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CX Digital is an Canadian based affiliate network with offices in Toronto and San Diego. I met CX Digital at the Boston Affiliate Summit and they told me that if I’m ever in Toronto, I should give them a shout and check out their office.

The CX office is located on Toronto’s famous Yonge Street in a shiny glass tower. There are the normal array of private offices for the executives and a boardroom. However, all the action take places on the affiliate floor, which looks a bit like a stock trading floor.

The work environment is very lay back. The company doesn’t enforce a dress code. I talked to a few of the affiliate managers and Tal Hayek, VP of Affiliate Relations. They’re a great bunch of people and I can see why CX is experiencing over 100% increases in year over year revenues.

Lunch with CX Digital

I went for lunch with Waseem Khan at Moxie’s Classic Grill. After that veggie only meet up, it was nice to chow down on a big juicy blacken NY steak with Cajun spices. I added some dry ribs for an all meat lunch.

22 thoughts on “Visit To CX Digital Media”

  1. ben says:

    I like how you have a marketleverage adblock in this post…

    1. CX is very strange… they wouldn’t even approve a Canadian publisher (me) for undisclosed reasons. They’re on my hate list.

      1. Well Chris some networks just don’t approve you if you don’t fit their criteria. Of course when you become a big blogger I am sure they will come after you to get you as a client!

        1. Actually the company might not approve new publishers bc it’s losing money hands over fist:

          If it weren’t selling stocks and bonds it would have been long out of cash.

          I think that at the end of the day you might be better off without them.

        2. Blogging isn’t my main business model… I make well over $1,000 a month from my other networks. CX is just acting Jewish. 😈

  2. It looks as if the lunch was well worth the visit.

  3. Kai Wei says:


    I think the lunch was worth the entire trip!

    Kai Wei

  4. I was thinking the same

  5. Lawrence says:

    That lunch looks delicious…that must have been the highlight of the trip for you, it would have been for me.

  6. That steak looks delicious.

  7. Dan Mihaliak says:

    Now thats what I call a lunch!

  8. Nice lunch, thanks for the post. Any idea on how much they pay for clicks/impressions? :mrgreen: .

  9. jatt says:

    Nice steak..I never even dream eating those..hope after i got more money from internet earning. I use my payment as adsense,adbrite,bidvertiser publisher to pay my education debt..pray for me! :mrgreen:
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  10. Phamen says:

    Thanks for the post, it helps us see real people in CX.

  11. jatt says:

    yeah..real people..look at woman standing..she’s hot..this is my card.. :mrgreen:
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  12. Pangeran says:

    Why bother with the lunch?
    It’s make my mouth waters indeed, 😕 but I am wondering what type of affiliate program they are offering?

  13. Chad says:

    The CX guys are great. They also throw a hell of a party 😉

  14. CX seems like a really laid back and cool place to work. I like how they were so friendly in meeting you.

  15. That’s great. They all look so laid back. No stress. And instead of having typical sandwiches & soup for lunch, they eat steak!

  16. Is everything always related to food? Maybe I can get a number of advitisers to pay me in coupons and gift cards to fancy resturants rather than cold cash . . .

  17. That first picture is hilarious!

    Looks like the girl behind the desk is in shock to see you there. Like she’s seen a celebrity or something. lol

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