Want PLR Articles? Join the eBook Club

Want PLR Articles? Join the eBook Club

There is a myth that you need to be a very good writer in order to make any money online. If you take a look at someone like John Chow, you’ll quickly realize that having perfect grammar may be nice, but it’s not a requirement in earning a substantial amount of money through the Internet.

What if you don’t want to write anything at all? Can you still get away with some content that requires minimal investment on your part? If you were to ask the people behind PLR eBook Club, the response would be a resounding yes. Over the course of this review, we’ll take a look at what you get by joining the club and whether it is worth your while.

What is PLR and Should I Use It?

As you may or may not already know, PLR content stands for private label rights. These articles and other forms of content come with a completely open license, so you can use them however you’d like without attribution. With or without modification, you have full resale rights, selling them as if they were your own.

Want PLR Articles? Join the eBook Club

How Much Content Can I Expect?

With the PLR eBook Club, you gain access to a huge range of new products each and every month, ensuring that your websites and other online presences are constantly restocked with new content. This can be useful for landing pages and blogs, for instance, among several other applications.

You do have to bear in mind that the quality of the content for most PLR articles will leave much to be desired. The usual formula involves a single article being translated to another language and then being translated back into English, resulting in less than stellar grammar and some strange word choices.

As you can probably suspect, you’d probably get better content by hiring a freelance writer, but that can be much more expensive than taking the PLR route instead. With PLR eBook Club, you get over 50 new products every month. That’s a lot of content.

What Does the Members Area Look Like?

Upon signing into your account, you will be granted access to the members area.

Want PLR Articles? Join the eBook Club

From this page, you can add or renew your subscription, review your payment history, change your password, access the affiliate area, and — perhaps most importantly — access that PLR content that you paid for in the first place.

The links to the content can be found along the left side and you’ll likely be focusing on the PLR eBook Club Gold area. Clicking on this link brings you to a blog-like interface, showcasing the newest content available for download.

Want PLR Articles? Join the eBook Club

While looking at the PLR eBook Club, you can see the most recent content, browse through the archives, and read the “random PLR tips.” For the content, you get written material, as well as audio and video features.

The first item in the screenshot above is the Article Master Series and it contains 200 articles across 13 different topic areas. These articles cover dating, personal finance, editorial services, real estate brokering, and running shoes, among other subjects.

How is the Quality of the Articles?

What can you expect in terms of quality? Here is a brief snippet from a coffee feature from the Article Master Series:

Smelling the coffee first thing that you should do when comparing coffee beans. It can help you to better understand the full flavor of the coffee. It will also show you the smell that you will be waking up to when you make your coffee. While all of the other aspects of coffee are important, this will help you to choose the better coffee.

What is the Monthly Subscription Price?

If you’re not too concerned about having completely original content or articles that are perfectly grammatically correct, the PLR eBook Club may be a viable option for you. There is a special 14-day trial for $4.95 and this comes with a money-back guarantee. After that, the regular membership is $27 a month.


28 thoughts on “Want PLR Articles? Join the eBook Club”

  1. chester says:

    This could be pretty good if someone were developing a new site or didn’t care about quality of articles cuz they were building it for the search engines. If you’re trying to get eyeballs and returning readers, I’d pass.

    1. And as for search engines, there is bound to be duplicate content issues at some stage. Original content is really worth its weight in gold in the world of the internet…..

      1. I can only agree. But when you need a lot of content quick, I think PLR articles are an okay solution. Perhaps just for placeholders until you get better content.

        Personally I would never use PLR articles, but I was extremely tempted last week to start doing it. I just couldn’t put someone else’s content on my website and feel good about it.

  2. Alan Smith says:


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  3. Cool this is the stuff that many blogger needed.

  4. Def. something we all could use, which of the books is the best?

  5. Seems like a good business model. But considering there was quite bad grammar in the segment you showed us, it makes me wonder about the rest.

    1. Great business model imo, some key tips we could potentially learn.

  6. Eh, I still prefer to write my own articles. I love writing. I feel like PLR articles are deceiving readers because they think the words are coming directly from you.

    1. chester says:

      You’re right. I feel they are deceiving too. You’re expressing yourself through your blog and using other people’s words is a little deceiving.

      1. ibnujusup says:

        post your blog automatically….
        write your own article and get from many other source and modified it… yahoo answer or yahoo alert…. its not a plagiary though

      2. Exactly. I always prefer to be straight up with readers & having PLR articles on my site is not the way to do it.

  7. Luke says:

    There is a myth that you need to be a very good writer in order to make any money online. If you take a look at someone like John Chow, you’ll quickly realize that having perfect grammar may be nice, but it’s not a requirement in earning a substantial amount of money through the Internet.

    You can say that again! The dude wouldn’t know the English language if it slapped him in the face.

  8. I personally know Ludovic Louisdhon and I can vouch for his membership site. Really great PLR resource and if they have something another membership site has, be sure they’ll be quick to find it themselves.

    Craig Michaels

  9. Nick says:

    Great post, John! Recently, I’ve not enough time to write my own articles. This is the stuff that I needed.

  10. Never thought PLR was a good idea.

  11. thanks for your info. PLR articles can be so useful and helpful for those people who not have many times to care they own blog. I think it cost not so expensive, and worth for many people who use this.

  12. I almost feel that I would be editing the PLR content to the point where I might as well just write the entire article myself.

    Destroys the entire point in my opinion.

  13. Jack says:

    I agree, you’ll have to edit the PLR articles so much to avoid dupe content from others using the same article. on that note, wouldn’t it be cheaper to find niche-related articles on article directory sites and reword them yourself…for free?

  14. Certainly these are good but main benefit is they can give you tonnes of ideas, you can change them a bit and start using them.

  15. Proson says:

    Is it your PLR ebook club John? I do use PLR products to make money and sometimes it is a nice offer to turn subscribers into buyers.

  16. Oi, this seriously looks like the wide well worn road that leads to nowhere, rather than the tight and twisty track worn out through perseverance and hard work, the one thatg leads to ultimate success.

    1. I’d have to agree with that. PLR is the lazy man’s way to small results.

  17. Bidet says:

    Its a great way to get content quickly, but it would be better if you write the content your self.

  18. Alan Smith says:

    Excellent tips on how to Make Money Online,Please Keep Up the good word.


  19. I almost feel that I would be editing the PLR content to the point where I might as well just write the entire article myself.

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