What It Means To Live The Dot Com Lifestyle

Living the Dot Com Lifestyle is not about fast cars, big houses, or exotic vacations. It’s not even about making a ton of money. While all those elements are part of the Dot Com Lifestyle, the true meaning is freedom. The freedom to do whatever you want, and not have to worry about time or money.

Last night, Sally told me that she wanted to have a daddy daughter day at SeaWorld. Normally, most dads would be working on a Tuesday, and can’t accommodate such a request. But when you live the Dot Com Lifestyle, everyday is a whatever day you want it to be. And if Sally wants to spend a whole day with me, then that’s what she is going to get. So, we gassed up the Mercedes-Benz, and blasted down to San Diego.


The great thing about going to SeaWorld on a Tuesday is it’s not very busy. There’s virtually no line ups and getting a good seat at any of the shows is no problem. Sally was able to feed the sea lions and the stingrays. She also watched Sea Lions Live (SLL) twice. That’s her favorite show at SeaWorld.




Daddy Daughter Date Night At The Corvette Diner

After SeaWorld, we went over to the Corvette Diner for dinner. This is one of the most kid-friendly restaurants in San Diego. Tuesdays is Daddy Daughter Date Night. This is the first time we’ve been to the Corvette Diner. I chose it because Sally and I love Corvettes. Our waiter made a Chevy Bow-tie out of straws, and tied it to Sally’s hair.





Coming Home To Over $25,000

When we finally got home from one of the best daddy daughter days ever, I got on my comp to check my stats, and found that while I was out spending quality time with my daughter, the online business models I set in place had generated over $25,000 in sales.

While $25K in a day isn’t a record (my biggest single day was $80K), it does rank as one of the highest quality days, and demonstrates what the Dot Com Lifestyle is all about.

If you want to know the step-by-step on how I can spend an entire day playing with my daughter, and then come home to over $25,000, then you need to download my new eBook, the Ultimate Online Profit Model. The eBook is free, and details the business models I use to make six-figure monthly income online, and live the Dot Com Lifestyle.

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27 thoughts on “What It Means To Live The Dot Com Lifestyle”

  1. Michelle says:

    Great pictures. I enjoyed reading what you wrote. I left my day job last year and have been fully focused on online freelancing since. I am really loving life now. Like you said, the freedom is amazing. I love how I can pretty much do whatever I want now because my schedule is so flexible.

  2. pavan says:

    Hey John
    Enjoyed reading this article and nice pictures and yes dot com life style is freedom life

  3. WOW! A life with a dot com life style…. Is great. You always inspired us John in blogging.

  4. Hi John,

    I’ve been beating this drum for a while. Looked like a really fun day, you and your daughter really enjoyed it.

    I set being free as my number one goal 5 years ago and this life took shape. I intend to bring as many people as I can with me on this freeing path. Some feel paradise is living here in Fiji, others, working a 9-5 they dig, and doing a part time gig, and others like you and me, dig being free to do whatever you do whenever we want to.

    I woke up today, meditated and watched my German guys whoop Brazil. A little work, then lunch, then I walked around Fiji for about 3 hours, shopping, talking to locals, and soaking up the scene. I worked a bit more this afternoon, and we booked our next home, in Bali, in 4 months, then chilling again.

    I took off quite a bit of time as we traveled from Thailand to Fiji and that in and of itself signifies the internet lifestyle. When you can take a day off whenever you want to, and not feel tied down to the laptop, you’re living the dream.

    My 3 year trip round the world rocks but it’s the freedom in traveling, and living in neat spots, that’s what i most cherish and that’s what I set out to attract 5 years ago, and I see you’re about the same idea too. Smart dude.

    Keep on keeping on John.

    Love this message, so I’ll tweet it to my following.

    Thanks dude.


  5. Gemma Hobbs says:

    Thanks for talk about, brilliant post and really its also very helpful

  6. Gopwing says:

    Superb Post. this is Really Nice and helpful Post. I Really Liked it. Thanks for Sharing with us.

  7. Dan Western says:

    Truly agree John, Dot Com lifestyle for the win! Looks like you had a really great day out.

  8. keon says:

    hey ,john i agree dot com lifestyle is the best! .but the problem is those already there dont really care about those trying to get there! they are always trying to hold you back so you become dependent on them, you remember that………

  9. ebenezer says:

    There’s no real free lunch my Mentor you! You can check my site if it’s heading places.Interesting post i have ever read,remind me of the dot com life style.

  10. George Njogu says:

    Thanks a lot for the post
    I’m just getting started with the dot com lifestyle…

  11. MSI Sakib says:

    Hi John,
    I am always impressed with your life style. You are really a happy person to have such kind of life. Be happy and have fun with your daughter.

  12. John,
    What a wonderful life! This should motivate everyone to
    join the online income lifestyle.

  13. Rebecca Ness says:

    Creating a lifestyle through internet marketing is about so much more than simply making money. It’s the whole reason I joined you in MOBE, John, and I am so happy I did. Although my online earnings of $3K last month doesn’t compare to your $25K day (darn!), it IS creating more freedom in my life than I have found with any other program, and allowing me to have more fun with my kids …so I thank you for your inspiration to keep me focused on my bigger vision of being able to ‘work from anywhere’ and to stay focused on what online marketing is truly all about.

  14. Andy says:

    You and your daughter were having fun, I can feel that, happy dot com life style with JC’s ebook.

  15. Stephen says:

    Nice post John.

    Spending the Monday at South Cost Plaza (just happen to see you there) then go to Sea World. Truly the best example of the DOT COM lifestyle.

  16. Hey John,

    Your Internet Lifestyle is great. Do you cant to share some tips with us John.

  17. savithri says:

    hi john,
    your one day hang out with your daughter waz really awsome….and thats really impressive that you paid off $25K

  18. Ed TONTINI says:

    Your deal sounds very good, but how can I participate in your lifestyle, and you out of commissions for upfront fee. Please advise. e.t.By the way I have your ebook. It is excellent.

    1. John Chow says:

      Read the eBook again, and this time, do what it says.

  19. Erwin says:

    Hi to you all,

    you right John the key thing here is freedom. If you can afford to do what you want whenever you want you live the life everyone should, but not everyone is keen to do this.

    People are lazy and do the 9-5 job instead and lie to themself this is freedom.

    All the best.


  20. Farmer says:

    Freedom is the new ruler!

  21. Chris says:

    I loved reading this post. One day I hope I have that kind of freedom that you have. I am working on it. I realize it don’t happen over night but I hope I can get to where you are one day. Thanks, Chris

  22. Peggy Jayne says:

    Sally is a STAR! And I wish all Daddies were just like you…Sally is so lucky!

  23. Kevin says:

    Thanks John that the level I want to be at total time freedom that is what life all about .Hi to Sally too.

  24. faisal says:

    This is the Life.

  25. Gloria says:

    What a fantastic blog…Your daughter is a so adorable. Congratulations!.
    This post and pictures put everything in perspective…Freedom, enjoying time with your loved ones, not worrying how to pay bills. etc..
    Trying for a while and no results…. Any points on how people make money with their blogs?
    I still can’t grab the concept.
    I will definitely be back on a regular basis to visit this awesome blog.
    Thanks John for such a great source of information.

  26. Thomas says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for the inspiring post.

    dot com life = the good life

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