Visit To UGM Vancouver

The Union Gospel Mission was kind enough to invite the Dot Com crew (myself, Sally, Sarah, Stephen Fung, Ed Lau and Greg Morgan) down for lunch and tour their facilities. The UGM is one of the charities I support. Over the years, John Chow dot Com readers have open their hearts and wallets when I call on them to help UGM feed the hungry and homeless of Greater Vancouver.

Founded in 1940 as a small soup kitchen, UGM now has satellite facilities in Surrey, New Westminster, Mission and downtown Vancouver, and provides services from employment training to affordable housing solutions. UGM serves over 280,000 meals each year, and provides shelter for almost 10,000 individuals a year

The Mission is located in the Downtown Eastside, the poorest neighborhood in all of Canada, and serves as a beacon of hope for the homeless and hungry. It just so happens that the house I grew up in is located right across the street from the UGM. Yes, I grew up in the poorest neighborhood in Canada. It’s been quite a journey.

The video below shows UGM’s new mobile mission van, which brings the mission to the people. There’s also an interview of John, who is now a UGM outreach worker.

Make a donation to the Union Gospel Mission

20 thoughts on “Visit To UGM Vancouver”

  1. Study Babes says:

    cool, glad to see you enjoy helping out! i used to volunteer at an animal shelter for a couple years but i moved when i started college so havent really been back

    1. AverageGal says:

      Another perk of living the dot com lifestyle, time to help with volunteering!

    2. Sohail says:

      A great trip tp a great place 🙂

      1. Good video with a nice inspiring story. The Dot Com crew should volunteer as mentioned above. 🙂

  2. Trevor says:

    You’re a very lucky person John Chow.

    I wish I can be like you.

    1. Ben Pei says:

      Same here man…

  3. BlissfulGirl says:

    Wonderful opportunity for you and your crew! I donate to them regularly in honour of Ed who lives on the street corner at Denman and Nelson.

  4. Steve Olson says:

    It is nice to see where you grew up. I like to see you promoting the mission too. John’s story touched my heart.

  5. Whateverebay says:

    Awe…John……HUGS!! you are not as EVIL as you think…. May your wealth and kindness multiply for you and your family! You are truly a gem! 🙂

  6. That is very nice. Keep up the great work!

  7. John,

    Your heart is in the right place. Once I make a living at this PPC game, I’ll donate to the Union Gospel Mission.

    I have a list of charities next to my workstation, motivating me to work hard with my on-line marketing efforts, so that I can give back to those in need.

    Respectfully, Nicholas – ‘the video guy’ at BlogWorld Expo 2008

  8. Daniel says:

    2 things come to mind when I see this video.

    1. Your daughter is way cuter than you are (sorry!)
    2. What money really is for is to be able to do good for the less fortunate!

    PS. Dropped $100 into the missions donate links. I hope the less fortunate have a good meal on me!.

  9. Anthony says:

    Well done on the generous donation John!

  10. BusinessX says:

    Nice to see the mission invited the whole crew. A great story within the video too, hope we can help the mission to bring more stories out like that..

  11. Adrian says:

    It is nice to see where you grew up.
    I’m glad when I see people that promotes such missions in Romania are few missions like this

  12. Cool, NIce to see you enjoy helping out! I like to see you promoting the mission too.

  13. Very cool of you to do, John. We need more people like that in this world.

    1. Ben Pei says:

      Yeah.. make money and do charity online..

  14. the best of both worlds…

  15. That is really inspiring. I live in Vancouver as well and know what good this will do.

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