speak after the pitches.

  9. game-girl says:

    Hope to see a video of the event.

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    1. Yes we are also waiting for that … Photos and videos …

      So you will wear CB t shirt or Market Leverage T shirt.

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  10. Cam Birch says:

    Very cool. I am going to do some research to find out if similar events occur in my city. Thanks for the info.

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  11. Looking forward to read about this meeting. I hope you will add video of this meeting with your speech.

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  12. Wish I could make my way to Vancouver.. one of my favorite cities in the world by a long shot.. actually looking at spending few months there late in the year.

    Unfortunately its very rare to get this type of stuff in Sydney.. or I just hear about them just after they have finished!

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    1. There are many renowned bloggers are also from Australia. I am sure these kind of events also organise at there.

      You just have to digg it or ask some top bloggers of your country.

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  13. Have a fruitful meeting! I’m waiting patiently to read about it 🙂

  14. fas says:

    John for non-Canadians please post a update on this or atleast a post with the main points.

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  15. James Hartje says:

    Good luck John, you ever consider moving out of Canada like to the USA?

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  16. Tyson says:

    Vancouver is beautiful, have fun. I miss the Great Northwest.

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