What is your Blog’s Greatest Asset?

What would you define as your blog’s greatest asset? Would it be the number of readers your blog attracts? The number of RSS or E-Mail subscribers you have? The ad revenue your blog generates or even the number of followers you have on Twitter? The correct answer to this question is none of the above. It is more basic, more fundamental, and the key to all the metrics one measure’s to determine the size and reach of their blog.

The greatest asset you have as a blogger is your authority and your credibility. According to Technorati, there are well over 100 million blogs out there. So with so much competition, what makes your blog stand out from the pack? Why should readers choose to spend their time on your blog over your competitors? This is a question that every blogger needs to ask themselves.

It is a blogger’s credibility which will attract readers. No one wants to simply read content from a no-name blogger with no substantial expertise. In order to succeed in the blogosphere you must build credibility, both for yourself as a blogger and for your blog itself. Take a look at the successful blogs in this niche, JohnChow, ProBlogger, Shoemoney, Daily Blog Tips, etc. The one commonality in all these blogs is that they are brands which readers trust as experts in the niche.

Many bloggers feel that pure traffic numbers are the key to the success of a blog and will go to any length to get as many page views as possible. Yet, from personal experience this is the wrong approach. Sure it is possible to drive tens of thousands of social media visitors from a popular story on Digg, but what is the point of this traffic if they never return?

Instead, I recommend that you direct more of your marketing resources to building your credibility and getting yourself known in the industry. This can be done through attending industry events, guest posting, and interviewing authoritative figures in your niche. Establishing yourself as an authority in the niche will take more time and probably result in less overall traffic than social media or other marketing campaigns, but this traffic will be targeted and will open up more relevant opportunities for you personally. It will allow you to actually build a blog community, instead of being a blog where new visitors come and go daily.

This post was written by Aditya Mahesh, founder of AMBeat.com, a complete resource for entrepreneurs complete with advice articles, start-up profiles, interviews, news analysis, and more.

44 thoughts on “What is your Blog’s Greatest Asset?”

  1. Cam Birch says:

    Excellent post. I personally say that my blogs greatest asset is actually me. Without me writing the posts my blog doesn’t exist. Being credible is pretty important, it is rather hard to keep coming back to a blog where the author is wrong all the time.

    Same reason I can’t listen to financial analysts, they are wrong at least 150% of the time and the 1 time they get it right by accident, holy heck.

    Cam Birch’s last blog post: Wasting Time Instead Of Making Money – Part 2 (The Internet)

    1. Philip Nowak says:

      I agree with you Cam. Ultimately, a lot of your credibility stems from your ability to create strong content on a consistent basis. At the same time, you must also stay consistent with your “brand” everywhere you have a presence. Once you have these two things in place, people will flock to interact with you and it is your duty to engage them.

      Philip Nowak’s last blog post: No Farting: A Guide to Twitter Etiquette

  2. PV Reymond says:

    Great point.

    Credibility is crucial when it comes to making money online.

    If you can’t demonstrate that you know what you are talking about and that you can help others to solve their problems then you are apt to fail.

    The point is that building credibility takes time, but the tips you gave are really useful to build credibility fast.


    ^PV Reymond


    PV Reymond’s last blog post: Guerrilla Marketing – Mentos Great Example

  3. I think the most important thing for a blog is credibility but there are other important features to be consider like:

    * Post quality articles,

    * Make a brand around the blog to attract more readers in the future,

    * Make friends or community around the blog,

    * Help other people to find they are looking for,

    * Feeds Readers,

    * Good Template for a Blog,

    * Share Free ebooks with useful information to the readers,

    * Participate in social websites and social media.

    * Top rankings.

    1. Cam Birch says:

      You forgot 2 other important items:

      * Post on regular schedule (more often is nice, but a schedule is important)
      * Provide more value than expected

      Cam Birch’s last blog post: Wasting Time Instead Of Making Money – Part 2 (The Internet)

  4. This is true I believe, but I guess this is true in any business. I would counsel against anyone looking at this as a Universal truth, however, if this was the case then only the famous blogs would succeed…

    Ther Entrepreneurs Blog’s last blog post: Our Blog Has Moved House

  5. Great article Aditya, I work on building my credibility and trust daily with each blog post.

    Deneil Merritt’s last blog post: Are You Sick Of Seeing Me Everywhere?

  6. Pheak Tol says:

    credibility is the biggest factor in determining if people will come back to your blog or not, but also being able to build a relationship with your readers is important too.

    comments is discusions, opinions and views expressed by those reading the article or blog post. if it’s something that can be debated or discussed over then im pretty sure you’ll start building your readership.

    a nice post regarding this topic.

  7. Benjamin Cip says:

    Be yourself, and people will certainly appreciate you the way you are. If you copy other blogger, you won’t catch your visitor attention because what they want is to discover new things, style, blog etc… Make your blog attractive to people, and work on the content. I tend to think that blog design is very important.. I don’t like to spend time on bad designed site. Also I like to know who is the owner of the blog, see his photo etc, It makes you look more credibe and honest in my opinion. Great Post anyway, really enjoyed reading it.

    Benjamin Cip’s last blog post: Contest: Win $25/$50 with Asswass.com and Hiburrito.com

  8. As of now I don’t have any asset on blogging since I am only starting.

    Ridiculous blogger’s last blog post: A must have for new established blog

    1. Jake Stone says:

      That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard today. You do matter.

      Jake Stone’s last blog post: Representative rivalries

  9. I’d have to agree with the credibility, especially since I do lots of reviews on the tech industry. I receive lots of request through my Concat form once I’ve establed that authority from the big vendors

    Michael Aulia’s last blog post: Don’t be a Darren Rowse, Don’t be a John Chow

  10. EarningStep says:

    i prefer to say contents and template is the most valuable asset for every blogger to drive traffic

    EarningStep’s last blog post: This Is Why your blog need more commentators | Blogging tips

    1. Yes Content is your assets but I do not think that template can be your real assets. Anyone can copy your assets within minutes plus if you have hired a web designer to design your blog than how it can be your own assets.

      In blogging I called assets to those things which originated through our labour.

      ZK @ Web Marketing Blog’s last blog post: Bing’s Traffic now surpasses Digg, Twitter and CNN

  11. Well your biggest asset aside from yourself 🙂

  12. Content is king, but you need credibility to get people to listen

    1. Great asset it must be subscriber and brand website.

  13. Regie Rivera says:

    That is really true. But it’s just one of the many things to consider as an asset and it will take some time to build your credibility.

    Regie Rivera’s last blog post: Do I need to pay a webhost to start a simple blog?

  14. New Blogger says:

    This is an interesting post. I agree credibility is key but a huge part of credibility is having readers which means you need people subscribing either to RSS by email. Isn’t that why successful bloggers like yourself have a log of their subscribers right at the top of their home page?! I wouldn’t dream of posting my RSS Feed numbers on my blog, it would be akin to scrawling loser on it in big red flashing letters!

    I’m finding it incredibly hard to get people to subscribe by email. For example, I have about 200 people on my personal family newsletter list but less than 10 of them have subscribed to my blog by email citing a fear of spam. But I have their email addresses anyway:) Not sure how I can overcome this one…

    Anyway, I know I’ll succeed as, modesty aside(!) I’m talented, qualified, knowledgeable and determined. So here’s a cheeky suggestion: maybe I could write a guest post for you? Now, I wonder where I got that idea!

    Thanks for all the great advice, Annabel Candy

    New Blogger’s last blog post: Follow Your Dream: You Only Live Once

  15. Reasonable advice, though I still think content is the key

    1. But you should put content on regular basis with a fixed rhythm to gain more and more visitors and readers. Otherwise you will loss them.

      ZK @ Web Marketing Blog’s last blog post: Bing’s Traffic now surpasses Digg, Twitter and CNN

  16. I just read your ebook, Make Money Online With John Chow Dot Com. It’s very comprehensive with lots of great ideas. Thanks for that. Now all I need is two or three months to follow all the advice! I see you agree in the ebook that you shouldn’t post your RSS feed if it’s low:) Any tips on getting those pesky spam-loathing people to subscribe by email which I think is the key to success? It’s driving me nuts… Cheers, Annabel Candy

    Canny Blogger’s last blog post: Follow Your Dream: You Only Live Once

  17. Invisalign says:

    I agree With you,Credibility Is an Important factor ,when I write an article Or review Something I keep In Mind What as A reader I would like to read.
    Attracting readers With every post you write Is not Possible but i Give my best

  18. zolar says:

    I agree.. Credibility is the best asset of our blog…

  19. For me, it content & readers. Both of them are important. Content because it’s original & they know that we don’t put false information online. Then the readers themselves are important because they are the reason all the sites are even still running.

    TYCP Entertainment Magazine’s last blog post: Courtney Van Dusen Interview

  20. This is a simple, basic, fundamental, but factual post. I strongly agree that it is the credibility and reputation that make one blogger standss from other blogger. And it is true even beyond blogging.

    Vic-BusinessAccent’s last blog post: Management tips: Dealing with employees turnover

  21. I wrote almost very similar post on my blog a couple of week back. My blog’s greatest assets is Its author ( yours truly -Shanker Bakshi -dot Com Guru )

    Shanker Bakshi’s last blog post: Google Introduces Operating System Chrome

  22. Since I just recently started I would have to say content

    Stocks on Wall Street’s last blog post: Illegal Immigration, a Growing Problem or a Helpful Hand?

  23. Jake Stone says:

    My greatest asset is that I’m always right what comes to my topic.

    Jake Stone’s last blog post: Representative rivalries

  24. You can’t really say “subscribers” through RSS are an “asset” now, but Twitter definitely is. With all these users signing up daily, it’s smart to spam them like crazy!


    Free Arcade Games’s last blog post: Scrawlder

  25. I feel that my blog’s biggest asset is when people leaving comments saying that my posts were helpful.

    Than, I know I did something right, since if they liked it once, they will probably come back.


    Quality Leads’s last blog post: 5 Ways To Generate Free Quality Leads

    1. Just make your blog do follow and you will get thousand of such kind of comments.

      ZK @ Web Marketing Blog’s last blog post: Bing’s Traffic now surpasses Digg, Twitter and CNN

  26. I think my greatest asset is reader’s satisfaction in reading my blog contents.

    Internet Business’s last blog post: Internet Business-Five Reasons for Internet Business

  27. While I agree that credibility is essential to any blog, I am not sure that I would single this out as the best asset of a blog. It seems to me that there are many assets that need to be present in order for a blog to succeed. I would think understanding how to create interaction between these assets would be most essential.

  28. I think that the most IMPORTANT things for a blog is credibility but there are other important features to be consider like:

    * Post quality articles,

    * Make a brand around the blog to attract more readers in the future,

    * Make friends or community around the blog,

    * Good THEME (SEE MY THEME) for a Blog,

    * Share Free ebooks with useful information to the readers,

    * Top rankings.

    TheBlogISMine’s last blog post: Funky Fire Extinguishers By Fire Design

  29. James Hartje says:

    John wants your greatest assets, having millions of followers?

    James Hartje’s last blog post: C.R. Bard (BCR)

  30. I think faith of our visitors are assets to me. Such faith forcing them to come again and again to our blogs and making our blogs successful.

    ZK @ Web Marketing Blog’s last blog post: Bing’s Traffic now surpasses Digg, Twitter and CNN

  31. cyza says:

    I don’t have what is call the greatest asset yet but I’m working darn hard to establish one. I know it is not easy to get to that level but having establish certain unique selling (special niche) point in our blog, that will be the answer to our greatest asset for our blog. Great unique content and trust from the readers.

    cyza’s last blog post: Gadgets Wanted

  32. videostar says:

    The greatest asset is a blogger’s personality which is revealed through his labour,content,interest to readers and his blog,attention and energy.

  33. lunaticg says:

    Credibility is hard to achieve but something that really important in every aspect of life including blog.
    No wonder you’re still the best out there.
    See you around.

    lunaticg’s last blog post: My May 2009 coin hunting trip-KOMTAR Building

  34. farouk says:

    yes this makes a lot of sense , why would someone visit “a yet another blog” unless you define yourself as an expert people might not be impressed by your words

  35. I’m a new, young, and motivated blogger so at the moment I can’t really tell what my greatest asset is. I want to work on writing quality posts and making that my greatest asset. The most important asset of any blog should be well written posts.

  36. Custom Essay says:

    The lifeline of my blog is real pictures taken by me. All reality post. People wanna see something real.

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