ViralNetworks – Social Network for Internet Marketers

ViralNetworks is a new Social Networking site that has been built from scratch for Online Business Owners and Internet Marketers. The network allows for community building and making contacts with like minded people. Members can upload and share videos, blogs, start groups, chat on forums, learn and add to the marketer Wiki, suggest bookmarks Digg style, add friends and many other features at the same time earning credits for all the actions they take. Credits go towards determining if a person qualifies for the Revenue Sharing Pool where ViralNetworks pay a percentage of the sites income out to members each month.

Earn Credits by Referring New Members

To make ViralNetworks go viral, the system is set up so you can earn credits for referring new members to the network. The referral system is multi-tiered, meaning that you also earn more credits if the member you referred refers another member. Not only do credits count towards the Revenue Sharing Pool qualification, but they also count towards building a reputation and rank within the site.

Members earned credits by doing thing you would normally do on other social networks – upload a video, start a group, making a post, referring new members, etc. The more active you are, the more credits you earn. If you refer a new member, you receive 10% of whatever credit that member generates. And if the new member refers someone else, you get 10% of the new member as well, down to five levels.

I have to give ViralNetworks props for coming up with a creative way to launch a social network. Basically, ViralNetworks is using viral marketing to build their network. The network makes money by selling advertising. The money will then be shared with its members. How much each member gets will be based on how many credits he has and how much advertising ViralNetwork sells.

$6,700 Prelaunch Contest

To kick off their network, ViralNetworks is holding a $6,700 contest featuring 21 prizes. The top prize is an Alienware Hanger18 HD Entertainment System or $1,500 cash. The Contest is a race to the Top Spot. Once someone gets to 1,000 referrals, the contest is over and where everyone else lands is the prize they get. The current leader has 208 referrals.

I think this is a contest that I should be able to win easily. So here’s the deal. Sign up for ViralNetworks through me and you’ll have a chance to win whatever I win. If I win the top prize (or any prize), I’ll give it away in a draw to someone in my network. Sign up now and good luck!

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75 thoughts on “ViralNetworks – Social Network for Internet Marketers”

  1. Sohail says:

    Great contest they are having will check it out definatly:)

    1. Agree with you..
      Looks great.
      But it would be tough beating you :p

      1. Nice contest. I hope I win the $6700 prize.

        1. Lots of people here wanting that money πŸ™‚

          1. Everybody likes money. Especially make money online bloggers πŸ™‚

      2. I guess it looks okay. I’m really not into these kind of web sites anymore. I think too many of us spend too much time on all the wrong things just because they are new and we want to be the first ones to try them out. I don’t know about you but I think I will just stick to what I know works and try to perfect it.

        1. I agree. Too many sites trying to grab everyone’s attention in the end gets you no attention. I think it is a waste of time.

        2. Bill Masson says:

          I agree that there are too many of these distractions that abound throughout the Internet marketing scene, but i have decided to sign up and have a look.
          Curiosity killed the cat eh! If i don’t like it then i can jump ship, there’s no harm in checking it out. Overall i think it’s a good idea to concentrate and build up your blog and be an authority in your niche. Early days!

  2. Jon says:

    A rather interesting concept, I hope they have experience as great a growth spur as they hope, 17 months of development is a LONG TIME!

    Jon – Create Unique Memories!

    1. Skitzzo says:

      It’s no different from any other number of sites like this that have sprung up. You’ll have people spamming the comment section of this and other MMO blogs with their aff links in no time. Of course, just like every other pyramid scheme, it will only be the people at the top (like John) that stand to benefit at all.

      1. Thanks John For Sharing The Word.

        Skitzzo, maybe you should read more about the concept. Any member, who joins at ANY time, now or in 5 years has the same chance to make the same amount of money.

        Credits don’t roll over to new months, so if you qualify one month, doesnt mean you will qualify the next month. Commissions are also paid on your referrals, on first level. It is NOT MLM, and not a Ponzi πŸ™‚

        1. Skitzzo says:

          So there are different levels and a “downline” but you’re trying to say it’s not Multi-Level Marketing?

          Give me a break. And, by the way, I read plenty on the “concept” and there’s nothing original or unique about it. You knocked off Yuwie’s ‘pay you for your actions” model and other than that its just a social network. Congrats! These are springing up all over the place.

          Look I’m sure you’ll do fine with all the sheep that follow John’s every word. So don’t sweat the fact that a few people will realize what a waste of time this will be.

          1. Scot says:

            Shame on you for being negative. Shame on the developer for such a comment in response. Shame on you both!

      2. Frank Bauer says:

        Hi Skizzo, –> is that short for schizophrenia? πŸ˜‰ Sorry, couldn’t resist. πŸ™‚

        If you like to learn what a pyramid scheme is, I can recommend this web page…

        As you can see, ViralNetworks is anything else then what you are referring to.

        Best regards,

        Frank Bauer

        Director of Marketing Pty Ltd
        Co-owner of

    2. Nishadha says:

      Its certain to grow now since they got featured at Chow. πŸ™‚

  3. Skitzzo says:

    John, didn’t you learn your lesson about promoting crap multi-level marketing schemes?

    Don’t you have any quality standards?

    By the way, according to this scheme’s terms of service you could owe them a bunch of money:

    Unless expressly authorized by website, no one may hyperlink this site, or portions thereof, (including, but not limited to, logotypes, trademarks, branding or copyrighted material) to theirs for any reason. Further, you are not allowed to reference the url (website address) of this website in any commercial or non-commercial media without express permission, nor are you allowed to ‘frame’ the site. You specifically agree to cooperate with the Website to remove or de-activate any such activities and be liable for all damages. You hereby agree to liquidated damages of US$100,000.00 plus costs and actual damages for violating this provision.

    1. I'm Doomed says:

      Yeah, I saw that too.

      Talk about making money online!

      BTW: By reading this comment you have agreed to pay me $5,000….monthly, no daily.

      1. Skitzzo says:

        I’m tempted to link to them out of spite just to see what they do. I mean seriously, how arrogant is that?

        It pretty much tells me all I need to know about this site. And yet, if there’s a chance to make a buck of his readers, Chow will take it.

        1. Scot says:

          It’s viral marketing silly πŸ™‚

    2. Skitzzo, Youre having fun today aren’t you πŸ™‚

      Its not at all arrogant, we live in a world where people sue you all the time, and also your content is stolen all the time.

      You have permission to link to us πŸ™‚ What that covers us against is if we release content and products for our members only, or a part of our member base and they then link to that sharing it with non members. Don’t worry, if that happens it will be spelled out clearly that the product can not be shared

      1. Skitzzo says:

        I’ve got news for ya Colin, if you release something that can be directly linked to (as in, isn’t protected by a login etc), there’s not going to be anything you can do about it. I realize you just purchased the TOS from some service but it only diminishes your credibility.

    3. Wow guess it pays to read the TOS. It would be pretty hard to make a site “viral” if they don’t allow anyone without permission to create external links!

  4. Do you remember meeting me at Izeafest John? Well I’ve decided to challenge you over at my blog. I’m going to beat you to those 1000 referrals. Whaddya think? πŸ™‚

    1. Jeremiah, I think its a great idea, see if you can beat the big man to the top!

      1. So that means your signing up under me right πŸ˜‰

        1. I would if I wasn’t one of the owners of the site πŸ™‚

  5. 100kjob says:

    There is always a niche for another social network. I’m developing a MMO Digg, will be named MMOGG.

  6. At ViralNetworks, the Credits are great, but will never provide a full time income from credits alone of the Revenue Share Pool (guess it depends what country you live in actually) but you get rewarded for doing things you would normally be doing anyway, plus you also earn large commissions if your personal referrals upgrade their membership.

    Now the most powerful feature is that it is built for business owners, we all know the power of contacts in our industry as well as the importance of a good reputation. ViralNetworks gives you the chance to build both.

  7. Ryan McLean says:

    Looks awesome but I seriously do not know if I can be bothered.
    Do you really think it is worth it??
    Because my chances of winning the prize are seriously tiny

    1. Dont join to win the prize, look at the big picture here. You are networking and building contacts with like minded people, thus you are increasing the chances of success in your business. JV’s with others in your niche and also brainstorming, sharing ideas, this is the way forward

    2. BilB says:

      I think I’m with Ryan on this one. It seems like they are trying really hard to be a “Do All” website. They want to be your everything, and I can’t believe at this point that they can do it better than others. I like the overall concept don’t get me wrong, but I think their focus might be too broad.

  8. SlamBlogger says:

    “…coming up with a creative way to launch a social network…”

    This is far from creative; it’s Yuwie all over again. I mean, as much as I would love to make .0005 cents a month while creating an account that will open my eyes to a whole new universe of spam…

    I HIGHLY doubt this becomes a network of value for quality contacts.

    Agloco sheep, step right up. Enjoy the email system from 5 levels of your upline. I suspect, you’re going to be updated on every MLM scheme that ever hit the internet.




    1. Hi SlamBlogger,

      thanks for living up to your name πŸ™‚ No seriously, we dont pay on ALL credits earned, only active members qualify. So you wont be earning .0001 cent per credit and getting a bunch of spam.

      The Mail system is IMail – Internal Mail system, so not to your email box, and you can choose to read them or delete them πŸ˜‰ If you read them you will be rewarded with a credit, if you choose not to, then no problem πŸ™‚ You can earn credits in other ways like taking part on the forums (Will be moderated, no spam allowed) making blog posts, adding videos, commenting on videos.

      We are so much more then any other network that has tried to do this in the Business Niche (of course Linkedin is the exception but they are in a different niche, work differently and dont have the video sharing which is one of our biggest points of the site).

      The service is to BRAND yourself, not to earn .0002 cent per credit and spam the heck our of everyone to get it, we will be putting stop gaps in place.

      Thanks for the feedback though. If anyone has any questions they want to ask, please do, ill watch this post for a while

    2. Frank Bauer says:

      Hi SlamBlogger, (I assume this is not our real name?)

      That site doesn’t allow you to email 5 levels deep… it allows to use the internal messaging board (no emails).

      Also, those that promote the site don’t do it for $0.005 cents a month, but for 25-50% commissions on the membership fees of upgraded members. Even if you are just a free member they pay you 25% on those that upgrade… and there are plenty of good reasons to upgrade once they launched. πŸ™‚

      Best regards,

      Frank Bauer

      Director of Marketing Pty Ltd
      Co-owner of

  9. Josten says:

    pretty interesting i will be signing up once i get home from work

  10. To do list for today:
    1) sign up for viralnetworks
    2) take advantage of the $1 Immediate Edge trial offer –

  11. 404? Surprised that link didn’t go to Kevin Ham’s site. .

  12. Rahail says: is awesome with a reason. I wish they had this system 4 years back. I would have been super rich by now.

    The people at are simply amazing…

  13. Signed up through you. I hope u win πŸ™‚

  14. That’s a damn good marketing scheme to get others to sign up under you. Do you make a commission off of any money a person signing up under you makes?

    1. He will do if members upgrade, also if he earns enough credits each month to qualify to earn from the Revenue share pool

  15. anty says:

    I can’t find any unique idea when I look at the video. Why should I join another network?

    1. Earn rewards for your actins, user ranking systems, contact your 5 level downline with Internal Mail, get paid on upgrades, network with people in your niche, built in WIKI whenever you need clarification on something… VIDEO section, like a YouTube for online business owners, a suggests function like DIGG…

      All in one place πŸ™‚

      1. Skitzzo says:

        So in other words… nothing new, just yet another networking site. And, yet another reason people will be spamming comments and emails in an attempt at “building their downline”.

        1. LOL, you are right about that, and I for one do not have the time for yet another social network that takes up alot of time to earn a really significant reward.

  16. It has the potential to go VIRAL , good concept……….

    1. It already has πŸ™‚ Thanks mate

  17. Che says:

    John, you may as well ship it to me now. I figured out your random drawing system and nobody else has a chance. HA

    1. LOL! But Che, first he has to win it, not sitting too pretty right now… a LOT of ground to cover! πŸ™‚

  18. In 10 YEARS of being a webmaster I have never won ANY contest so I don’t know if this is worth much but… I’ve got your back John, I signed up and gave you the refferal. Go get em!

    1. I never win contests either. I have learned that rather than rely on my luck, I just actually work very hard, untill my brain starts to hurt and then work even harder to achieve at least a moderate level of success ..

  19. Just an idea if you’re pulling out all the stops.

    Pleace a 125×125 project wonderful ad on this site – use the income to fully fund a lot of ads for this contest on other blogs and your downline might look pretty sweet in a hurry. This is one of those setups that makes money all by itself on PW.

    1. Can you explain a bit more what you mean by this, it might be something I will do.

      1. You place an ad box on your site to earn a little income.
        You start a campaign with your viralnetworks link and it shows up on other sites.
        There is no cost to you besides placing the 125×125 on your site but, if you have a decent amount of traffic, you’ll be sending people over to viralnetworks for free from multiple sites.

  20. Freeman says:

    Signed up! Woohoo! Go Team Chow! hahaha

  21. Scorpiono says:

    Ouch, I really don’t get the whole thing, I expected a social network.

    1. So you missed the part in big red letters on the signup form that says now in prelaunch and also in the members area that says only prelaunch features are currently available

  22. m4stono says:

    viral is not too good for making money online

    1. And the prize for stupidest autopost of the week goes to….. πŸ˜›

  23. Daniel says:

    Was interested in joining up until the tv-show ‘happy family’ pictures at the end. Such a massive turn off, yeah that’s the typical internet marketer/blogger. Laptop on a glass table and laughing with his girlfriend in a bathrobe.. or 50 years old and outside??

    1. LOL, Daniel

      So the choice of the video pro’s images depicting what he consider happiness put you off joining? πŸ™‚ Might have to split test that one i think.

  24. Awesome. I was just thinking that we IM-ers needed our own social networking site. They beat me to it…lol.

  25. Fausto says:

    Thanks for the post John πŸ™‚

  26. Sounds like a great contest. I learn everytime something new when i log onto your site, thanks.i

    1. The contest is good but its only just the beginning

  27. Not so bad contest. πŸ™‚ But probably will not participate in it…

  28. Starfeeder says:

    sounded cool till I heard them say, “your Down Line” and showed an image of a pyramid…


    1. Its All About LEVERAGE. Building a downline allows you to do more with less.

  29. Bryan Hee says:

    Sound great! But they didn’t show us how can we really benefited from the system? May be they impose very strict TOS and not allow us to place our affiliate link! The whole ideas is very vague.

    To Your Success
    Bryan Hee

  30. very interesting.. Sounds like MLM for the internet. But no need for me to sell any BS product.

  31. Spageto says:

    Quote “The future has arrived…” and “start realizing your dreams” – exactly how many MLM programs sound – eesh!
    I am living my dream and the future is at the JohnChow blog

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