Vote For Lyndon Reid To Go To Affiliate Summit West

My friend Lyndon Reid entered Shoemoney’s Affiliate Summit contest and amazingly enough, he made it to the final round! Should Lyndon win, he will receive a Platinum Affiliate Summit pass, invites to all the best parties, three nights hotel at the RIO, and airfare reimbursement up to $500. Then once he gets there he’ll have the choice of taking $1,000 and walking away or receive $2,000 to lay down on 1 hand of black jack or red/black on a spin of roulette.

Lyndon created a long and detail entry on his blog and the judges were impressed enough by it to put him in the final. Now, it’s all up to you. Head on over the Shoe’s blog and vote for Lyndon. Lyndon is a long time John Chow dot Com reader and it would be awesome for a reader to win this contest. You can give Lyndon the best new year ever. You have until January 4 to place your vote. Good luck to Lyndon and thanks for voting!

Vote for Lyndon To Go To Affiliate Summit West

28 thoughts on “Vote For Lyndon Reid To Go To Affiliate Summit West”

  1. Lyndon has my vote as one Canadian to another. Good luck!!

    1. Chris do not use as Canadian … say from one friend to another. This one sounds good and friendly as well instead of binding your vote to one country … 🙂

      I like your smiling face avatar, its immediately cherish us.

  2. OK, Lyndon has my vote. I hope he enjoys Affiliate Summit West, because I feel he has loads more votes coming from this group of people…..

  3. zelot66 says:

    Ok, what the hek, he got my vote! Good luck Lyndon!

  4. Why not. Good luck, I hope you get in!

  5. Baby Gifts says:

    You’ve got my vote Lyndon! PS. Lay down the 2G’s on red…you can’t lose….trust me! lol

      1. Lyndon Reid says:

        Putting the 2G plus the reimbursed airfare on one hand of black jack. I will try to film it 😀

  6. byetsoft says:

    I’ve been reading along for a while now. I just wanted to drop you a comment to say keep up the good work. A Happy New Year.

  7. Fique says:

    Good luck…By the way, are you enter the contest too ?

  8. Ray says:

    I too have done the dirty deed. Ain’t it exciting to engage in a conspiracy the likes of which has never before been seen…Oh. Sorry…I got carried away.

  9. Pete says:

    I wish you the best, you got my vote 🙂

  10. fas says:

    I already voted before i read this. But not for him 🙁

  11. Lyndon does deserve your vote as I met him at his first Internet Marketing conference back at PubCon South in Austin & knew off the bat he is someone you need to hang with once the drinks start flowing.

    He is a must to hang out with at the upcoming Affiliate Summit West tho Vegas still hasn’t recovered since he was there for PubCon Vegas.

    ,Michael Martin

  12. Kris Roxas says:

    Sure, he’s got my vote. I wanna learn more about him, though… Looks like he’s got a site named after himself too =p

    Good Luck!
    Kris Roxas

  13. Lyndon Reid says:

    Thanks everyone for your support, I really appreciate it.

    If you are going to be at Affiliate Summit West and want to connect for a drink fire me an email or text (contact info on my Web site).


    1. fas says:

      That is awesome man, so you know you gonna win :p

  14. All the best and good luck!

  15. Lyndon definitely deserves his votes. You guys & girls should go check his blog out, his pics from other events tell a great story!

  16. Nice prizes in the contest there. Hotel cost is worth as much as the pass to AS.

    1. Yes that’s why this contest is more attractive.

  17. Yes offcourse, Definitely I will vote for him, All the best Lyndon…!

  18. He will win because of John Chow’s support =p

  19. Custom Essay says:

    I had voted him in the past and good news is that, he has won. See, how my magical vote worked 🙂

  20. Bidet says:

    Its great to see that you won, its always good to enter these contests. You always have a chance to win them.

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