What I Learned From Affiliate Dot Com Live!

I recently spent three precious days at Affiliate Dot Com Live in Las Vegas and learned some powerful secrets from a handful of the most successful internet marketers in the world.

The conference was my first internet marketing event ever and I arrived completely unaware of what was in store. I attended all the seminars and did not once leave the confines of the hotel—not even for a breath of fresh cool desert air.

My diligence paid off. By the time I left home for Hawaii—hung over in a cab to the airport—my attitude about my own success had shifted from pretty much unsure to absolutely certain.

Do you think it’s because I learned all the latest techniques and tricks from people making over $100k a month online? Absolutely not, even though every one of the speakers were multi-millionaires.

Believe it or not, the most important lessons learned from Mike Filsaime’s Affiliate Dot Com Live had nothing to do with the internet or marketing. It had to do with shifting my mindset and reprogramming my beliefs to think like a successful entrepreneur.

In going over my notes from the conference, I kept noticing these same 5 themes coming up:

Success is a Mental Game

It’s not really about optimizing your sales page or building your list or the thoudands of other things internet marketers do.

It’s about believing in yourself that it’s possible while binding and gagging that self-doubt within. To change your life, you must first change your mind.

Successful people are scared…but they do it anyway.

Give People What They Want

If you want to make money online, you have to give people what they want. This first means you have to know what people want. Then you do what it takes to give it to them.

In other words, focus on delivering extraordinary value to others. Money is not made by effort but rather by value.

People will pay for something they perceive as valuable. And the more value you create, the more money you’ll make.

Focus on a Single Thing and Execute

One of the biggest challenges of beginning online marketers is knowing where to direct their focus and energy.

Too many of us fall into “Shiny Object Syndrome” (SOS), which is the problem of being constantly lured into the next big money making opportunity. Sound familiar?

Rich Schrefren in particular emphasized that we don’t need to get good at everything to succeed. It’s only when we focus on one thing (preferably something we’re good at) does it become very easy to act.

All Skills are Learnable

I found this secret very interesting because it’s not what you’d normally suspect. Most people think they need revolutionize the next trend in internet marketing to get noticed and start making money.

You’re actually better off stealing someone else’s genius, at least when you’re starting out. It’s as simple as seeing what works and then copying it!

Another way of saying this is you don’t have to be the smartest person to succeed — you just have to be the one willing to jump in and take action.

There is No Magic Bullet

Surprise, surprise—there’s no magic bullet that’s going to make you an overnight millionaire! There’s no instant success formula, no master domination strategy, no jackpot and no lottery ticket.

As internet marketers, we’re constantly hit with tantalizing offers that make us believe it’s really going to work. It looks something like this: where you are now + magic = where you want to be.

The hard truth is that in order to succeed—to realize the life and profits of your dreams—you must possess patience, business knowledge and a wholehearted commitment to succeed.

Most of all: take action!

Charles Bohannan focuses on creating great content through better writing and editing at http://wordful.com.

31 thoughts on “What I Learned From Affiliate Dot Com Live!”

  1. dotCOMreport says:

    Really great post John and even greater lessons. What you took away from Dot Com Live is much greater and sustainable than any tips and tricks. Thanks for sharing!

    1. John Chow says:

      Thanks! But I didn’t wrote this post. 🙂

      1. d3so says:

        I had a feeling this was going to be a guest post by Charles 😉 well written.

        1. Thanks d3so. Good to connect with you once again.

          1. That’s why I always tell John … that he should add photo of guest blogger so people understand and guest blogger can get more exposure.

            John when you are going to do that ??

      2. dotCOMreport says:

        Oh well then, great post Charles! 🙂

        1. Hi Charles,

          Really good guest post.

          What you learned is great. There is most certainly no magic bullet or easy button. This is what we have been conditioned to look for by some unethical marketers and by our own desire to find easy solutions.

          Taking a consistent action without being distracted by new shiny things that always keep coming is so important.

  2. Marketing online is a people business once you break it down, you have to know who your customers are and how to reach them.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  3. Samuel says:

    Awesome post! Yeah, to win big in life we just have to change our mindset. I really love the way you nailed the post. Thanks a lot for sharing. Have fun.

    1. Yes mind set is quite important …

      You must have confidence on yourself if you want to win the world.

  4. Bruce Clancy says:

    I am finally getting this mindset after two years of internet marketing. Your post says it well, but it is a real challenge to execute and focus.

    Keep reminding us! Thanks.

  5. Jared says:

    Great post Charles! I took away some of those same thoughts from the ADC Live event in Vegas. Interesting how my productivity seems to have increased significantly with a few subtle mindset changes learned at that event.

    Look forward to reading more posts from you soon Charles!

    1. Thanks, Jared. We were very fortunate to be a part of that.

  6. Great post
    loved the point about how All Skills are Learnable !! i do agree , it’s just all about time and everything is possible top know !!

    1. Yes we simply need time and dedication as well.

      In our profession there are so many things to learn and explore.

  7. Sharat says:

    Nice Post, John.

    Well you are Ideal of many money bloggers 🙂
    It was awesome Post. Thanks for sharing.

    1. John Chow says:

      Thanks but you really need to thank Charles. He wrote the post. 🙂

      1. Sharat says:

        Well Thanks, Charles Bohannan..

        And Thanks to you too. John for starting this wonderful Money making blog 🙂 ….

        1. To everyone but especially to those who don’t pay attention and are here to suck up to John:

          Sometimes I wonder if people are paying any attention at all to what is written here and who wrote it.

          Once in a while it seems clear that the only reason people comment is to suck up to John.

          John is not that kind of guy. Stop sucking up and comment on the subject and please address the author of what you comment on.

          Sharat keeps sucking up to John even after John pointed out to him who wrote the post.

          Very sad.

  8. Very good lessons John.

    Bradley Nordstrom

    1. PPC Ian says:

      It’s funny. When I was reading this I saw the line “first Internet marketing conference ever” and then I knew it couldn’t be John writing this post! 🙂

  9. PPC Ian says:

    This is one of the best guest posts I have read on JC in a while. Well done! I enjoyed this write-up and wish I was at this event. 🙂 I do agree with the power of the right mindset.

    1. d3so says:

      I wish I couldve gone as well. Most of the things discussed here are basic things that we always need to be reminded of.

    2. I appreciate that, PPCIan. Same goes to John for publishing it here.

  10. Sreejesh says:

    There is a lots of earning potential, but we need pateints to earn from affiliate income

  11. Paulymath says:

    Great post.

    Besides mindset of course, the concept of giving people what they want, instead of what you think they should want is huge!

    You can spend your entire life trying to convince people to want something they don’t really care about, or you can find out what they really want and help them get it!

    Great write Charles.


  12. Harshad says:

    Awesome Post! This is something which none of the gurus or $47 courses will teach you. The information posted is invaluable.

  13. Chris says:

    Hey Charles! Great meeting you at ADC… I really appreciate your post. Specifically “Focus on a single thing and EXECUTE!” Too often we plan… and plan… and plan… and… (you get the idea).

  14. I also learned a lot during these day articles which were getting live on the johnchow.

  15. Lucian says:

    I bet you improved your poker skills 🙂

  16. I really like what he says about value. I notice many products will be devoid of value; it seems marketers put more time and money into their advertising. I like to get behind products with good value because word DOES spread, and eventually your awesome product will sell itself.

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