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Visiting The Shanghai Apple Store

written by John Chow on April 6, 2013


The Apple Store in Shanghai, China is the not only the most profitable Apple store in the world, it’s the most profitable store in the world period. In terms of sales per square foot, nothing from any industry come close to matching the cash generating machine that is the Shanghai Apple store.

Built on the most expensive piece real estate in the Pudong New Area, the Shanghai Apple Store mimics the looks and feel of the flagship New York Apple Store. The main difference being the Shanghai store has a glass cylinder while the NY store has a glass cube. Both stores are underground. The Shanghai store has 50% more retail space and its cylinder features the world’s largest pieces of curve glass ever made.

It is rumored that Apple spent up to $50 million building the Shanghai store. If true, it would easily rank as the most expensive store Apple has ever made. Before you shout “Way too expensive for a store!” take note that the store will make that much in about a month. Money really is no object when you’re Apple.




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