Very Loud Lunch At Miku Restaurant

Miku is my favorite Japanese restaurant in Vancouver. It’s the only North American restaurant of the Tora Corporation. Founded by Seigo Nakamura, Tora operates seven successful restaurants in Japan and has built an incredible reputation for fine Japanese food. Plans are in the works to open restaurants in New York and Los Angeles, but for now, the only way to experience Miku’s famous Aburi-style sushi in North America is to come to Vancouver. Mr. Nakamura spared no expense to create the Vancouver Miku. He even flew in his own chefs and head servers from Japan.

In true Japanese fashion, Miku greets all their diners with a loud chant. It can be quite shocking for first timers because it seems like all the chefs are yelling at you. They do the same when you leave. Sally really enjoyed it because she can speak Japanese and was able to respond to their greetings.

During lunch time, Miku is very loud. Because of the busy lunch time crowd going in and out, the chanting never lets up. It gives the restaurant a great energy but can bothersome if you’re trying to conduct a business meeting. Luckily, we were there to take it all in and dine on their delicious Aburi sushi.

When most people think of sushi, they think of raw fish on rice. Aburi-style sushi, however, is lightly seared with a touch to give it a nice smoke taste. Then the sushi is topped with some other ingredients and paired with a French sauce. This really adds a new dimension to just plain sushi.

Located inside the Guinness Tower at 1055 West Hastings Street, Miku is at the heart of the downtown financial district and caters to a high-end clientele. Lunch for me, Sally and Sarah came to $85 with tax and tips. Dinner would cost more but it would also be a quieter dining experience since there won’t be as many hurried executives going in and out.

Miku Restaurant

Miku Restaurant

Miku Restaurant

Miku Restaurant

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43 thoughts on “Very Loud Lunch At Miku Restaurant”

  1. Checked this photo at the right time … was going for having some snacks …

    Now I have to make the quantity double of my snacks as well … 🙂

    1. Mathew Day says:

      Same here, the pics and video got me hungry again. 😉

    2. Looks pretty healthy again this time.

      1. I thought you do not like half cooked food ?

        1. He in fact was objecting to bananas being cooked. It’s important to realize that not everything is better cooked and not everything is better raw.

          For example carrots are better digested and the vitamin A from them is much better absorbed when they are cooked. A cooked orange would definitely not be better than a raw one.

          Unfortunately, most commercial orange juice is cooked. That’s why they add vitamin C to it because otherwise it would be completely devoid of it.

    3. Abhik says:

      Ditto!! 😀

    4. Hey John,

      I do like the greetings in real Japanese restaurants. They are thanking you when you are leaving too which is great. They do appreciate their customers and they show it, leaving no doubt about it.

  2. Thomas says:

    I’ll have to make a trip to Vancouver on my next trip to Oregon. The road trip might be fun for the whole family.

    1. PPC Ian says:

      Yeah, road trips can be a ton of fun! Great idea!

    2. Abhik says:

      Don’t forget to be there on Saturdays. You might meet John there at a Dot Com Pho.

      1. Yeah with that he will hit two birds with one stone.

  3. The dish is like burger i love to eat

  4. PPC Ian says:

    Wow! Great photos John. The food looks delicious, as always. It was neat learning a bit about the history behind this business.

  5. Mathew Day says:

    As usual, the videos and pics were great. A bit loud, but the energy and enthusiasm would make it a fun place to eat. 😀

  6. Moped says:

    Wow very expressive food Photos. Think I could start a BBQ this evening.

    1. Don’t know if I could do the raw, or nearly raw, sushi. I need cooked food thanks.

      1. Seems to me that many people here prefer to have cooked food.

        Own choice but I am impressed with their decorating style I must say.

      2. Hey Penny Bid Auction Sites,

        I believe in another comment you disliked bananas being cooked. Sushi is totally safe to eat. Maybe you don’t want to eat sashimi but if you start with sushi rolls with a small portion of tuna or salmon in them, you won’t even notice they are raw.

        If you object totally to anything raw but bananas then order sushi rolls with yam or BBQd salmon.

        Of course there’s plenty of cooked Japanese food. Don’t just focus on the raw stuff.

  7. fas says:

    Sally learning Japanese? Even Chinese then?

  8. Japanese food isnt bad all….im a fan of seafoods, I like shrimps.

    1. Japanese food is not limited to sea food. There’s a great variety of other things to eat.

  9. You Just made me soooo hungryy 🙁

    1. Hey Kate,

      That’s very profound. I see this exact comment a lot. Next time try to be more creative, please.

  10. It looks yummy to me. I think I’ll hit up the local Japanese restaurant Sakura grill and have some of my own tonight with the family.

    1. John this is a best compliment for adding this post.

      Because of your post he is taking his family to Japanese restaurent. Amazing.

      1. Hey ZK,

        I will go and check out this restaurant too. I haven’t been there yet but from what John writes here it’s one of the most genuine Japanese restaurants in North America.

        I’ve been to Japan and some great restaurants there so I’ll be able to tell if it’s real or an imitation.

  11. The Video is Looking Very Nice John. It is making me hungry 🙂

    1. Hey Ottawa Web Design,

      It might be better to eat before you read John’s food post the next time. Then you could make a comment that actually says something intelligent.

  12. Abhik says:

    Why on the earth I am feeling hungry again?

  13. Monster says:

    Sushi rocks!

  14. Alex J says:

    The dishes looks good!

  15. Kevin Kimes says:

    Great photos, John. I was first going to ask if you’re hauling around a DSLR, then noticed you’re using the GF2. I was already considering that camera, and you may have solidified my choice.

    As for the food, I don’t think I could get myself to eat any meat that’s not fully cooked.

    1. But I am sure you would love to compliment the way they decorate.

      Boy decorating time is more than cooking I think …

  16. Work online says:

    Great Looks,i really like this sharing, i love to eat

  17. Work online says:

    Thanks john for this sharing,I really feel different.

    1. Feeling different = Hungry ?

  18. Looks like a great lunch to say the least

  19. Simply love the way they decorate every food.

    Simply awesome … But do you think that heavy diet people will be able to get satisfaction.

  20. Work online says:

    I also like Japanese restaurant,but i could not visit there.i am feeling quote well after watch the video,i am really thankful to you John.

  21. Seeing all that food just made me so hungry going to take a break and rustle up a meal now!

  22. Work online says:

    Look like a cheese,and looks delicious too,thanks for sharing dude.

  23. Its look chicken love to eat it

  24. flash game says:

    it looks great and i think it is delicious too.

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