Video of Downtown Vancouver

We had to go downtown today to get a Visa so Sarah can enter Taiwan. We will be heading to Taipei for the yearly Computex trade show. Computex is the second biggest IT show in the world and this year it will nearly double in size thanks to a new convention center.

The Taiwan consulate office sits on the 20th floor of a downtown office building. The corner office has quite a nice view of downtown Vancouver. The view was so nice, I decided to flip out the Flip and take a video. I’m pretty sure taking pictures or videos while inside the consulate is not allowed but nobody said anything. I guess my posture and control was too good. 😈

Our month long trip to the far East starts in mid May and will take us to Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taipei. The Flip is going to come in real handy.

40 thoughts on “Video of Downtown Vancouver”

  1. Tyler Ingram says:

    I love vancouver. I’m glad I live in such a cool place. I see the Black TD Tower (home of the radio station The Fox 99.3) The old Eaton’s Building which is now a Sears (I used to work in the Vancouver Block Building which sits behind it and has the clock tower). The art gallery, which is looking to be moved to a new location so they can become larger. And a bunch of other cool things too!

    Though the video is really compressed. I’d like to see the flip uncompressed lol does TTZ have enough bandwidth to post a short clip uncompressed? 🙂

    1. I’ve always wanted to visit Vancouver. I always figured if America went down, that’d be the first place I’d go. *=)

      1. America has gone down! Why are you still here?

      2. Terry Tay says:

        I figured they all lived in igloos and played hockey eh 😆 An drink Canadian beer and eat maple syrup eh 😛

        But this Vancouver place looks like a pretty good place.

        What state is it in by the way? 😆

        1. Robert says:

          I’ve heard a lot of cool things about Vancouver. The Flip came in handy to that extent. Rather than watching movie stock footage of cities, you get to see some more down-home footage of an nice-looking city.

  2. Azrael says:

    Nice shots John!

  3. Guillermo says:

    Well done double-o seven!

  4. FreePSDLogo says:

    Nice video John, I really enjoy your videos thanks for sharing.

  5. adinh says:

    wow, kool!

  6. Nice video. I really hate how youtube compresses it though–doesn’t do the flip much justice.

    I’ll be getting my flip very soon. I can’t wait.

  7. Mike says:

    Nice video. It’s been a while since i visited Canada.

  8. Well, that video’s not available now… could be that videos of buildings are not permitted now…

  9. joshuaun says:

    downtown???? 😯
    downtown boy…….hahahaha…..suddenly feel want to sing a song!!!hahahaa

  10. logosamurai says:

    The city looks so grey.
    Very traditional Chinese melody, John!

  11. Tom says:

    Did you add the music in or was that playing in the office?

    1. John Chow says:

      I added the music.

    2. Michael Kwan says:

      At least it wasn’t Rick Astley.

      On a side note, either the compression on the Flip is very bad, the compression on YouTube is very bad, or the combination of the two is very bad. That’s pretty pixelated.

  12. I never been to Vancouver but would like to get there one day for your lunches John

  13. says:

    Nice video. how did you get the background music in the video? Was it riginal at the location or you added? Thanks for the video.

    1. John Chow says:

      I use iMovie to add the background movie.

  14. Chetan says:

    Music, might be an added one. But doesnt seem to be a bad one though..

    Still making me more interested in buying a flip.

  15. I’m always curious about how different parts of Canada look (and not just because South Park LOVES to make fun of it).

    But then I remember that 50% of Hollywood movies are shot there. But it’s good to see some true footage where the city name is openly acknowledged as opposed to watching a ton of movie and seeing a scene and saying to myself “that is NOT Chicago, NOT LA and really NOT NYC!” I’ve lived in all 3 so I know in 2 seconds.

    1. Robert says:

      That’s an interesting piece of info. I had no idea so many movies were filmed there. Well, I guess Hollywood does that a lot. CSI Miami is filmed in L.A. Go figure.

  16. Georgii says:

    Normally so – video. We in Russia (Ural, Perm), of course, do not have such buildings, but also from mine 7 floors open a kind excellent, especially on a beautiful building of militia which for fun in the people have nicknamed “a death Tower” (probably, during Soviet times and was). And thus this building from me in three kilometres, but district allows to see it in all beauty.
    So I will shortly lay out photos on my blog.

  17. Brady Ware says:

    I see that the video has been removed. John has been shipped over seas and is being treated as a terrorist.

  18. Fitness Site says:

    shot it with your flip ?

    Looks cool with music 😎

  19. G Smith says:

    That Flip looks like a nice little gadget. I gotta get me one of those.

  20. Ecko says:

    Hhm, what a nice view. I really like the downtown like that. 😀

  21. kellex says:

    You getting arrested in a government building would have been a great April Fools’ joke. 😈

    1. after I shot this video, a security came up to me and said ‘no photos please’ not realizing that I had shot this video already. The Flip looks more like a digital camera.

  22. So, taiwan huh? How are you handling the blog during your trip? guest bloggers or remote blogging?

  23. kids says:

    The flip is cool huh? Very addictive.

  24. Hannah says:

    Haha I think most consulates are on the upper floors of random buildings. The French Consulate is right downtown too, only I have to drive down East Hastings to get there… luckily I only need to get my passport renewed every 5 years so it’s not too often.

  25. Mike Huang says:

    Looks just like Los Angeles, but a lot cleaner, and a lot less crowded 😛


  26. Interesting video John but really- how did you manage to film it without being nabbed?

  27. Syed Balkhi says:

    looks like you are having fun with your new gadget.

  28. Miker W. says:

    Canada tends to have nicer, cleaner cities than here in the states. I really want to go travel there again in the future.

  29. Hey John, great video man! I would just love to visit Canada one day but living in Europe, its kind of expensive! You never know though- I may win the lottery one day 🙂

  30. You should showcase some of the “greener” views of our city, like Stanley Park or something. Actually… maybe I should do that. It’s so easy to take where we live for granted.

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