Want To Make Money Online? Just Push The Button

Remember my blog post on how to really make money with Clickbank? It details a method to making money with Clickbank that works much better than the “hit and run” marketing method. The post was greeted with huge approval and received nearly 300 comments before comments got closed. If you haven’t read it yet, I urge you to do so.

The reason I brought up that post is because of Aaron Darko. He took that post and turned it into a really cool piece of hosted software that does all the steps I wrote about. Aaron calls the product Push Button Money because the system is literally as simple as pushing a button. Here’s how it works.

  • You select your niche
  • You input your Autoresponder ID
  • You input your Clickbank ID
  • You click continue

Push Button Money

At this time, Push Button Money offers five niches to choose from. More will be added in the future. The system supports all the major email auto-responders, like Aweber. All you have to do is enter your Email account ID and your Clickbank ID and click continue. The next screen gives you the fields to enter all the information to create your squeeze page.

Push Button Money

The include template has already been filled out for you. You can use it as is or change the wording and text to better suite the product you’re trying to promote. After entering the information in all the relavent fields, the software will produce for you:

  • A squeeze page optimized for the product.
  • An exit pops and redirects to the offer after collecting the email
  • An Autoresponder series to followup with that product
  • 1 click upload direct to your domain

Push Button Money

The end result of the Push Button Money system is that you get a system that helps you build a list of targeted prospects within a niche and then sends that traffic to a high converting Clickbank offer. Then the Aweber auto-responder will follow up with the list to build the relationship and recommend other Clickbank products. Hence, you are building long term value and avoiding the hit and run marketing that fails so many Internet marketers.

The best thing about Push Button Money is the price. I expected Aaron to price this thing at a few hundred dollars but the entire system cost only $77. However, Aaron has it even cheaper than that because this is launch week. During this grand opening, you can get Push Button Money for a one time payment of only $37. In other words, the system cost less than what you would have to pay a designer to make one squeeze page.

If that wasn’t good enough, Push Button Money comes with a 60 days no question asked money back guarantee. Try it for a full 60 days and if it’s not what you hoped it would be, send Aaron an email and he’ll refund your money. If you liked the ideas presented in my Clickbank post but haven’t started because you have no system in place to create the squeeze pages and auto-responder emails, Push Buttom Money is as close as you’re going to get to automating the process.

Push Button Money

Go Push The Button and Make Some Money

51 thoughts on “Want To Make Money Online? Just Push The Button”

  1. Harshad says:

    WOW! The world is changing so fast. So much automation… anyone and everyone can have a website and make money online nowadays…. really brilliant stuff! I’m gonna promote this on my blog.

    1. yes this is for sure that technology is really changing fast and some how this one also making me bit tense.

      1. Harshad says:

        Same here….LOL… With such tools there will be many entering the market and that increases the competition.

        1. dotCOMreport says:

          Competition can be good, sometimes. It’s a large market out there. But this is really good stuff!

          1. PPC Ian says:

            I’m a huge fan of automation, especially in search engine marketing. Automation makes my job so much more scalable and accurate. It’s great to see this tool automating some of the grunt work, making it quicker and easier to achieve scale!

    2. Automation is the key of success in internet marketing nowadays. Everything comes so fast that we really need software that helps us to follow every new trend.
      Money loves speed 🙂

  2. I can honestly say I’ve never seen this one before. Pretty original idea. He’ll probably make a killing off it as it does all the “dirty work”.

    1. PPC Ian says:

      I agree! This system really makes it easy for anyone to set up a squeeze page and start making money. What a great idea.

  3. Abhik says:

    Nice idea..
    Is it something similar to Kajabi?

    1. Yeah I was also missing this …

  4. Alexis says:

    It looks pretty good. I need to try that.

  5. Dino Vedo says:

    Most things that are automated are crappy… at least in IMHO.

    Also when his sales pages says” Location: Secret headquarters” it just throws me off a bit and feels like a scam as hes obviously lieing to you.

    1. Abhik says:

      Then why you are promoting his product?

      1. Dino Vedo says:

        He convinced me that his product was good for newbies to IM so I gave him a blast to my list…

        1. Catalin says:

          It really depends on what’s actually being automated, as things are usually made easier for beginners to have a head start in the business.

  6. Recky Nunez says:

    A lot of these new internet marketing software’s and courses that come out these days are all crap in my opinion. They are all just ways to get money out of you but when you have the actual product, you just want money back.

    1. Harshad says:

      Like you mentioned a lot softwares are crappy but not all. Most of them do have a money back guarantee so I don’t see a problem anyway. This tool looks good for someone who does not have enough time or is clueless about making landing pages etc.

  7. Nice example!
    I guess I’ve just decided to try… 🙂

  8. Sounding really interesting … lets see … may be I would love to digg further and know more about it.

  9. Ways to make money online, needs to look into it.
    Thanks for sharing

    1. John makes it all possible for making money online so just keep reading this place and you will surely get the worth of your time.

  10. What an super way for the newbies to get their niche site going..I will pass the word and take a look myself..always looking for new ventures.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  11. fas says:

    Awesome stuff, this is the fastest way to earn through clickbank

  12. Looks like an interesting way to maintain affiliate niches. Gonna try it now. And lets see what it really got.

  13. Yeah it is a great deal to make money online and that also getting on the system like autopilot …

  14. I didn’t know landing pages like this were still popular. I had thought the new “buzz” was to make the landing page web 2.0…

  15. Paul B says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    1. Abhik says:

      What’s that suppose to mean?

  16. 3ddi3 says:

    great tool if you are really busy with other things or if you are not technically inclined.

  17. Very cool. Can be used to setup a website in minutes. I’m going to check it out.

    1. A think there is a distinction between “website” and “landing page.”

      Especially the old kind of landing pages this program seems to make.

  18. John McNally says:

    Looks like good software for any technophobes, but I prefer to do everything myself, although this means I don’t do much. 😉


  19. Tom Weyers says:

    My review of this product.

    I purchased this product earlier today, as I was interested in seeing how it works, I’m not normally a person who falls for clever sales letters and made up figures, but this was cheap enough to take the risk.

    I have been playing around a bit, and here’s the verdict:

    Once you log in, you get hit with a video from Aaron Darko, welcoming you to the site, the video is very amature in quality, but gets the message across.

    If you scroll down the page, he has other clickbank offers that he is trying to sell you.

    In the main navigation, you can access some training videos, 3 are pretty useful, showing you how to set up hosting (I didnt watch this one, but assume it shows you the basics), showing you how to set up an Aweber autoresponder, and one showing you how the “software” works.

    All of these videos fail to play through to the end, and freeze half way through. I could not complete one video, but got the hang of it (I already know Aweber, and the Push Button software is simple enough to figure out).

    You can chose any of the five niches, going with the theme of John Chow’s readership, I assume that most of you will pick the Internet Marketing one (I did anyway).

    It is a little misleading to say that you can chose the product, where in actual fact, the “Internet Marketing” option, is actually Push Button Money, yep, that’s right, I paid for the priveledge of marketing the product I paid for.

    There is no option to chose what Clickbank offer you can promote, you will simply be promoting his prodict (http://pushbuttonmoney.com/) – Think of it as “having to pay to be his affiliate”

    A little sneaky, but let’s move on…

    As you’ll see in the screenshot in John’s post, there is a “niche hop link” at the bottom, it basically adds your clickbank ID to his link. I though I’d change it to another product (just to test), and discovered that even though it redirects to the product I selected, the exit popups still redirect you to Push Button Money.

    In fact, the exit popup says “click OK to continue, or Cancel to stay on the current page”, but before you get the chance to click either “OK” or “Cancel” it redirects you to Push Button Money.

    So no luck using this to promote any other IM product other than Push Button Money.

    Apart from that, the idea of just entering your aweber list name and Clickbank ID, and then get an auto generated saled page, complete with forms, images and exit pops is a good concept.

    I’m sure some of you would find it useful (maybe you can hack the javascript popups [I tried, but no luck there]).

    I suppose, if all else fails and you dont sell any copies of Push Button Money, at least you have a list!

    1. After reading your review I decided to not take this.

      1. Ralph Kooi says:

        I agree, seems to have a high TGTBT idea.

    2. Aaron Darko says:

      Tom, your review is somewhat correct aside from a few points

      1 – the videos freezing were most likely a localized issue for you and do not reflect peoples experience
      2 – you can promote any site you like. We just give 5 to start with
      3 – you forget that most people won’t be able to HTML code a a squeeze page and Exit pop by hand. meaning that this does aLot of the heavy lifting to get people started
      4 – There is ALOT of training and value besides the actual software. Did you watch Modules 4-6- The ones on Big Traffic and Localized Money Ninja? What about Money Spinners?

      Now I agree with your points, but it is also a simplified review you gave based on your advanced experience.

      For the typical user, PBM is an invaluable tool for getting started in Affiliate Marketing and is already being found useful by many.

      Thanks for taking the time to listen

      1. Paul B says:

        WTF, it’s an honest review from somebody who actually USED your system.

        1. “…do not reflect peoples experiences…” – yes it does, that person used it and that was his experience.

        As for invaluable in getting started? In who’s opinion?

        John’s review looked incentivised to me where as Tom’s comment looked like genuine feedback/user appraisal. Oh and anyone mentioning Ninja with regard to any type of marketing out to catch dumb people and is likely full of shit. In my opinion.

      2. Tom Weyers says:

        Hello Aaron,

        Thanks for the reply.

        I have to disagree with you on a few points:

        1. You say “you can promote any site you like” – I would like you to explain to me how exactly to do this, becaause even if I change the clickbank link to another site, the user will still be redirected to YOUR site with the exit pops, how does that give ME retention? it seems that you are stealing your users’ traffic in order to sell YOUR OWN product, not the one I chose to promote.

        2. I understand that not everyone can make exit pops by hand, hell, I can’t either, but why does that give you the idea that they want an exit pop to redirect to YOUR website?

        3. My review is not at all based on “advanced experience” – I just wanted what you were selling, “a squeeze page promoting clickbank offers, while building a list at the click of a button.”

        I do have to admit, like I did in my previous comment, that this product is easy to use, you enter your Aweber listname, Clickbank ID and you get sent to an online WYSIWYG editor – you can edit the text if you wish, then preview, download or FTP the site to your host – pretty easy!

        I would like to see more flexibility in the following areas:

        First, instead of entering your Clickbank ID, and be forced to promote pre selected offers, I would rather want the option of entering the full URL to the offer I promote, this way, I can promote anything I want, even if it’s not on clickbank.

        Secondly, I want to be able to control where the exit pop redirects me to, and want it to be as easy as entering the URL and “pushing a button”

        Thirdly, I want to be able to create a page in the WYSIWYG editor, or better still, have on created for me “at the push of a button”, that does one thing – keeps the visitor on my site and gets them to opt in.

        So basically, this page should be the page the exit pop redirects to, getting the user to opt in.

        That’s it, if the product can get this functionality, I would advise people to buy, but for now, it’s not really worth it, you can do the same with Wordpres and Squeeze theme.

        1. Tom Weyers says:

          My current set-up is as follows:

          WordPress with intrepidity theme (which is free) and Aweber

          I have 3 pages:- Squeeze page, thank you page, already registered page.

          The aweber web form does the same as Push Button Money – it redirects users to your offer (if you want that, I redirect to a thank you page at the moment).

          The only thing I don’t have is the exit pop, but I found a nice little wordpress plugin (also free) called OptinPop.

          What I don’t have with my current set up that PushButton Money has:

          1. a good looking custom aweber form
          2. pre-written sales pages
          3. pre-written follow up emails
          4. a big red arrow
          5. the ability to set it all up within the same platform (well almost – you still need to go to aweber to create a list, and to your host to upload the files [you can also FTP the files to your host directly, but chances are you won’t know your FTP login details, so you’d need to go get them first anyway])

          What PushButtonMoney doesn’t have, that I do with my set up:

          1. ability to add custom thank-you and already registered pages
          2. ability to create special offer paegs (that I can use along with the optin pop plugin)
          3. ability to chose where the exit pop redirects users

          So, If you’re after convenience, this product might be worth the money (the $37, that is).

          If you want flexibility, this is probably not the best option for you.

          Of course, the more flexibility you have, the more time you’ll spend setting it all up, working and tweaking, and this means less time spent promoting.

          Therefore, it’s not a bad option considering the price, if you’re tight, use WordPress, if you want ultimate flexibility, use FusionHQ or Kajabi.


        2. Aaron Darko says:

          Hi- to promote “any offer” you just change the NICHE HOP LINK on the generation page to your offer and it will populate in the AR series and HTML

          Play with that, and even put in a Non-clickbank URL and you will find it highly flexible.

          Hope that helps

          1. Tom Weyers says:

            Aaron, I know that that is possible, but as I said in an earlier comment, The exit pop still redirects to YOUR site, an exit pop is meant to keep a visitor on MY site to get them to opt in.

            Redirecting a visitor to YOUR site means that I have lost the lead, and they won’t opt in to my list.

            I’m sure you are pretty pleased though, since you just got some free traffic, and maybe even a list sign-up, but where would that leave me? I have now lost the lead, and you have gained one.

            Maybe it’s a good idea to post a comment here explaining to people what your thinking behind this was.

            I have given you some good feedback on your product, pointed out the good and the bad, take it on board and improve the system where it fails to deliver. Doing this will earn you the respect and trust you need in order to sell your product to the readers here.

          2. Aaron Darko says:

            Hi Tom

            I hate to make people wrong, but you are shooting out in “left field” here friend. Like not even close.

            Let me explain why.

            The purpose of the PBM software is to PROMOTE CLICKBANK PRODUCTs

            One of the products that we let you one-click promote is of course “Push Button Money”
            my site.

            When you install the squeeze page it does a number of things

            1 – collects the LEAD into YOUR AUTO-Responder
            2 – Cookies the Lead with clickbank
            3 – sends it to the sales page to convert.

            So of course it sends it to my site! That is the purpose of putting up these PBM sites so you can collect the lead and cookie it and then the clickbank product (mine in this case) can then convert it for you

            I hope that makes sense and take a closer look at what it does and understand the foundations a little more.


    3. Abhik says:

      Hey Tom.
      Thanks for the big reviews.

      Well, to be honest, I was just going to buy that PBM and you made me think twice.

      I’ll wait for more comments from Aaron explaining your points.

  20. What ever the product maybe, it has to be implemented, follow the whole process and show results. When all those have been carried out but not up buyers/customers expectations, then the money back guarantee should apply.

    When talking about autopilot, most newbies will go ahead without hesitation since the idea is to find the fastest way of making money on the net. This is where they will find themselves trapped or stucked with their own learning process.


  21. ikki says:

    im using adsense now, but later maybe i will tray push the bottom

    1. Catalin says:

      AdSense is no longer the solution one should rely on, in fact, it’s recommended to run alternatives along with AdSense. Another great solution that integrates well with AdSense would be InfoLinks. Have you tried it?

  22. Fely says:

    Making money online is not a rocket science,and it’s no that difficult as well. It’s just how you deal with it and make money out of it! There are many strategies on doing it so it’s the knowledge that will give you success on it!

  23. Lucian says:

    If the money will flow just by clicking a button, a single person would have pushed all the buttons.

  24. Juan says:

    Hey guy’s Just wanted to say, I bought the product and It work completely fine for me. Even all of the issues Tom was having earlier. This is a reasonable solution for any beginner or advance user. Best Wishes!

  25. automation is the only way to roll, but I’ve found with things like this, it is the guy who created it that makes all the money…

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