Want To Be a Shoeperstar?


Ever wonder what it’s like to party like a big money blogger? Well, Shoemoney and Izea want to give you a taste of life in the super highway lane.

Be a Shoeperstart and Star in an Episode of RockStartup

Register now for a chance to meet up with Jeremy Schoemaker of ShoeMoney and Ted Murphy of Izea at SXSW in Austin, Texas on camera for a special episode of RockStartup.

One lucky blogger will win a free flight to Austin (within the continental US, so that rules me out), three nights hotel, conference pass and $1,000 cold hard spending cash. All you need to do is register and blog about why you should be selected as the ShoeperStar.

And Now, The Fine Print

Three finalists will be selected by Jeremy and Ted by February 11th, 2008 based on the quality of the blog post (yes, it’s subjective). Public voting between the three best posts will take place the week of February 18th with the winner selected at midnight easter on February 22, 2008. Airline travel allowance up to $500 for international bloggers. Hotel selected by Izea staff. We are not responsible for applicable taxes on prizes. Void where prohibited by law.

28 thoughts on “Want To Be a Shoeperstar?”

    1. Hey its a good start.

      Now back to topic, and…where will this show be played which TV stations will stream it…etc..etc, i’d apply for the flight and the cold cash, but i am not in US :/

    2. “First” doesn’t mean much at all, unless you actually have something noteworthy to say. 😉

      That sad, I can definitely say that Shoe is one of the many fine bloggers I’d like to meet in person. No doubt I could learn a lot from chatting it up with him. And from you, too, John. One day soon, perhaps. 🙂

      But until then, I remain strongly focused on improving things to the best of my own ability, forever mindful of what Yoda would say, “Much to learn, you have.” :mrgreen:

      Shine on,

  1. Sounds interesting…I’ll have to check it out when I get home! 😀 Thanks for sharing.

  2. Cool reward. I would like to rock out like a big money blogger.

  3. Nick Mercer says:

    I will have to check that out – I’m always down for another contest. It’d be interesting to read half of the posts submitted…there are alot of honest people out there and alot of people who are just full of BS.

  4. Gary R. Hess says:

    I would love to go, but tickets for it are too pricey for me right now. I only live about an hour away from there, so I’ll have to go sometime.

  5. Stephen says:

    Shoe is more evil than you! He aligned himself with PayPerPost! 😆

    1. Robert says:

      PayPerPost/Izea is not evil.

      1. Fred says:

        What are you under a rock..??? do you only read your own blog..?

  6. xbrain says:

    It’s so interesting..would join it..but the travel tickets are limited to $500 for the international bloggers..hmmm 😀

  7. That sounds interesting. I might have to enter.

    Of course, I’d be the wet blanket in the crowd. What with me being the only guy who’s not getting rich.

  8. DotDriven says:

    If we win do we have to refer to ourselves as Shoeperstars? My friends and family already think I’m strange for what I do but if I tell them I am leaving town because I am a Shoeperstar they may pull an intervention on me. 😛

  9. Oh yeah, I entered this one already. :mrgreen:

  10. Zac Johnson says:

    Jeremey and Ted are both cool guys. I met up with both of them at BlogWorld. Congrats to however wins, it will be fun and priceless!

  11. enovator says:

    Thanks for another good news. I can wait to participate and win the prize.

  12. Jack says:

    Way to shun Canada. I’m pretty sure, that flights out of somewhere, say, like Toronto, are what, $40 more expensive than flying out of Buffalo?
    Thanks for nothing Imperialism.

  13. Maher Saleh says:

    I am still 12 year old i can’t meet him hope i was big like you john! 🙁

  14. Contest Beat says:

    Too much effort – I much prefer randomly drawn contests 😀

  15. hts says:

    Nice competition they setup. The total expenses are quite high, if you think about it. But meh, they have loads of $, so this probably won’t be a problem for them. :mrgreen:

  16. Etienne Teo says:

    It is very nice of them to throw in $500 allowance for international bloggers. worth the fun./

  17. Been to Texas but never been to Austin. Nice of them to want to pay my way. I’ll see you guys there.

  18. hts says:

    hah..you’re so sure you’ll win this? :D…it’s good to have confidence in yourself, but still..there are other people participating, too (and I’m not talking about me:P – simply, other people around)…anyway, good attitude – up to a point

    1. Etienne Teo says:

      He might be going there paid himself?

  19. I’d apply if I didn’t live in Australia. 🙁
    ~ Dave

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