Video: Jay Leno’s Garage welcomes Pagani Huayra

The car with the name that no one knows how to pronounce has made it to America and Jay Leno has it in his garage. Not only did Jay get to ride in the 1 million euro ($1.4 million USD) catfish, he got Mr. Pagani himself to drive him!

When you see the level of detail and craftsmanship that goes into the making of Huayra, you’ll understand why the car is so expensive, and unlike a lot of other exotic cars, the Huayra price seems justified! For example, the instrument faces on the Huayra are etched out of a solid alloy at a cost of $5,000 per set. If that’s not impressive, the sound the car makes when the turbochargers kick is enough to have you reaching for your checkbook, and then cursing yourself because you spent your $1.4 million on a stupid house.

Pagani will make only 25 Huayra a year. If you haven’t got your order in already, you won’t be getting one this year, or next year for that matter. Watch the video below and prepared to be shocked and awed. Additional bonus. Mr. Pagani tells the proper way to say Huayra. I’ve been saying it wrong all this time. It’s Why-ra. Now I can sound smart when I meet a Pagani owner at Cars and Coffee. 🙂

*If you’re get a “Failed to load XML file” error, you can watch the video over at Jay Leno’s Garage.

28 thoughts on “Video: Jay Leno’s Garage welcomes Pagani Huayra”

  1. fazal mayar says:

    thats one hell of a car, i want one! 1,4 million? pfft peanuts 😀

    joking looks like a hell of a toy

  2. Hugh Kimura says:

    WOW! So much better looking than the Zonda. Sounds amazing!

  3. Dang. She’s a beauty beast!

  4. Boy … If people have money than there are various ways to spend as well. This is one of them.

    1. fazal mayar says:

      its a bit stupid to me but to each his own. He has the right to spend it that way if he has a lot of it but there are more issues to take care of first ;D

  5. allan stuart says:

    with 1.4 million , i can buy many Honda civic car… not the type of car for me.. too expensive ..
    maybe people like Bill gates own one. 🙂

  6. Haitham says:

    What a car. I think if i reached 2 billions i will get one 😀
    Thx or sharing

    1. Erwin Miradi says:

      Yeah sure dude. Good luck with that,

  7. SportsNub says:

    That is surely a very good car, hope I can have some of like that in future.

  8. GamesDunia says:

    Wah! i want that one, Amazing car.

  9. shendeng says:

    nice car want get one

  10. Pagani Huayra are a expensive toy like Koenigsegg CCXR, a total of only about 80 cars were manufactured. The rich can play with expensive toys.

  11. GamesDunia says:

    Great car with nice color.

  12. Enzo Testa says:

    Italian cars…simply the best 😉

    1. Yes, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti & Gulinelli, De Tomaso and many more fantastic cars from Italia.

    2. fazal mayar says:

      yep italia has nice cars but dont understimate countries like Japan or USA 🙂

  13. fas says:

    He has all the best cars and bikes, lucky dude.

  14. Dude thats so much coool. I wish I could marry that car. So exotic

  15. My God, One of the greatest car at present.

    1. Erwin Miradi says:

      Oh yeah dude it is.. And only a few people can afford that.

  16. GamesDunia says:

    Trumendus car and the color is my heart.

  17. Erwin Miradi says:

    Wow nice car there. I really wish I could have them one day.

  18. Darn, I was a little too late placing my order for the car 🙂 Really though, that’s an amazing car. Hope I can afford one in that price range one day.

  19. Gift Ideas says:

    Is it also batter than Frarry?

  20. car seems like ferrari love to have an test drive

  21. nice car but did you come to know how to pronounce ‘Huayra’? 🙂

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