Wedding Thriller Dance

Being a child of the 80’s I will be the first to admit that I knew every single dance step to Thriller and if I was at this wedding, not only would I be right in the middle of it, I’ll be leading it! Enjoy the video. It’s sure to bring back some old memories for some of you.

Maybe I’ll do a video of me doing the Moon Walk. πŸ˜€

27 thoughts on “Wedding Thriller Dance”

  1. Gamepoor says:

    WOW! I was waiting for someone to fall but they really pulled it off.

    1. Al Davies says:

      Totally agree. I had this nervous, uncomfortable feeling while watching this. I was like… they had better not F- this up

  2. Jane says:

    I think the groom was the one who had this bright idea. Because the bride doesn’t look HALF as into it as he does. This is def a throw back! Nice!

    1. Alex Becker says:

      I think she liked it. She seemed into it.

  3. Nate W. says:

    You never cease to amaze me, John.

  4. vinod pandey says:

    Dear John,
    eagerly waiting for your moon walk…

    1. Kalle says:

      Haha, yes that would be cool πŸ™‚

  5. Lee says:

    yeah you can tell the groom was the brains behind this cuz he is sooo into it and the others were just along for the embarrassing ride.

  6. Scott Howard says:

    80’s music rocks. I think we should push for a comeback πŸ™‚

  7. John Hood says:


    Moonwalking? Is there no end to your talents?

    Great video, which brought back fond memories of watching the first showing of the Thriller video! Thriller’s still unsurpassed IMHO!


  8. Marc says:

    Looks like a whole heap of fun πŸ™‚

  9. Alex Becker says:

    whomever came up with this is awesome. Too bad that marriage will probably fail.

  10. Im going to make everyone do that at my wedding

  11. Ryan says:

    That’s pretty good, John. This, however is the best Thriller re-enactment . . . ever.

  12. I’m not ashamed to say that Michael Jackson is one of the greatest entertainers I’ve ever seen. You can’t get enough of his videos.

    1. Nomar says:

      I agree 100 % with you πŸ™‚

      1. Alex Becker says:

        Greates entertainers? I don’t know about that. His songs were great and his child molestation related stories were fun to watch. But I would not call him the greatest.

  13. Leftblank says:

    Looks pretty funny, I wish I was born ten years earlier πŸ˜‰

  14. fgi says:

    Hilarious! πŸ™‚
    Can’t wait for your moon walk, though. πŸ˜‰


  15. Michael Kwan says:

    Say what you will about Michael Jackson as a person, the whole Neverland thing, Bubbles the chimp, and so on… but there is no denying that he is one of the most innovative and greatest performers/artists of our generation. He was the one that took the idea of the music video and made them into mini movies. Thriller is still a personal favorite.

  16. Matt608 says:

    I wish I could do that! Im gona learn that someday!

  17. Nomar says:

    cool moves !! great

  18. Meg says:

    I was hoping they’d follow up with “nutbush” (that’s what we did at our wedding). Enjoyable clip, thanks.

  19. Could you please explain how you’re getting YouTube videos to show up in your RSS feed? I’m going crazy trying to figure it out. Thanks.

    1. Leftblank says:

      Simply put the embed in it? Most readers wont show it though as they nearly all filter Flash

  20. Someone else pointed me at YouTube’s own RSS feed, and I was able to hack together a feed item that works. Yay!

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