[Video] The “$2 Per Hour” Power Formula

Legendary Internet marketer, John Reese, has just released a new eye-opening video that reveals the “$2 Per Hour” Power Formula. This simple and inexpensive formula is the closely-guarded secret responsible for BIG TIME online money-making. In fact, this free video is first of an entire series and you can watch it RIGHT NOW!

In this series you’re going to learn…

  • How to turn 5 hours worth of effort into over 100 hours of results using this simple trick.
  • The magical “not-an-iPad” device that turns ideas into auto-pilot cash flow.
  • How the wildly successful “Blue Man Group” revolutionized the entertainment industry with this unheard of strategy.
  • Why brainstorming new ideas is where all the money gets made and how to spend your time mostly doing that.
  • Dissecting the “Big Six” online money-making models to show you how the right system can maximize income potential.
  • And much, much more!

Watch The “$2 Per Hour” Power Formula Now

36 thoughts on “[Video] The “$2 Per Hour” Power Formula”

  1. Dino Vedo says:

    What am I going to do with 2 dollars per hour?? lmao ill stick to blogging

    1. jtGraphic says:

      I think you missed the point…

    2. I got the point, but I still think this is a pretty horrific headline.

      I can’t imagine how many people are going to see it and the first reaction will be: is internet marketing so overdone that this is all I can make now??? …or something like that.

      I imagine the product is better than the headline. At least I hope so.

      1. I hope so too. For newbies there might be some good value to be had, but I doubt if there is much “new” information to be had here. It is usually the case…..

        1. Do any of you guys remember the Blue Man Groups Launch Party at Toa in Vegas. The Blue Man group has done an amazing job in the affiliate marketing world. I think this is worth looking at. Maybe not worth doing, but worth looking at.

    3. that’s 48 dollars a day if you pull a whole 24 hrs…do that a couple times and it starts to add up…

    4. You can do wonders [ for Sure] with $2 per hour

  2. Healthy Cafe says:

    Going to check on the video…thanks john

  3. Need to find something to get me past a buck a day.Could this be it?

  4. d3so says:

    Oh boy not this again; time to be part of someones list. 😛
    The video was good btw.
    If you don’t want to enter ur email, just input a bs email address and it’ll take you to the video.

    1. If you’re interested in the topic of this video, I think you’d also be interested in the marketing around it.

      Being on a list through a launch like this is really educational, and all these guys are using reputable services so unsubscribing is easy.

      1. I got a separate gmail account for subscribing to newsletters to. It is tantamount to suicide to use your regular working email for this purpose. It is just too much otherwise.

        1. A lesson I finally learned… I just went though and unsubscribed from a bunch of them that were coming in to my primary email. But I don’t want to give it all up, since individually they were interesting, and collectively they were a great alert system for new products and launches in the IM world.

          I definitely need to get a separate account set up… great idea.

        2. but sometimes subscribing to these guys amount to huge benefits, you can always gets new ideas for your blog posts. i did it several times dude.

    2. Hey boy , remember you are giving your email ID to a genius and not to a guy next door. John Reese is a great guy. [ remember that]

  5. Javalate says:

    well… in my country video is not a tool that work for marketing, not yet. Because mostly our internet conection’s suck 🙁

  6. Good video, so outsourcing is the trick to make more money? Would have never guessed that 😉 SY

  7. Ata says:

    This seems promising!
    Will look into it later.

  8. Are you talking about making $2 from Adsense?

  9. I’m impressed John. I thought you were just schilling another useless product, but after watching the video, I’m actually pretty interested!

    Outsourcing is a huge part of our business as well, and would love to hear how John Reese does it..

    1. If you weren’t a bit more interested after watching the first video in his product launch series, I don’t think John Reese would be in business very long.

      Looks like he’s on the right track. =)

  10. steven says:

    this port useful but that is not easy link him said

  11. Free Picks says:

    the video link is not working, plz check t

    1. Worked fine for me, what browser are you using? SY

    2. Worked fine for me too!

  12. Wow, this is great. John Reese sure is a busy guy! I don’t know how you guys do it, really. I’m going to watch this video now. Thanks so much.

  13. fas says:

    Is this the same guy from blog rush?

  14. hmmm.. if it’s adsense, we’ll ive exploited facebook and reaped $102./day .. would this still apply? I might consider this as another trick if it would give me another $50-80/day.. 🙂

  15. Yasagun says:

    Good news….
    Let’s try making $2 each hour.

  16. I have finished the video and I now understand what the $2 per hour means. The content is interesting and I look forward for the second video

  17. scott says:

    The content is ok, but still lacks a bit of solid substance

    1. I guess that’s nearly always the case. As much as online marketers talk about giving away your best content for free, I definitely think there is a line. You don’t want to overwhelm people before they’ve gotten in the door.

  18. Is this to do with something like mechanical turk ? he said something about not using elance, in the video, how is this different to traditional outsourcing ?

  19. Will check this video. Hope it helps me a lot!!

  20. I am implementing what i have learned from this video. Searching for some good content writers for my blog and couple of guys who can promote blog on social media sites. [ Thats whats he recommends ] Outsourcing

    1. Sometimes it helps to be original with your website and your content to really win over interested readers. I will be experimenting with video here in the near future.

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