Video Outsourcing Webinar with Gideon Shalwick & Tyrone Shum

My friends Gideon Shalwich and Tyrone Shum will be hosting a live webinar tomorrow on how to outsource all your rapid video blogging work so you can live The Dot Com Lifestyle. If you haven’t seen the video about this webinar yet, you can watch it here.

Video is a big part of my blogging set up. My YouTube channel has 657 members and over 900,000 video views. Learning how to make videos and, more importantly, how to outsource the work can really enhance your blogging. This is where the live webinar from Gideon and Tyrone comes in.

What Exactly Will You Cover Inside The Webinar?

  • The problem with Rapid Video Blogging and what you must do to overcome it…
  • Why outsource your video production process in the first place? Like, what’s the secret benefits that no-one talks about?
  • The full video blogging production process disclosed (never seen before), and which parts you can actually outsource…
  • Exactly how to set up your “remote office”…
  • Where to find the right people at the right price… and FAST!
  • How to communicate in the best possible way with your outsourcing staff, and the secret tools that will make your life a lot easier!
  • And a whole heap more!

What Does The Rapid Video Creation Bonus Include?

To sweeten the pot, Gideon has decided to throw in a $197 bonus when you register for the webinar. The bonus is Gideon’s new Rapid Video Creation course that he have not even released yet! And no, it’s not the same as my big Rapid Video Blogging Course.

Inside the Rapid Video Creation Course, Gideon will show you everything you need to know for creating online videos, both normal as well as screen capture videos, at super high speeds. And to make it even sweeter, he’s allowing one extra license that you can use for your outsourcing person at no extra charge!

Will The Webinar Get recorded?

Yes! The webinar will indeed be recorded so that you can watch it at your own convenience in case you can’t make the LIVE call. But to get access, you will still need to register for the webinar before the deadline.

What Is The Deadline For The Webinar, And What Time Is That In My Own Country?

The webinar will be run LIVE at 8pm EDT (USA) on Tuesday, Sept 14. If you want to be part of this webinar, you need to register BEFORE this date, otherwise you will miss out. To find out what time of day this is in your own country, just use this handy page here.

But do note that Gideon will be recording the webinar and making the recording available afterward in case you can’t make the above time.

Live Webinar

Click Here Register for The Outsourcing Webinar

32 thoughts on “Video Outsourcing Webinar with Gideon Shalwick & Tyrone Shum”

  1. Hey John,

    Nice reminder of the webinar. I just bought Rapid Video Blogging and now I’m expected to fork out more money for this webinar. Now there is a problem with RVB?

    I’m afraid that I’ll have to pass on this one.
    Gideon should have at least given a discount to those who have bought RVB.


    1. Hey Vance

      Thank you for your comment about my outsourcing webinar with Tyrone.

      Sorry to hear that you won’t be joining. I can understand your reasons for not joining, although let me at least try to justify charging money for this webinar 🙂

      The webinar will cover some very advanced topics that are outside the scope of RVB. Tyrone and myself researched and tested a very specific set of tools needed to outsource the video production process. It literally took us weeks of hard work to figure this out. And we believe that no-one else has found the solution that we have found.

      Now, my current charge out rate is anywhere from between $500 to $1,000 depending on what I am charging my time out for (although I do not do consultancy anymore).

      The webinar will run for 2 hrs, and maybe even 3 hrs, with both Tyrone and myself on the call. So, if you had to hire just me for that duration, it would cost you anywhere between $1,000 and $3,000. This is not an unreasonable rate, esp when you look at what accountants and lawyers charge and the value you get in return.

      If one would try and do the research that Tyrone and myself did on this topic, it could take many many hours of really intense work, and then one may still not have a complete solution that will work with your setup.

      We’ve decided to charge $97 for the webinar, but seriously, the value you will get from it will be MUCH MUCH more than that. And to prove that I stand behind what I say, I am even offering a 60 day money back guarantee on the webinar.

      At $97 this webinar is a steal. Of course I am biased, but I hope you can see why Tyrone and myself have decided on our strategy. Obviously it does not make sense to charge webinar attendees by the hour at our hourly rate, and we wanted to still make it affordable for people to join.

      Also, remember that as an RVB member, you have direct access to me on the regular LIVE calls where you can ask my ANY question about your online business.

      If you have any other questions about the webinar at all, just send me an email at support[at] and I’ll do my very best to answer your specific questions.

      Thanks again for your comment here Vance! Much appreciated!

      Talk soon!

      Gideon Shalwick

      1. Hey Gideon,

        Thank you very much for replying to my comment. I really appreciate it.

        I didn’t mean to say that the webinar is not worth the money that you charge for it. Of course it is. You provide a lot of value.

        But after just paying for the RVB I prefer to go through that course first.

        I’ll ask you a question through email as you suggest.


      2. d3so says:

        You make a good point but I also believe that RVB members shouldve gotten a discount.
        And if you say this technique is original, $97 is worth it.

    2. ‘and now I’m expected to fork out more money’ that is the problem with this sort of programs and the reason I never buy them, they also have another great idea up the sleeve they charge you for. Ask yourself a question before you buy into the next special offer: Have you already implemented all you have learned from previous services and programs and have you learned all there is to learn and implemented it! There is something like information addiction and blockage, stop buying and start doing something with what you have bought already. Making money online is done by doing, not by buying, SY *Steps down from the soap box*

  2. d3so says:

    Is there anyway to attend for free?
    Though, video is not a priority for me at the moment.

    1. Alex Dumitru says:

      Probably not 🙂

    2. Apparently not. Usually webinars are free and a product pitch is made during them while a fair amount of information is given. But this one is paid.

      1. d3so says:

        Yeah, this is the first paid webinar i’ve seen.

    3. I wish! First time I’ve seen a webinar that was paid, but it’s probably worth it.

      1. Perhaps, but I would be more interested to see the ROI on this one. I prefer learning from what the gurus do than from what the gurus tell us to do 😉 SY

  3. Dan Lew says:

    Just a question John, who does your video editing?

    You seem to have nice intro graphics etc!

    1. d3so says:

      John does his own editing using iMovie on a MacBook pro. He made a post about it awhile back.

      1. Nomar says:

        iMovie is a great program, use it on my imac to 🙂

    2. I think, in fact I’m quite sure, that John does his video editing himself using iMovie.

      He wrote about it in his reply to a comment on one of his posts which he wrote several weeks ago around the time he was introducing Gideon’s Rapid Video Blogging.

      1. Hey D3so,

        You’ve answered the same question before me but your answer wasn’t there when I wrote it.

        Comments are now having to wait for moderation again.

        This seems to be happening off and on.

        It’s a weird feeling though to reply to a question that had no reply and then see another reply above my own.

        I wonder if John could have not screened his regular commentators and allow them to comment without this delay that puts things out of sync.

        1. I had the sam eproblem yesterday, having to wait for moderation I mean, I kind of felt ‘unloved’ because of this ;-( Either it was a general problem with Akismet (providing that JC is using it) or JC is testing a new comment plugin, what ever it was, it is good for me now and I can continue to ‘freely express my opinion’ as they say so nicely 😉 SY

          1. Well I realize the problem too. What is the real problem? Hope John fix it soon.

          2. Seems to be fixed now, at least for me 😉 SY

  4. not the best youtube numbers John, but still decent. I haven’t really every figured out a way yet to incorporate video into what I do online and have it be effective.

    1. d3so says:

      On my account I have over a million views. Though, it isn’t related to marketing.

      1. What is your YouTube channel? That many views is pretty good. I’d like to see it.

      2. PPC Ian says:

        Great work d3so, that is a lot of views! I would like to check out your YouTube channel.

        1. A million views must be good for something, you should take another look into this and see how you can leverage them for your advantage, SY

  5. PPC Ian says:

    Video blogging is hard work! This webinar seems like a great opportunity.

  6. Ethan says:

    I’ll wait for the torrent and download it for free.

    1. Uh oh.. That would be pretty bad.

    2. And get a nice virus or two doing so. Bearing in mind that you are planning to cheat somebody and benefit for nothing of somebodies hard work without giving anything in return you probably (scratch the probably) you certainly deserve it. Sorry, no pity for copyright thieves from me, SY

      1. ibnujusup says:

        you are right IGH… say no to pirated information…:-)

  7. Good luck with the webinar Gideon. I’ll pass this time but will join when I have the resource soon.

  8. ibnujusup says:

    i’m late…. wish i read this post earlier……:-(

    1. Do not worry there will be always next chance.

      But be ready for that …

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