Vancouver Twestival Local 2009 Tickets Available Now

Remember the last Twestival back in February? Well, we’re doing it again with a new event call Twestival Local.

Twestival was born out of the idea that if cities were able to collaborate on an international scale, but work from a local level, it could have a spectacular impact. While Twestival Global put the spotlight around one cause on a single day, Twestival Local is getting back to its roots and encouraging cities around the world to host events in support a local cause on one day during the weekend of 10-13 September 2009.

100% of the proceeds from these events will go direct to the local not-for-profit selected. Everyone involved with Twestival is a volunteer. Cities are asked to set a fundraising goal for their event, but it is much more than reaching a financial target. Twestival Local is a fantastic opportunity to connect with people in your community. The aim is to give people a chance to feel they are contributing to a larger social initiative, but bring the cause a little closer to home.

For the Vancouver Twestival (organized by Rebecca Bollwitt), we will be raising money for the BC Childrens Hospital Foundation to support their “Be a Superhero” campaign. The event will take place on September 12th from 4:00pm – 7:00pm at the Ceilis Irish Pub. Tickets are $25 and available for online purchase at Amiando. 100% of ticket sales will be donated to the BCCHF.

In addition to raising money for a worthy cause and doing some quality networking with fellow Twitter users, you’ll have a chance to win some really cool raffle prizes. I’ve donated a Flip Mino to the prize pool. There will also be a silent auction. Again, 100% of the money is being donated to the BCCHF.

I look forward to seeing you at the Vancouver Twestival. To find Twestival Local events in your city, check out the Twestival website.

44 thoughts on “Vancouver Twestival Local 2009 Tickets Available Now”

  1. I am coming there … definitely …

    1. Benjamin Cip says:

      You live in Canada?

  2. Benjamin Cip says:

    Sounds like fun. But that’s too bad, I live far away from Canada…

    1. You think that is far….try South Africa! We are really short of events in this part of the world. It would be nice to put something together that could lure some big names over. To get local buy-in would be the trick though.

      1. Benjamin Cip says:

        I totally agree with you. I know some blogger from South Africa. Why don’t you decide to have an Event there…. next year, one sure thing is that you’ll be able to attract a lot of big names who are interested in “Soccer” for the 2010 World Cup!

    2. Me too, but am planing to settle over there in next couple of years.

  3. DAILYMACHO! says:

    what a freaky bird.

    1. Nick Aviles says:

      yes it is, kinda looks like the bird from sesame street lol

  4. blues says:

    Oh real fun with some noble work. But sorry, far away from maple leaf. We are gonna have a traditional moon cake festival very soon. Oh those cakes are really delicious.

    1. Keeping an eye on your blog (although its of study) and would love to see some photographs of those cakes.

      1. Benjamin Cip says:

        I agree with ZK, you should show some photographs of the cakes you mentionned.

  5. DAILYMACHO! says:

    I know this is kinda random, but does anybody know why John stopped posting his monthly blog income report? Did his income plateau at 40,000 or is it still growing? I would assume that it’s still growing..just curious.

    1. Nick Aviles says:

      because his numbers won’t anymore XD

    2. blues says:

      May be john is facing Income tax

      1. I do not think that John will have any kind of problem … these were the eras when people keep talking about their earning so that many more people will come to their place.

        But now this have less importance and I think by understanding this John have stopped showing photos.

    3. LetUpdate says:

      because too much zero, may be?

    4. Lol, maybe the recession finally hit the dude. Dunno why he would be neglecting to post it though… It’s not like it’s a big deal… Especially for him

      1. Benjamin Cip says:

        Maybe he already reached the amount of money he aimed, and now see no point in posting about his blog income anymore… but I can’t deny I miss his income report post…

        1. After reaching a certain level you start to plan anput your next level.

          You got life just once so you should always keep moving ahead.

    5. John Chow says:

      My advertisers didn’t want me revealing how much I was making off them. Also, my accountant advised me to stop as well.

      1. So now many new bie will loose the motivation from you.

        Those figures really inspired many new fellows.

        1. Benjamin Cip says:

          Thanks for the reply John! I’m pretty sure your income has increased a lot more since last time you posted your income report. Too bad, we can’t see it anymore.

          1. I think his active income probably decreased..
            >direct banners ads, pay per post, etc.

            While his passive income probably increased
            >referral incomes, affiliate sales, etc.

      2. That was a good decision, showing off of income on blog is not always advisable.

  6. EarningStep says:

    interesting … i wonder why there are lot of festival at vancouver… really a nice city to spend live

    1. Yes this one is sounding really interesting. In last couple of weeks we have seen many outings of Vancouver.

      I am sure in coming days also we will be able to see more and more such kind of events.

      1. Benjamin Cip says:

        Vancouver sounds like a great place to live in! No doubts there!

  7. Katie says:

    Looks like allot of fun. I wish I could go to it. I love those events 🙂

  8. Kevin says:

    Great! Van city is a major city eh?

  9. Yes there is so much happening in this city … first 99 years old fest and now this one,

    John you and your family is having great time …

  10. As pointed out by John, a lot of cities all around the world are having the similar kind of Twestival. I’d recommend everyone going to and find their own city or one near to you and check the info — meeting and having fun with the other local Twitter users and help a good cause at the same time, what could be better?

  11. LetUpdate says:

    Hope the festival bring the great. 😀

  12. Wish we had stuff like this in the UK … Sigh. And if we do, it all goes to London. 🙁

  13. Teen money says:

    well this is a great gesture John. The proceeds will go to a charity makes the whole exercise great. I am from India and I cannot think about joining it. All I can do is just buy the ticket and help the cause.

  14. fas says:

    WHen is it happening in other cities?

    1. John Chow says:

      Check out for events in other cities.

      1. Benjamin Cip says:

        Sounds like many Canadian cities have great events! You might never get bored there in Canada!

  15. Nothing in my neck of the wood ;-( SY

  16. Hats off to twitter for this initiative. We are so quick to complain and slow to count our blessings, and when the charity events come around they really deserve to get supported and promoted.

  17. Another event I can’t visit 🙁

  18. I just went to check on events in Africa, and more specifically South Africa, and am shocked that there are nothing in my part of the world, and only Nairobi in Kenya being featured on the entire continent!

    Maybe this is a good opportunity to stand up and to get the ball rolling in this part of the world. Somebody has to do it, and it might as well be me!

    1. John Chow says:

      Now that’s a great idea! All it takes is one person to start it up.

  19. Some one selling tickets? 🙂

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