WebProNews Interviews The Big 3

During Blog World Epxo, Abby Johnson of WebProNews managed to corner “The Big 3” for interviews. Darren Rowse at Problogger talked about strategies for success, Shoemoney gave some advice on comments and content and I was asked for blog some monetization tips.

You can’t really go into full detail with a five minute interview but it does give you a taste of the strategies and ideas being put forward. The cool thing about WebProNews interviews is they’re done in HD and I can embed them right into my blog. Enjoy the interviews and I hope it helps you be more successful with your blog.

John Chow – Monetization Tips

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Shoemoney – Comments and Great Content

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Darren Rowse – Strategies for Success

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26 thoughts on “WebProNews Interviews The Big 3”

  1. Awesome videos! I would love to combine all three of their brains into one super blog brain and replace mine with it, hehe. I am not a psycho, I swear!

    – Jack Rugile
    Simple Sapien

    1. Debo Hobo says:

      😉 Sounds like a plan

    2. You mean you don’t have a Shoemoney tattoo on your arm? 🙂

    3. Not to be mean, but that has got to be the worst interviewer I’ve ever seen.

      It’s obvious she has no journalism background. Ah well.

      1. Blantonious says:

        Well I wouldn’t say the worst but she needs some work. To her credit though, she is way way better than last year. Keep at it Abby, practice makes perfect.

  2. Andrei Buiu says:

    Thanks for sharing the videos. 😉

  3. Debo Hobo says:

    Great vids, thanks for the tips. It is always good to glean ides from the 3 Musketeers!

  4. So you call yourself big … snif snif 😆

  5. Just as I expected, smashing tips from three. Some people may think it’s repetitive, but some people do need to hear this more than once to seriously get in in their heads.

    1. There are alot of new bloggers coming onto the internet every day that still need to hear this. It’s like teaching kindergarten, or any other grade. You don’t stop saying the same thing because the previous class already heard it.

      1. I totally agree with you Steven. It’s always reassuring to hear these things if you are a new blogger or an experienced one.

  6. These were some of the best interviews I’ve seen of the three of you. Most are quick one question interviews. Even for only 4-5 minutes worth of time, they were pretty extensive.

    I’d like to see more of this for sure.

  7. Dave Fowler says:

    John, do you think a situation exists where some sites are popular purely because they get a lot comments and the site becomes the place to be seen at. Whereas there are some sites where the content is every bit as good, if not better, yet they don’t get the recognition?

    Could you give me any insight into what such people (ie great content but no traffic) might be doing wrong.

    Thank you.

    1. Dave,

      Writing great unique content is just part of the formula. You also need to build a sound readership base by promoting yourself using any means possible! If it means writing 10 comments a day on other bloggers sites then so be it! Use blog carnivals, social bookmarking sites, connect and network with others in your niche ,use forums in your niche wisely.
      If you have money use pay per click advertising.. And last but not least.. Write about something you are truly passionate about, not just because you heard someone was making a ton of $$$ in the niche..

      1. Dave Fowler says:

        DGI thanks for the response. Just talking it through a bit here…. I’m getting from what you said that the content alone isn’t enough. So if you sit there and expect people to come, it’s not going to happen, you actually have to go out and put your face around.

        At what point can you ease off from that approach? I mean time is a big limiter for many bloggers, and you can only spread yourself so thin.

        I guess what I’m asking is, are you screwed if you don’t have plenty of spare hours each day?

        Thanks again for the response. Wasn’t sure if I’d get one 🙂

        1. You always have plenty of hours to spare. It’s like running a business. If you want it to work, you will find the time.

          Gary Vaynerchuck had a great keynote speech where he said, if you work full time, then work, but come home, spend a couple of hours with your family, kiss your dog, then get to work on your blog.

          7pm-2am is plenty enough time to do some damage.

  8. SEO Genius says:

    Great set of videos there, some good solid advice too.

  9. Rich says:

    Great videos, good advice as always.
    I am right with you on asking for comments.
    Asking for opinions shows you actually care about your readers and what they think.
    That’s the point of a Blog, otherwise you are just talking to the wind.

  10. “Persistance – I ve been blogging everyday for 6 years” …thats what Darren says, if we can just do what he says , we ll surely make a neat income from our blogs

  11. Kok Choon says:

    Great tips John! Spread your revenues and even your traffic across different channels is the long term strategy for everyone! Contest and price helps a lot with the traffic and comment!

    Shoemoney – Wow, just comment gets you into legal problem and personal threat…!

    Persistence is very important and “hard” to do, I see many blog including mine stop at a point, it sure hurt the traffic a lot! Professional blogger must be able to produce good content – everyday.

  12. 100kjob says:

    It does make a lot difference with these HD videos. You should reserve your rights to sue the spammers though(although you don’t really want to do it). They are jumping at you after watching this video I guess.

  13. yanjiaren says:

    I am so happy I checked out the Vids. I am watching Shoemoney’s one. I wanna win some contest. I might get one regular one going myself!

  14. Wow! This a resource that everyone should be bookmarking and sharing! The 3 big dogs all in one spot. Awesome!

  15. Chow, you should have just said for the outset, “You make money by first going to my site, John Chow Dot Com and signing up for my free ebook. I’ve made money and so can you!” Then you start answering her questions!

  16. Blantonious says:

    Good tips on the comment moderation, John. Approve or Delete. Nothing else. I like it

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