How To Make $100 Online Every Day

So you want to make $100 from your blog daily?

Did you realize that several people don’t even make enough money from their blogs?

And yet they talk about money making all the time. 85% of bloggers don’t walk the talk.

Most people would rather secure a decent 9 – 5 job, rather than investing in their business; writing, marketing and optimizing their websites.

You’ll find a greater fulfillment when you’re pursuing your passion. A few weeks ago, I was speaking to a group of aspiring entrepreneurs.

Aspiring because they were still in College but they have good plans when they graduate.

I did a presentation on how to make $100 with a niche site.

Maybe you’re looking for an easy system that can generate $1000 on a daily basis – how feasible is that?

Sure, I know people who earn more than a thousand dollars every day, but it didn’t happen overnight. They paid with their sweats and blood.

Whether you look for a secured day job or start marketing online, the same principles of adding value and solving problems still holds.

Let’s cut the crap and eliminate the hype. Truth is, before you could earn $1000; why not work towards a goal that’s more realistic, like earning $100 a day?

Make money blogging

Aha! I can feel the expression on your face. “But I’ve heard about blogging for money more than a hundred times online.” If that’s your statement, I can assure you of a new insight. Keep reading…

The harsh truth is this: you can’t make money blogging. It’s too abstract to begin with. Serious entrepreneurs don’t make money blogging.

What they do is to use their blogs as a platform to market their expertise. Some people are dying to get a tip of your knowledge. Potential customers and clients are waiting for you to share your best ideas and tactics.

Some bloggers don’t even realize they’re sitting on a goldmine. A blog is a goldmine that you could explore to make your life count.

What’s your specialty? Are you good at something and have this burning desire to share it with the world? Well, that’s your passport to make money blogging.

Don’t be deceived at all; you can’t make money by updating your blog regularly.

You can only make money when you monetize through Ads, sell affiliate offers or use the power of email marketing to build a mutual relationship with prospects.

How to make $100 online every day    One Hundred Dollar Bill

If you’re just starting out with your online business, it’s going to take a while before the world hears about you.

To gain traction, you need to impart lives positively.

You can ask John Chow how long it takes to become a pro blogger and you’ll be amazed.

So, while you wait for your blog to grow and garner thousands of readers, you could start generating income in the first 2 weeks. Let me show you how…

Become a freelancer

A freelancer is someone who offers their services to potential clients and makes money not as an employee, but as a professional.

Advertisers may not place ads on your blog if your page rank is less than 3. What about custom and Alexa ranking? Why wait so long to make money online, when you’ve the rare talent within to turn a profit in the first month of launching your blog.

Freelancing is the quickest way to make $100 daily

Yes, when you become a freelancer and market your professional services effectively, you’d attract a handful of prospects in your city or globally. When I started blogging, I suffered from blogging nightmares; no traffic, no money, no clicks, no comments and I wanted to give up.

I became a freelance writer and within 3 weeks, I got my first client. Funny enough, I’m still with the client and he sends writing assignments regularly. I love freelancing… why not give it a try?

Money making hack

Get this: freelancing is a quick way to make $100 every day, but it’s not the best business model online. It really takes a bunch of my time and it’s not a good way to earn passive income. But it’s a good place to begin your internet marketing journey.

Become a freelance web developer, graphic designer, virtual assistant, programmer, research specialist, consultant and so on.

Creating and selling your own product is more passive on the long run, but creating one is more difficult than talking about it.

You need something that can sustain you and your family right now. Freelancing is not so rosy especially at the teething stage – you need lots of marketing to land paying gigs.

Once you’re able to generate $100 every single day, you can rinse and repeat to make even more. So, multiply $100 x 24 working days and that’s a total of $2,400/month.

That’s a good income for beginners and intermediates. Even experts would appreciate an extra 2K every month. Yes, I know so! Want me to write for you? visit my blog.

What do you say? Do you’ve plans to start a freelance business? Please leave a comment below. Let’s rock and rock – See you ahead!

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39 thoughts on “How To Make $100 Online Every Day”

  1. Kenny Fabre says:


    this is a great solid strategy especially for beginners, I started out with doing freelancing work.

    I was able to start out making $700 a month doing that but I’m not doing freelancing work anymore.

    I’m cooking bigger pots now LOL

    1. Great Kenny – I’m so glad that freelancing worked for you. $700 is not too bad, lol!

      Hmm, you’re cooking bigger pots now. I love that!

      1. totally agree. It took some time for a blog to grow, so better has some other job which will make enough for living while blog is growing.

  2. That’s great!! Freelancing does give you quick results and you start earning immediately. Developing a niche blog and monetizing it takes lots of time and efforts, but I think at the end of the day its worthwhile.

    1. Absolutely, it takes time to develop and monetize a niche blog, but it’s possible at the same time. I’m glad you liked the post.

  3. samkite paul says:

    i am a graphic designer freelancer i think u need to market urself properly to get freelance work

    1. And I’m a Professional LOGO designer I make logo for brands.

      I think marketing is not the thing we need to do first. Before marketing one needs to work in improving their services/work. Once it get improve you can market you along with the work which will surely help you get load of work.

      I have done in my carrier. And making huge money just by creating 3-4 logo’s a month.

      1. It’s good to hear that freelancing has worked and still works for you. I wish you all the best Irfan.

  4. Freelancing is definitely not a bad way to earn money, and for great writers or programmers etc. it might be even the best way to make money, as they don’t need to worry about marketing the website, getting subscribers , monetization… However if you are able to develop a website and constantly work on it, it can pay off in the long run.

  5. Fahad says:

    Freelancing is great and you’d be able to make money quickly and even can make more that $100/day. But you know what, you need to be expert in at least 1 field. Let that be Article Writing (like yourself), Web Designer, Programmer etc. So that ain’t easy either, like you need to have experience.

    1. Sure, you’ve to be good at what you do. If you choose to be a writer, make sure you can satisfy clients. And you’re right, it’s possible to earn more than $100/day.

      I decided to make it a $100/day, so that people who have not earned before can find it realistic. Thanks Fahad for the comment.

  6. Kay G says:

    I have a blog that I haven’t yet published. I am waiting for perfection……is there a such thing? LOL freelancing isn’t for me, however, I am still learning, and researching as much as I can about this marketing world. This has been a fund journey thus far, and I plan to continue to move forward. How long did it take you to make your first $1 blogging? Just curious:)

    1. It took me about one month to make my first $1. Who says freelancing isn’t for you? Are you really sure about that?

  7. I think this a very good article and was just giving a girl I know who is a stay at home single mom almost this exact same advice today. There are lots of of BS online today that you have to be careful with not falling into. But hard work and good resources are a sure way to success. John Chow site is a great resource center for good ideas to make money online.

    1. Thank you for reading and leaving a lovely comment Tampa. Yes, I do understand when you show others the way. Stay gracious!

  8. Hey! Friends this is my first visit to this blog, I constantly google about ways to earn money online and I don’t know how I miss this site so long… well Its great to learn a handful techniques. I make a page which direct visitor to bunch of services that offer free earnings. you can have a look at am a newbie to the field. I seek your suggestion please advice me. Thanks Irfan

  9. samkite paul says:

    i am making good amount of money with peng joon’s method its really working 🙂 will try this also

    1. Naveen says:

      I’m following his method too. I have 2 sites and haven’t made a penny yet haha. Probably because im not paying for ppc and stuff. I’m just trying to get my SEO rank higher. Can you give me some tips on getting successful at it. Atleast to make a $50/month. I will really appreciate it.

  10. aakjaishval says:

    IK vind dit een zeer goed artikel en was gewoon een meisje dat ik ken is een verblijf thuis single mom bijna deze exacte hetzelfde advies geven vandaag. Er zijn een heleboel van BS online vandaag dat u voorzichtig met niet in te vallen. Maar hard werken en goede middelen zijn een zekere weg naar succes. John Chow site is een geweldige resource center voor goede ideeën om geld te verdienen online.

    1. Could you please comment in English – I can only understand and answer questions in English language. Thank you.

  11. IM Webmaster says:

    Most people I talk to actually start as a freelancer by doing different gigs in their field of expertise. Many are trying to take that step from doing freelancing to running their own projects which takes away time from doing freelance work. I think it’s important to point out that it’s good to keep a balance between the time spent running your own projects and doing freelance work. It is also important to not get stuck in freelancing because it’s a secure way to earn some $, then you can just as well work a 9-5 job.

  12. Ebenezer says:

    My blog is still ranked PR0.What should i do to improve on it and to enable me start selling Ad space.?

    1. Write more compelling content (make it 800+ words), rich, valuable and link out to authority blogs. Keep updating your blog at least 2 times weekly and before you know it, your PR would climb to 1, 2 and 3…

      But, I don’t think pagerank matters in today’s ranking world. What you need the most is a blog that engages and solves a problem for readers. Forget about increasing PR, focus on engaging readers. Good luck to you Ebenezer.

  13. Mi Muba says:

    Well said John. In every business making first 100 dollar is so difficult and if one does this, after that sky is the limit.

    1. I quite agree with you that once you make the first $100, which is often difficult, it’s all the way to the top. No going back. I like your comment.

  14. faisal says:

    Start a blog and freelance simultaneously, this way you get funds to expand.

    1. Good strategy Faisal – Blogging and freelancing can be too powerful gems. Thanks for reminding us.

  15. Mr.X says:

    Nicely written. When I started, it was $200 monthly. Now I am making $1500 per month. The client base has grown as well. I also have 3 websites running, which gives me something to do when there’s a ‘rough’ patch.

    1. Keep rocking the blogging world Mr. X. $1500 per month isn’t a bad income. Before 2013, I strongly believe that your income can double or triple if you work hard and smart. I’m happy for you.

  16. Raul says:

    Amazing article I love it you guys are the best . I have a blog in spanish is a 20 days old blog. I am trying to target spanish people . I want to start making a least $5 a day any advise please. this is the blog
    thank you.

  17. Freelancing is a very interesting way to make $100 a day. I do agree you got to have a passion for it in order to be good especially when it comes to writing something. You know of any other ways to make $100 a day online I’m always looking for an extra income source?

    1. I’m glad you liked the post. Thank you for reading.

  18. Jose says:

    I am of the opinion that making real good bucks from blogging can be a hustle but not impossible task that can be tried. I do academic essay writing and for three years, I have earned good income. Earning money online from advertising or even using your skill such as freelancing as I do will take effort to establish credibility. Good article.

  19. tablet news says:

    $ 100 / day which is the dream of the new blogger.Patience is necessary when you make money online

  20. Ujjwal says:

    but to earn this much we have to give time.

  21. e-commerce says:

    Thanks to this fantastic ebook bring me change!

  22. Jhonny says:

    Gracias por mostrarnos el camino a seguir. Saludos

  23. Thanks for this blog, I gain more knowledge how to earn money in the internet.

  24. sonny says:

    Thanks you so much for the information Michael. That’s what exactly I need. A motivational word that it is really possible to earn serious money online. I’m just starting my own site and I am putting my work hard now to achieve $100 as my short term goal. Kind regards here. 😉

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