Welcome To The New Server – We Outgrew The Old One

If you’re reading this, then you are on the new server. It didn’t take very long to outgrow the last server. The new server has two Dual-Core 5130 Woodcrest Xeon processors, 2 Gigs of RAM and two 320 Gig hard drives. Hopefully, it will be powerful enough to hold us for awhile.

I want to thank Gary at BlueFur webhosting for supplying and setting up the new server. If you’re looking for a web host for your blog, then you’ll want to give BlueFur a shout. Use coupon code JohnChowRocks for 15% off any hosting service.

There might have been some comments lost in the move. If you made a comment on this blog and no longer see it, then make the comment again because it’s back at the old place.

62 thoughts on “Welcome To The New Server – We Outgrew The Old One”

  1. Shawn Knight says:

    Wow thats a very powerful server! Surely it should be able to handle your traffic needs 🙂

    I’ve been considering switching hosts for my tech site, will have to give Bluefur a look…

    1. my website takes a while to load, is that because the server is not up to it?

      1. Mubin says:

        could be, or it could be that you are running to many plugins.

        Your videos seemed to be loading from youtube, so that should not be a problem, that blogtv ad on the side looks like it may take a lot of time to load, and as we all know mybloglog is really really slow!

      2. Mybloggo says:

        Then You need to upgrade your server using john chow coupon…. 😀

  2. JW says:

    Does either this server or your last server run RAID?

    I’m also in the middle of a server move, and I am wondering if RAID1 is worth the extra money?

    1. John Chow says:

      Yes, the second 320GB drive is a backup of the first drive. In addition to that, everything is backup off site as well.

      1. wow, that’s impressive

        well, i suppose that’s for pros only

  3. Shaun says:

    How is this going to change your bottom line when it comes to monthly income?

    1. I think part of John’s deal with BlueFur is that they will accomodate this site, and most likely TTZ, no matter what. It’s most like pretty close to straight barter, without any cash changing hands. Looks to be very beneficial for both of them.


  4. dcr says:

    I thought you’d be up to terabyte drives by now. 🙂

  5. simon says:

    Great! I got 15% off from John’s coupon code.

  6. Jason says:

    If you’d like i can christen the server. Don’t blame me if it ends up covered in champagne.

  7. mahdi yusuf says:

    haha that seems cool, i wonder what causes a server update?

    1. John Chow says:

      When the load becomes so great that the old server screams for mercy. That’s when you upgrade.

      1. Mubin says:

        Did this happen about an hour ago, when the site wasnt loading?

        I saw that the site was loading slowly for the past few weeks, but damn thats a hell of a move john I hope one day I can get to that level.

        1. John Chow says:

          Ya, chances are you were experiencing the switch over from old server to new.

  8. Michael says:

    Everything seems to be running good, the site loads a heck of a lot faster then it used to.

  9. Jim Leedham says:


    Congrats on the server move. I wish the servers that my host use were that powerful 😛 In fact, I just wish that my host was actually working all the time 😛 Too often have I ventured to my site and found it down… I will move when the lease is up.

    Perhaps I’ll use the coupon when that time comes 🙂 Thanks John!

  10. Mubin says:

    hey john is your hosting free?

  11. Good luck with the new server- may there be many more upgrades in store for you!

  12. boyboy says:

    Congrats, needing a new server means traffic’s increasing a lot, must be because of the free e-book 🙂

  13. JoshNash says:

    The coupon is not available with domains.

    1. It is available on domains puchased through the http://www.bluefur.com site.

  14. MoneyNing says:

    Yes definitely much faster. Your site is one of the few ones that have that much traffic and still run smoothly (especially with all that keyword advertisements :))

  15. MoneyNing says:

    Of course, now half the traffic is on the old servers and half is on the new ones 🙂

  16. Awesome John, you’re going to be needing TB soon! 😆

  17. I too hope to have that problem one day, but the page sure does load faster! I knew it wasn’t me because I have my connection through fiber optics.

    1. mason says:

      yea wouldn’t we all love that problem? 🙂

  18. John,

    Did you loose emails when you were changing to the new server?

    I sent you one(contact form) and wanted to make sure because it happens around the same time.


  19. Mybloggo says:

    Its load faster than last time!!!

    1. Yeah looks like it loads a little bit faster now.

  20. Angel says:

    Looks like you’ve settled in nicely. Put the kettle on then.

  21. ISCR says:

    you have one stumble 😉

    1. Mybloggo says:

      I stumble this also 😉

  22. mason says:

    the bluefur homepage looks like something from template monster 😮 not that i have anything against template monster…

    1. I’m not sure if that is a complament or not.

      If it was then thanks!

      Our site design is 100% our own and not purchased from template monster 😉

  23. bob cobb says:

    Nice, its running fast now 🙂

    1. For me it seems the same speed. Maybe I am too far and have slow connection 🙂

  24. Wallace says:

    new sever update that means john chow blog is more popular. it is a good news.

  25. Mike Panic says:

    Is anyone else running on bluefur?? The reason for me asking is that my current hosting plan is up for renewal in a month and I’m looking to change, for a few reasons. I’m torn between going with a dreamhost or bluehost that offer insane space and bandwidth, but have, from what I’ve read, several problems with uptime, or staying with the smaller hosts where I know customer service will be there.

    I don’t need gigs of storage, I don’t need gigs of bandwidth, but knowing that they are there is also nice. I do need to host at least 6 websites with a combined monthly bandwidth of about 5gb’s. The price w/ the discount from bluefur is right for me, although I am a bit worried about hosting w/ a company north of the border (for phone support reasons). That said, having this large, robust and very popular blog hosted with them gives me more reason to give them a try.

    Feedback from other bloggers?

    1. John Chow says:

      Michael Kwan, Ed Lau and a bunch of others are hosted by BlueFur. They both have the $.95 a month plan and Ed’s blog held up under a Digg.

    2. Mybloggo says:

      Still got half year to renew my hosting….. 😆

  26. Is adult sites hosting possible there?

    1. We do not allow adult sites on our shared hosting. We do allow adult sites on their own dedicated servers.

      1. Why not? Is it because your want to protect children from possible domain “corruption”?
        In that case, you could put them all together on the same shared host when the customer tells you it’s an adult theme site. It must be an obligation on their part.

        For example, I have 1 naughty blog about funny adult toons :). Nothing hardcore like videos/pictures and such but I rate it for adult just in case and submitted to adult blog directories.

        I would not get a $200/month dedicated server for a blog. I can understand it for something much bigger in resources.

        I’m just giving you another option that you could consider later on.

        My 2c(US/CAN) 😉

        1. It does not fit in to our target market.

          There are lots of excellent adult orientated hosts that provide the services around what someone with an adult site requires.

          We prefer to be the best at what we do and not try and be everything to everyone.

  27. wow… I didn’t realise one simple blog could outgrow a server… Surely you must be running other things

    1. Freebies says:

      If a site’s as popular as John’s, it can surely outgrow a server!

    2. John Chow says:

      This blog is the only site on the server.

  28. It’s really nice to be a part of this change. I am glad to see that and I can say that I no longer have problems loading the comments pages (too many comments) 🙂 This is rather good for the blog.

  29. Bluefur looks like they have a lot to offer. When I make the change, which should be soon, I will surely keep them in mind. Even though I am not sure I will need the power of your server!

  30. 😯 😎 😳 🙄 😛

  31. We Outgrown the Old One? You do realize it should read “We OutgrEW the Old One” right? Come on John, have you outsourced your blog writing now? I mean I realize you’ve been reading the 4 hour work week but an obvious mistake like this in the title of the post is just sad.

    1. Looks like someone was listening. Now how about getting back to the topic of making money online? 😆

  32. 🙂 😎 😳 🙄 😛 😆 😯

      1. These are the quality comments I’ve come to expect on this blog. I’m not sure what kind of value John thinks these add to his site but he’s done nothing to discourage spamming like this. Yet one more reason I suspect he doesn’t care about this site anymore as long as it’s generating revenue.

  33. My loading time delays were due to the MyBlogLog widget. Replaced it with BUMPzee, seems to load faster.

    MyBlogLog site performance is worse than AGLOCO lately.

  34. John Bennett says:

    Have you posted before how much your hosting costs for your site? Not that my site is anywhere near this but I was just interested.

  35. Click Input says:

    You only run this blog on that server? Seems way too overpowered to me.

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