Want More Cash? It Will Cost You $500


John Chow dot Com reader, Shannon Bishop, sent me a ReviewMe request to review MoreCashClub.com, an Internet club that helps its members make more cash. How does it do that? I’m going to tell you.

What Is MoreCashClub.com?

In a nutshell, MoreCashClub.com is an Internet club. Members pay $500 to join. What do you get for $500? A whole heap of e-products and $400 for every new member you refer to the club.

All members are given an affiliate ID that they use to send traffic to MoreCashClub.com. If someone signs up for the $500 membership, $400 is paid instantly to the affiliate who signed them up. That 80% affiliate payout has to be the highest in the industry. Then again, I think the high payout is needed because there are a bunch of things wrong with the system.

No Highlighting of The Products

When I first saw the MoreCashClub.com home page I was thinking, “OK. Another Seven Day System slamming.” However, Shannon gave me a login to the Member’s Area so I was able to check out all the 300+ e-products.

The products aren’t half bad. The sheer quantity of them can be overwhelming. The full download is 227MB. The files contain software programs, eBooks and pre-made, ready to use, Get Rich Quick websites. I had a great time looking through them and I actually may use some of those ready made sites for a case study call, “Can you get rich quick with Get Rich Quick sites?” The ready made sites are really ready made. All you need to do is upload it, set up a PPC campaign to send the site traffic and watch the money roll in. At least, that’s what you hope for.

While it’s questionable whether the products are worth $500, I do believe members are getting some value. This is especially true for Internet marketing newbies because there are a lot files with eBooks for beginners. So far, I haven’t found anything new or revolutionary but I’ve only gone through a third of the files.

MoreCashClub.com place almost no emphasis on the products other than a very poorly done products page. Everything is based around trying to get people to join the club and earn $400 per referral. However, I can’t see many conversions with the current site.

Really Bad Sales Copy

MoreCashClub.com needs to hire a copywriter desperately. The main page has so many spelling, grammar and punctuation errors that you can’t even keep count. Formatting is horrible. There are quotes that are not attributed to anyone. The site uses a magnitude of different fonts, with some that are impossible to read. That might be a good thing because you may end up with a headache after reading a paragraph like this one.

I believe YOU CAN have this kind of lifestyle, while earning $3,000 to $5,000 a week or more, working only an hour or two each day, with Your Very Own Home Based Business? Making money online has never been easier!

The above wouldn’t be excusable even if English is not your first language. The amazing thing is, in the MoreCashClub.com about page, it states that Shannon Bishop is an author!

TOS Violations Galore

MoreCashClub.com features third party advertising at the bottom of the page. That in itself would make members not promote the site because they don’t make money from the ads, Shannon does. Either Shannon hasn’t read the Google AdSense TOS or she just doesn’t care. Some pages have seven Google ads. In addition, Shannon has this little notice near the checkout box:

We are the best at what we do. If you don’t believe us, check out some of our competitors in the sponsored links, at the bottom of this page!

Gee, I wonder if that violates the, “May not encourage users to click the Google ads” rule?

Conflicting Messages and Credibility Problems

If you just follow our proven system, it will be impossible for you to fail!

This Package does not come with a refund policy.

MoreCashClub.com features an image near the checkout box that says the site uses 128bit SSL. However, the only form of payment it accepts is PayPal. Why do you need SSL when you don’t handle the sales transaction? I have a prize for anyone who can find MoreCashClub.com’s SSL certificate.

The site features a Microsoft.net icon but it’s hosted on a Linux server. There are also icons from the American Marketing Association, SEMPO and SMA-NA. I really wonder if MoreCashClub.com belongs to any of them. The Meet The team page had this little gem:

In 2006, Morecashclub, Inc. did nearly 1 million in sales and 75% was paid to the members in her program.

A check of the Whois shows the site didn’t go live until March 2007.

Even if the sales copy had perfect English, these conflicting images really makes one question the professionalism of the site. The funny thing is, Shannon Bishop probably thinks the SLL, Microsoft.net and other icons adds to the credibility.

Should You Join The Club?

If MoreCashClub.com wishes to get more members, they’re going to have to completely redo the sales page, correct all the conflicting messages and remove the third party advertising that only makes money for Shannon Bishop. As it stands right now, I don’t see many people joining.

In a way, that’s kinda sad because the e-products really aren’t half bad. Mind you, you could probably find them all on the Net for free but by the time you find the last one, you may wish you had just paid the $500.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a Get Rich Quick site to make. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

147 thoughts on “Want More Cash? It Will Cost You $500”

  1. Let me know when your done with that get rich quick site … I gotta see this … LOL


    1. Amanda says:

      That was a really good review I have to say. It seems that its their version of a get rich quick. They make 100 dollars per sign up that isn’t bad.

    2. DeboHobo says:

      I jsut read that someone is calling for John Chow to remove the Dot Com label from his blog! I wonder why?
      Read about it here:

    3. WarriorBlog says:

      That was a poor review, it make everyone think it’s get rich quick scheme ๐Ÿ˜•

      Waste of money for them if you ask me…

  2. redwall_hp says:

    John Chow: Virtually the inventor of the ” ๐Ÿ‘ฟ ” symbol.

    1. HAHA I know.. I never associated blogging with “evil” ๐Ÿ˜ˆ until I read this blog!

    2. Jack Book says:

      Now if youโ€™ll excuse me, I have a Get Rich Quick site to make. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

      btw, how about the ‘from nothing to something’ blog john? is it still running?

      1. John Chow says:

        Yes that is going. The hardest part was finding a domain name that wasn’t taken!

        1. Jason says:

          Not yet hit your target? I don’t really know how much is your target. is that $1000 or $3000 or ??? ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

        2. Geedos says:

          Any news on when we we get to hear about how it’s going?

          1. Steven says:

            You’ll hear about it when he hits his target monthly income. I have the same question as Jason, is it $1000, $3000, or what?

    3. That MoreCrapClub has got to be the cheesiest site I’ve ever seen. The whole site smacks of a scam-like get rich scheme. Why would any sane person want to sign up with something like that???!!
      ๐Ÿ˜ฏ ๐Ÿ˜ฏ ๐Ÿ˜ฏ ๐Ÿ˜ฏ
      – Raymond (MONEY BLUE BOOK)

      1. Um yeah….I don’t think the site has enough Adsense ads….lol
        ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›
        – Raymond (MONEY BLUE BOOK)

  3. John,
    Did you buy that ad on their page … or did they give you a free plug?

      1. They had you as a Sponsored Link on the Right Hand Side … but it’s gone now !!! LOL

  4. MrGPT says:

    Hm, one of those “make $3,000 a week scams” ๐Ÿ™„ .
    Well at least John got $400 ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

    1. It’s possible that a lot of their free material is pirated software they are giving away without a license.

      1. As a former member of the “Rich Jerks” I think that most of the content these sites give away is PLR (even the software) and so they’re ok. They give you a load of junk that if you hunted long enough you’d find elsewhere for free to rebrand as your own.

        In terms of value for money, my Rich Jerks membership cost me $30 for the month I stayed, a quick download of the 1GB+ of free stuff and cancel membership.

        1. Geedos says:

          Cancelling your membership after a month is obviously not a ringing endorsement but did you actually find any of the free stuff you downloaded useful?

    2. Wahlau.NET says:

      absolutely true….

      this is mainly a referral system …….not really for the products..but refer ppl to earn money

      1. Steven says:

        Sounds just like another pyramid scheme doesn’t it.

  5. Some Guy says:

    This is so clearly a scam I am amazed that anyone would be desperate enough to try it! Clearly this not only violates the Google TOS but could violate several Federal Laws on false advertising or at least misleading advertising and bad business practices. Does this “business” come across as a bit of a pyramid scheme or what? It did to me! Thanks for the review I am sure I am going to completely avoid this little internet scam and save myself some serious money.

    1. I hear you but unfortunately people fall for this stuff all the time. Greed and stupidity do not mix well together:)

      1. Steven says:

        LOL, that they do not.

    2. Indeed it does sound like scam…

      1. Shannon says:

        It isnโ€™t. How is it a scam? Did somebody call you and say they got scammed. Everybody who joins this program is looking to make some money. When they sign up, that is what they do. I don’t have time to scam people. I don’t put a gun to their head and make them join. They join because they want to. There are over a 1000 of these programs world wide just like this one. If you think itโ€™s a scam then donโ€™t join. I didnโ€™t put a gun to anybodies head.

        1. I am so sorry I did not saw this comment much earlier.

          What in the earth it does mean they sign up because they want to join? It does not make much sense in any case, let me answer your question How is it a scam?

          What i said was, it does look like scam, i did not said it was scam. And here is WHY i think that it looks like scam

          Your domain is registered through Domains By Proxy
          The whole system looks like a pyramid where the winner is one, the one at the top

          These are opinions I have in regard the morecashclub site. Now you tell me, why in the earth should i give money to someone (and i am saying someone) that i don’t even know who it is? The domain informations are hidden, who should i call if i get in trouble or want to be refunded or i won’t get paid for my referrals or there is a problem with the tracking code of the affiliate.

          The second thing that convinced me not to sign up with morecashclub.com is your comment, instead of trying to convince and prove me details and informations why I should not think this is a scam you kinda attacked me (with a poor comment tho). Do you think i care more if there are 1000 other similar sites or you are the only one, or i would care more how legit your service is?

  6. Peter Koning says:

    Any merchant who has adsense on the pages where the affiliate link takes you is skimming the affiliate traffic, and scamming their affiliates.

    1. Hey Peter,
      I’ve never actually thought about that but you are 100% correct. Makes me wonder how many merchants are using that trick.

  7. Ripoff.

    You can get way more products for much less at this site:
    http://www.viralwebmarketer.com/offer โ—

  8. Ryan Shamus says:

    Looks like they have a ton of work to do…are people really shelling out 5 bills for this?? Suckers ๐Ÿ™„

    1. Steven says:

      For that, you can get the John Chow effect and still have a bill to spare ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  9. Enkay Blog says:

    Pretty good review but I think they set themselves up for a slamming. Whats up with people either copying content from you and asking you for a review or people asking for a Google Adsense ban for violating TOS!

    1. I know, 7 adsense blocks is just asking for trouble…it’s not like you’re just a little bit over, that’s like double the allowance ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Yeah, I’m really not sure what Shannon was expecting from asking John to review her site. Maybe she was thinking any publicity is good publicity ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

      1. Shannon says:

        No I was not hoping for publicity. How much publicity can I really get? I mean really. I got 500 hits and 105 people made comments. I didnโ€™t think I was going to get a Grammy for having a website with misspelled words and โ€œviolating Googles TOSโ€ if so why do I still have an account with google. I just wanted to see how others viewed the site. I do pretty well in advertising. I thought this would be fun. Itโ€™s not the attention I was looking for but life goes on. John is not my enemy. He is simple a man who inspires his audience to do and say everything he says. Truth is out of 105 people 100 agree. I think that is very fascinating. And out of all of this negative exposure I got over the week end. I got 15 new members.

        1. Steven says:

          Not everyone on here does and say everything John does and say. Only when they agree with him.

  10. whew that was harsh – sounds like a scam! but credibility is important when selling any type of product – I am coming out with my own product soon too and its for wordpress – but I will make sure to speak of truth and live up to my credibitlity – I do not want to be labeled as spam

  11. shane says:

    Its a ponzi scheme

    1. Geedos says:

      What’s a ponzi scheme?

    2. Shannon says:

      What is a onze scam. You get 300 products and you refer others..

  12. Karol Krizka says:

    Ouch, I bet they are feeling sorry for ordering this review.

    1. Geedos says:

      I actually think it’s quite a good review. Yes there’s definitely room for improvement but i think John’s criticism is quite constructive.

      It certainly could have been a lot worse considering some of the reviews that are seen on this site!

      1. Shannon says:

        I agree with you..

  13. chtanxw says:

    If they can make “quick money” themself, they must keep those secrets. To ask others to join in is another “quick money” project. And this “project” should be the very good one than those introduced!

  14. I can’t belive someone would actually pay $500 for that… I buy my iPhone for that money! ๐Ÿ˜›

    1. Shannon says:

      15 people this weekend paid for this system instead of the iphone. That phone is over rated. I have a sidekick:)

      1. KingJacob says:

        the iphone may be overrated but a sidekick really ๐Ÿ˜•

        1. Steven says:

          LOL I say nay to both.

    2. Geedos says:

      Do you like your iPhone? I’ve heard so much negative feedback about it – even from die hard Apple fans.

  15. KingJacob says:

    Good god thats alot of adsense, I wonder how long until she gets banned.

    1. Softsled says:

      I don’t think this is Shannon’s website…she’s just an affiliate marketer for the site. So, how long before they get banned? Pretty quickly after this kind of exposure.

      1. Softsled says:

        I regress…it is her website. I finally clicked the link and checked it out. Wow, that’s pretty cheesy. I think she just blew $400.

        1. Shannon says:

          Money comes and Go Softsled. I donโ€™t regret the review. You live and you learn. I am very thankful for the constructive criticism. It will only make me better in the future. Everybody had different ways of making money. Some people use their blog some people us an MLM program. Life goes on.

          1. KingJacob says:

            Its nice to see you taking the criticism well and hopefully you use them to improve your system.

          2. Steven says:

            I agree with KingJacob and Shannon on this one, it’s all one big learning experience.

  16. I was thinking the same thing. Too much adsense.. too little credibility. I’ll pass as well. Thanks for the honest review John! You never dissapoint! :mrgreen:

  17. Khai says:

    The first impression I got when I read their sales page is this – it looks like a highly polished Ponzi Scam with products thrown in as an excuse.

    And yes, the sales copy is horrible – they are in need of a good copywriter. I’ve written many sales copies before but I wouldn’t take that job even if they were to pay me $5,000 due to the dubious nature of that ‘business’ ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    It’s such a pity – scammers ripping off newbies who don’t know any better. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  18. Softsled says:


    Is this morecashclub.com Shannon’s website or is she just an affiliate marketer for them? I doubt very seriously it’s hers, because she still has a blogspot url for her blog. If it’s not hers you might need to edit a few things in the post. You blasted her pretty hard for the spelling.

    Brutally honest review though :). You can be damn sure I’ll have my t’s crossed and i’s dotted before I order one. I bet I never have to though. I bet I can come up with a very evil way for you to write about it without me paying for it.

    1. She’s most likely an affiliate, as the link in the review is to an affiliate id.

      1. Softsled says:

        Nope….this is her site. If you go to the about page from John’s post you will see it’s hers.

  19. Walt says:

    The funniest part of the sales page is in the fine print where it states that this is not an “illegal Pansy scheme” ๐Ÿ˜†

  20. Brendan says:

    arent some of the ads referral ads and some regular adsense? I havent tried referal yet, are they seperate?

  21. MyBlogCotest says:

    Not sounds good ๐Ÿ˜

  22. Chad says:

    I think Shannon is a guy. The name can go both ways…but yeah, great review. I’d have a hard time being so blunt with somebody that just paid me $400.

    1. Read the about page, he’s a she.

  23. Starfeeder says:

    As soon as I read the line about getting more people to join to get money.. FUGGG that :p

    John this was a truly evil post… MLMs?!?!

  24. Click Input says:

    Holy crap… after all those things you highlighted they just seem freakin’ dodgy as!

  25. Simon says:

    I don’t like this kind of make money game ๐Ÿ˜

  26. Simon says:

    John look this post’s title it shows “Want More Cash? It will cost you 0” I think that is the bug of All in One SEO Pack WordPress plugin.

    1. Armen says:

      Well spotted Simon! That’s a bit strange.

  27. Sean says:

    Definitely not for me… Information overload for anyone who do this if you ask me… ๐Ÿ˜

  28. Sean says:

    Rich Quick sheme ๐Ÿ‘ฟ ๐Ÿ™

  29. I have a simple rule, if a see black text on a yellow background anywhere on a page then it gets binned as rip-off, get rich quick crap.

  30. John, wahts the get rich quick scheme lol ๐Ÿ˜ˆ btw i loved that too

  31. James says:

    John that was a different kind of post.

  32. bob says:

    Yeah..I hate those website especially where it loaded the video automatically!

  33. and considering that Johns affiliate account on morecashclub.com has an ID of 11 (from the link above) there cant really be many members, can there?
    i’d say a quick waste of $500, you would be a lot better off spending that money on one of Johns advertising spots..

  34. sandossu says:

    I couldn’t sit more than 20 seconds on that website. It’s kinda web 0. They’ll definitely have to redesign and rewrite it if they want to earn anything.

  35. CatherineL says:

    Great review John. It sounds like the site sucks big time. But is it really ethical to charge these websites $400 for a review then totally slate them?

  36. bweaver says:

    Yarrrg. That site is ugly. And annoying. Makes me wish the Stop and Back buttons were more immediate. Scary stuff.

    Thanks for continuing with the honest reviews.

  37. KingJacob says:

    I love their “proof” a possibly googled picture of cash and a blacked out spreadsheet,

  38. Shannon says:

    Well, what a review. Out of 100% of this information 1% was right. He got the domain right. Truth is John is a great blog mogul who spends most of his time bashing other companies who have created wealth for thousands of people. Yeah, it may seem like a scam to you because Iโ€™m not writing 10,000 threads for a blog for a living. When has john ever give a great review? I didnโ€™t ask john to review my site because I thought he would say something good. I asked him to review my site to get a โ€œmogulsโ€ opinion. Truth is Iโ€™m making $25,000 every two weeks. I can give a wack what John thinks about my site. Just for kicks and giglges, here is some incorrect information john mention about my site.

    Here is the negative information:

    Seven Day System: Has been in business since March. How could it be a seven day system?

    Copy writes: No miss spelled words on any page.

    Google AdSense TOS. Never violated Googleโ€™s TOS


    A check of the Whois shows the site didnโ€™t go live until March 2007.: Put on your glass john and read the site again

    Linux server: Where did you see this?

    Here is the positive information John Chow omitted.

    1. Great movie presentation
    2. Great affiliate commission
    3. Company is making $25,000 every two weeks.
    4. 10,000 worth of great software and ebooks about marketing.

    Best wishes,
    John I wish you the best.

    1. Ok Shannon, I was following you there for a moment until you bleeped out “Google AdSense TOS. Never violated Googleโ€™s TOS,” upon which I immediately fell off my chair in disbelief.

      Do you realized how many Google AdSense Ads you placed on your site? You have 26 ! GM Chrysler…please explain to me how that’s not a blatant violation??
      ๐Ÿ˜ฏ ๐Ÿ˜ฏ ๐Ÿ˜ฏ
      – Raymond (MONEY BLUE BOOK)

      1. Jonathan says:

        There is a difference between regular ads and referral ads, that is why you see 7 of them. For instance, you can have 3 link ad units, plus other 3 regular ad units, plus a referral ad unit, so they are not violating the TOS.

        1. John Chow says:

          The limit is 3 Google ads and 3 affiliate Google ads. She has 4 affiliate Google ads on some pages. And she is encouraging people to click the ad.

          1. Shannon says:

            I didn’t encourage anybody to click on anything John. I don’t design my own website. My website designer did this for me. When you have more then one person in you business helping you. You tend to trust them. I am not a crook or a cheat. I am just replicating programs that are already out there. Everybody is acting like these programs are not out there already. Get on with your life. John your pictures are awesome.

          2. KingJacob says:

            I dont doubt that your site could be making you 25000+ though I am doubtful as to how well it works for your users, I would be interested in seeing people who have used your system,

          3. Steven says:

            The seven day system was a reference to another review, not directly regarding how many day your site has been in business.

      2. Shannon says:

        Google told me to put more of there content on the page. That is what My website designer did.

    2. Copy writes: No miss spelled words on any page???

      just one of the many I spotted…
      In most cased you will receive your username and password with in 1 hour. But sometimes It make take 8 hours. Also check your junk mail because it may filter out our email address be redirected to the junk mail section of your email.

      Linux server: Where did you see this?
      do you really not know what your server is running?

      A check of the Whois shows the site didnโ€™t go live until March 2007.: Put on your glass john and read the site again
      The revolutionary M.C.C. system has been in business since 1998 and is currently helping thousands of ordinary people just like YOU!

      1. Shannon says:

        Its has been in business since 1998. But the website was live in March 2007. That is not a lie.

        I like how everybody is playing detective.

  39. For some reason I liked your reply

    1. I commend you for responding Shannon – very brave of you, but you may need to get your facts straight as well if you wanted to mount a worthy retort.
      ๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ˜•
      – Raymond (MONEY BLUE BOOK)

  40. Sounds great, where do I sign up? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  41. Amanda says:

    I think it is great that the site got a fair review. The ReviewMe concept only works if the reviewer is honest. Many people see the system as “pay $400 and get a glorious review”. But John was spot on pointing out the positive and the negative. You gotta have guts to get your site reviewed by John!

  42. GnomeyNewt says:

    So many strange websites get reviews from J.Chow… seems they would have at least read his past reviews and know that he will just lay it all out there. Maybe if their program really works they will actually take his advice here.

    Truth is Iโ€™m making $25,000 every two weeks. I can give a wack what John thinks about my site.

    If ya didn’t give a whoot, than why did you signup for a review? If you are already making more money than J.Chow than why do you need his help? Seems a little 2 faced. Plus common now, he is sooooooooooooooooooo right about a lot of things. I never ever trust people who tell me they make $25k every 2 weeks, especially when they are commenting on some blog. They would be busy doing something else like being on a sail boat off to some fancy island.

  43. It looks like some MLM. Actulay the high price makes impression that you realy get some value.

    1. Shannon says:

      check out passport to wealth if you think Im high..

  44. CatherineL says:

    I smell a bit of a rat. So, I’ve done a blog post on the truth about this review.

  45. Matt says:

    Looks like 3/4 of a scam… ๐Ÿ˜›

  46. “…If you donโ€™t believe us, check out some of our competitors in the sponsored links, at the bottom of this page!”

    lol. Some people must just assume they won’t ever get caught. Did anyone report her to Google after seeing this review?

  47. Word Hugger says:

    I would think maybe selling it for $50, and reselling for $40 would be better, as you could sell more, and the products would be worth $50, but maybe not $500.

  48. marie says:

    What a SUPER SCAM ๐Ÿ‘ฟ ๐Ÿ‘ฟ ๐Ÿ‘ฟ ๐Ÿ‘ฟ ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  49. Josh Spaulding says:

    John, I have no affiliation with that site and have no idea who owns it but that review was unethical. It obviously has problems, but it’s also obvious that it’s not a scam.

    If you didn’t like it, you should have denied the offer. Now someone paid you $400 to hurt them. If it was a scam then it would be understandable. Scams SHOULD be brought forward and if you can scam them right back by taking $400 then good for you.

    This one wasn’t a scam though. Simply a site that needs a lot of work. If you ask me your the scam!

    Why not focus your efforts on mentoring your readers rather than robbing them???

    Pretty pathetic!!

    1. John Chow says:

      Tell me exactly where in my review did I call MoreCashClub.com a scam. Hopefully, MoreCashClub.com will take what I wrote and use it to improve their site.

      1. Shannon says:

        Thanks john for the review. I have to admit you are a pretty blunt guy. Good lesson learned for me. To be truthful to all your readers, it is not a scam. I do agree the price is a bit high but you get 300 for $.6 each. That is why I didnโ€™t think it was high. I have been scammed as a marketer in the past and I design this program with my team to make sure other doesnโ€™t get scammed. That is why I spend time training my members and leading them from the front not the rare.

        I really donโ€™t have time to scam people. I am an Active United States Soldier. I donโ€™t have time to make more enemies I have enough in IRAQ. I truly appreciate all the comments from all of your readers. I have a blast this weekend. There is always room for improvement.

        I salute you all.

    2. James says:

      Hmmmm. Let’s see. you make $400 signing someone to a $500 club. Does not leave room for too much quality in the product. From the way the Google TOS are followed, I doubt the integrity of the product. I would be concerned about copyright and other issues using any of the sites – that is if they are any different from the ones you can get free already.
      Dangerously close to a pyramid. Far worse than many MLM’s.
      Of course, I am just going by the review.

  50. Ellen O'Neil says:

    What a bullshit site. I love how these idiots think the can make money online without ANY marketing, business or copywriting training. I hope this site fails and is a lesson to all of the other morons who think you can get rich quick online. Shannon, you are a moron and your reputation is tarnished. What type of idiot would get a ReviewMe on a stupid site like this? You can’t even write proper English!

    1. Shannon says:

      I would stoop down to your level and call you names but I have class. You don’t even matter to anybody. You don’t even have a picture….lololol

    2. Geedos says:

      I love it when the bitterness starts – the comments on this site are just as entertaining as the content.

  51. Josh Spaulding says:

    That’s exactly the point. The site has issues and obviously the review would hurt them, so why accept $400 for a review that you knew good and well would hurt their reputation? Just seems extremely unethical to me! Why not decline the review with the comment that they have issues that need to be resolved before you do a review.

    My point was, if the site WAS a scam, there would be nothing at all wrong with burying them. Since it’s not a scam you’re just burying someone strictly for financial gain!

    By the way, you talk about how they’re violating Google Adsense TOS. At the same time you’re violating their Webmaster TOS by selling paid links that alter SE rankings! Hypocritical?

    1. John Chow says:

      Advertisers order reviews not just to get buzz to their site, but they also to see where they can improve. There is no rule that say I have to give a positive or negative review. This is NOT PayPerPost where advertisers can demand positive only reviews. Customers get exactly what they pay for when they do a reviewme with me – an honest review.

      You should read the Webmaster TOS again. Selling links is not a violation.

      1. for all the doubters…
        John was paid to do a review.
        When you ask for a review, surely the good and bad should turn up…
        Johns review was honest in what he saw and that is what the reviewer was asking for (or should have kown what they would get).
        It is now up to the person asking for the review to take Johns critisims onboard (and everyone else who has posted a negative comment about this review) and decide if they want to work on these critisims or not, that is why they paid for the review in the first place…
        While I seem to agree with most posting here, ie. the site in question is just another stupid money making scam that I would never personally sign up to, they now have a fantastic view by lots of people who want to make money online, so while they paid $400 for a review that turned out bad, it was well worth it.
        so sign up at your pleasure…
        but if you really want the best online money making schemes, please feel free to PM me with your bank accont details and I would be glad to do the dog…and then teach you how it would never happen agin…
        long live the internet…

      2. For reference the guidelines are here: http://www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=35769

        Really the only way I think paid-links could be against the guidelines is if you buy them: “Don’t participate in link schemes designed to increase your site’s ranking or PageRank”

        But even that is very iffy.

        1. Karol Krizka says:

          This would mean that the payed links on this blog are not in violation of the TOS. People bought the links to increase their traffic, not to increase ranking.

    2. GnomeyNewt says:

      Yeah he didn’t exactly call them a scam. They asked him to review their site, they could have seen from past reviews that he will call them on every little thing he notices. Plus, it seems a little weird that he would have to ‘decline’ because their site has problems. Every website has problems, this one happens to have a lot thats all. Should he give them a “free” review to fix up their website and get it in working order?

    3. Ryan Shamus says:

      You’re flawed.

      They paid for a review (mistake) and they got nothing but honesty.

      I hate to sound Bart Simpsonish – but the site sucks. Plain and simple.

  52. John, it shouldn’t be about what you can or cannot do. I’ve spent too much time on your site writing these replies so this will be the last one. Take it as you will. What you did was wrong. You need to be teaching your readers how to make money online, not brag to them about how much you made and not by ripping your own readers off.

    It’s not in the TOS, it’s in the Webmaster Guidelines:

    Don’t participate in link schemes designed to increase your site’s ranking or PageRank.

    I would imagine that you know most likely you won’t be penalized for selling links, nor will the customer who pays you. But, I’m sure you also know Google removes backlinks from sites that purchases links and it’s increasing very much lately. In other words, these people are paying you for a link that may or may not help them at all!!

    If Matt Cutts personally knows of your site, you can bet they’re looking into it.

    1. John Chow says:

      Matt Cutts does personally know this site. That’s how big I am. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

      1. Steven says:

        LOL John’s name is huge.

        1. Johns head is huge. This is a great place to waste time though, I’ll give him that.

          1. Geedos says:

            Haha! You’re spot on with that one.

            With earnings at the level they are at though I doubt John actually cares about what anyone else thinks of him – as long as he’s making money he’s happy.

    2. KingJacob says:

      A link from jc.com may not help you get a better serp but it does help you with traffic, get a link in the top commentors and youll see. Also google has already “banned” johnchow from the rankings so what more could they do

    3. And i wonder why my comment was not published in your blog on regard of this review. Truth hurts?

      Some people should really THINK before they act, you order a damn review to get a review, it is into YOUR power if the review will be positive or negative. There are two ways to get a review, one is to get a review and fix the bugs and get more opinions what people like and what they don’t and the second one (as it is used here, but in the wrong way) is to get publicity…well she got publicity for sure, but a negative one and its not John’s fault about that.

  53. Hip Hop says:

    hmmm I guess I will check it out sounds good

  54. Josh Spaulding says:

    Don’t participate in link schemes designed to increase your site’s ranking or PageRank.

    I’ve heard Matt Cutts clearly state that both buying and selling is against their guidelines. I don’t agree with it myself. My point is don’t be a hypocrite by calling someone else out on something that you do very similar.

    Chances are neither the buyer nor the seller will be penalized, but there has been many cases where the backlinks were removed and not looked at by Google.

    1. KingJacob says:

      And is this or any of the other billion websites out their owned by Matt or google, no, its our property and we can do with it as we please, wants google going to do ban everyone?

    2. John Chow says:

      You need to know the difference between a guideline and a TOS.

  55. Josh Spaulding says:

    lol Did you read any of the comments up there? Who said John can’t do with it as he pleases? Of course he can. Just go back and read the past posts bud.

  56. Ricky Parker says:

    Haha I loved this review and better yet the replies.

    What do they say: A fool and his money are soon parted
    $400 bucks to be exact!

    It was a “REVIEW” hence review is the first word in the url.
    John did exactly that and gave a review. He could’ve said a lot worse about the site from the looks of things as well.

  57. will says:

    Nice review… make me not wanna get a review me from you lol!!!

    1. Shannon says:

      Save your $400 for the iphone. It would be a better investment for you.

  58. scott says:

    john hasn’t done anything wrong, he just gave his honest opion that’s all. Some people call that a review.

  59. Hammer says:

    You claim you’re making $600k a year from that site and actually thought you needed a mogul’s opinon? LMFAO

  60. “You claim youโ€™re making $600k a year…”

    Claim being the important word. There are so many spam sites saying they’re making millions – if that’s the case, why are you selling your ebook for $39.95 when you could keep it to yourself and have no competition? They must think we’re muppets ๐Ÿ˜€

  61. Ebay Tips says:

    The time / money spent on the header should’ve gone towards spell / grammar check. ๐Ÿ˜ณ

  62. The Foo says:

    wow reading the replies and comments on this review was actually more interesting than the review itself.

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