Watch Out Taipei, Here I Come!

We are packed and ready to go. Our flight for Taipei, Taiwan leaves in four hours. The nice thing about flying to Taipei from Vancouver is the flight leaves at 2:20AM in the morning and it’s one of only two flights going out at that hour. That means it only take 10 minutes or less to go through check in and security. That being said, we still like to show up about two hours before flight time – just in case.

Last year, the sport bar at the airport had an open wireless hot spot. If that is still the case, I’ll make another update from there. If not, the next update from me will be from the other side of the world (and no doubt at a really strange time).

Joining me for Computex Taipei this year is my wife Sarah. This will be her first trip to Republic of China (not to be confused with the People’s Republic of China). She is looking forward to seeing the world’s tallest building. Fellow Vancouver blogger and tech site owner, Stephen Fung, is also making the trip across the pond as well.

We’ll be meeting up with other tech site owners at our Pre-Computex media party happening at the Tavern on Monday. The Tavern was where Stephen and I consume large amounts of Hoegaarden beer and lost count of the shooters. Hopefully, Stephen will pace his drinking this year or he may end up dancing on the bar with another sweaty man. :mrgreen:

Stephen Fung

See you on the other side of the world!

41 thoughts on “Watch Out Taipei, Here I Come!”

  1. Leo says:

    Ah, my birthplace! I almost miss the pollution, the cockroaches and the cabbies spitting out the “bing lang” juices.
    I DO miss the food and the Taiwan Beer.
    Have fun guys and make sure that dancing with some sweaty white guy is the worst thing Stephen does over there.

  2. simon says:

    Have a nice trip in Taipei which is my hometown too.

  3. Ed Lau says:

    Sweaty dudes just seem to gravitate toward Stephen.

  4. It’s hot in Taipei… About 35C I think! Hopefully we’ll get some afternoon showers, but not yet!

    1. It has been a ridiculous 104 F in New England recently. Its really weird – global warming here we come 😐 .

  5. Jeff Kee says:

    Oh man that photo of the sweaty guy against Stephen makes me laugh every time.

  6. Steven says:

    I’ve only been to taipei once and only for a brief time since we were waiting at the airport to change planes (so I guess you can’t really saw I was really in taipei other than the airport for the day). In any case, have fun John. I hope it was as exciting this year or even more exciting than it was last year.

  7. Ankur says:

    Happy Journey!

    1. Journey mercy and have fun John. Sarah joining would no doubt be a great adventure.

      I like it that way, Mr. & Mrs. Wish my hubby would be taking me round the world too on his trips.

  8. Stephen says:

    I think you guys are jealous that I attract action, even though it is the wrong type of action 😳

    1. action is action.. don’t worry it’s all good! 😮

  9. Teochew says:

    Welcome to Taipei,Taiwan,China!

  10. Typed ROBIN says:

    Taipei, Taiwan, China?
    not yet okay…

    1. John Chow says:

      Taiwan is China – The Republic of China. It’s not the People’s Republic of China but it’s still call China.

  11. Rhys says:

    It must be in the blogging genes to travel the first week of June. Darren’s going too as am I to Portugal 🙂

  12. Nick says:

    Ahh, well welcome to my side of the world…

    You will be in my time zone, sorta… 😆

    The trip from the Americas to Asia is not bad at all, I sleep the entire way.

    It’s the trip back that will get you 🙄

    I remember the last time I flew from Manila to LA, left at 10:30 PM Philippine Time on October 6th 2005 and arrived in LA at 6:30 PM LA time, October 6th 2005 ❓

    Whats worse is I could not open the window blind the entire time cause the sun rose 2 hours after take off and set an hour before landing.

    The don’t call it the international date line for nothing.

    I really blows your mind, well it did mine 😆

    1. Thanks Nick,

      for the remedial lesson in Geography. You took me back to my little classroom in high school 💡 .

  13. You can worry about jet lag and the discomforts of flying later on, John. Go have fun and tell us your animated bar stories. By the way, do you fly first class every time?

  14. Benny says:

    Have a nice trip! Hoegaarden is delicious, Belgium’s best export product 😀

  15. Gdog says:

    Hey, you guys should make a visit to Seoul and visit me while you’re at it! Live video guest blogging!! 🙂

  16. David Ledoux says:

    Can you investigate the Chinese cellphone market and report back with a comparison on how crappy the Canadian cellphone market is?

    I want to buy an Apple Iphone, none of the retailers in Toronto seem to have even heard of it!

    OBTW John, I’m trying to use targeted Adwords to advertise on your site, raising the big a dime every 4 hours…I’m up to .69 cents per thousand and still can’t get an impression…you have one popular blog brother!

  17. VORN says:

    Good journey in Taipei.

  18. Have a great trip! See you when you get back :mrgreen:

  19. where are the scantily clad women of Taipei? I don’t want to see two guys dancing at a bar! 😛

  20. Have fun in Taipei John, and keep an eye on Stephen 😈

  21. Casey says:

    Sounds like fun John. Enjoy! Don’t party too hard. 😉

    1. Marc says:

      Forget that, I want to see a shot of John getting down!

      1. Haha so do I and I’m pretty sure other people do, too! 😆

  22. Shally says:

    Sound so nice. Taipei really got a lot of things to play and eat. Have fun 😆 😆 😆

  23. Shally says:

    Sound so nice…
    Heard that Taipei got a lot of nice food to eat, enjoy ya~~ 😛 😛 😛

  24. ORiN says:

    I will be flying over to Taipei too! But I will be arriving on 5 June and it is actually for holidaying. :mrgreen:

  25. Eugene says:

    Have fun in Taipei. 🙂

  26. John – Have a safe and fun trip! Looking forward to your updates from the other side of the world. 😀

  27. Alex says:

    If you are drunked, not drive 😉

    1. John Chow says:

      Hell, in Taipei, when you’re not drunk, don’t drive either!

  28. Take some video footage 😎

  29. Shawn Knight says:

    Good luck with the flight and whatnot. Looking forward to some great coverage of this year’s Computex! :mrgreen:

  30. Blogger taking a break..enjoy your trip John

  31. Chad says:

    Wow John, nobody really cares.

    1. Wahlau.NET says:

      I think you meant that you don’t care?

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