What Successful People Do Differently

Everyone wants to be successful because it’s an inner feeling that can’t be matched by anything else. When you have conquered every obstacle, you know you’re the best at what you do and will make sure you don’t lose focus. I’ve spoken and read about many successful people who have conquered their life’s dream and they’ve said this feeling cannot be replaced within anything else. However, they also said that to achieve your ultimate goal, you have to make tweaks in your life to stay focused and on track. I read an interested article recently that looks at what the MOST successful people do differently and I was surprised to read some of the things. They are all NOT that different than what we can do but it’s the discipline they have that makes them so effective. I’ll go over them in this two part series, but keep these elements in mind so you can apply them to your daily life going forward.

Let’s get started…

Time is the MOST Valuable Asset

One of the greatest elements of these people is they know how valuable time is and do NOT take it for granted. All of these people have made a living as the greats because they don’t waste time on anything that they don’t find useful to their improvement. For example, they ONLY take part in activities that adds to their bottom line, and that’s what makes them so amazing in nature. They are NOT different than us or have any special skills, but have a totally different mentality. Many people often think time is “infinite” and highly successful people think time is “finite” so you have to make the most of it.

At the end of the day, they close their eyes thinking how much output they have achieved throughout the day, and ask, “Could I have done more?”

Step Out Comfort Your Zone

One of the greatest assets these people have is their ability to step out their comfort zone. They know that after doing things for a long time, and when they become easy, there’s a serious problem. For example, when you do things that are easy to conquer, then you have NO more potential growth through them so you have to come up with something more challenging. It’s only when you have to adjust to learn something difficult that you’ll succeed at what you’re trying to achieve. Here’s a solid example,

When you workout doing the same exercise for a long time, your body becomes accustomed to the weight and stops changing. It’s safe to say your body becomes stagnant. Have you noticed when you shift the weight and exercise that you’ll notice your body challenging itself, making more adjustments….right? You’ve essentially stepped outside your comfort zone.


One thing I’ve noticed is successful people had very “SPECIFIC” goals and won’t break them no matter what. For example, they know what they want to do and have a detailed outline on how to achieve it going forward. There is NO point in simply logging onto your computer and working when you don’t know what you are trying to accomplish. It’s better if you write out everything you want to do and make it right to the point. Saying “I want to write content” isn’t good enough because you have to be significantly more specific. It’s better to write down and achieve “Writing 2 posts per day for 1 month straight”, which will keep you very focused on your end goal.

Give it a try and let me know how well you do in a few months. Writing specific goals will help you stay focus on EXACTLY what you need to do to achieve what you WANT to do.

Wrapping It Up…

This is the end of Part 1 and it’s very simple and to the point. I decided to create a series so you have time to implement the following in your lives without being too overwhelmed. In Part 2, I’ll be discussing some other cool strategies.

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10 thoughts on “What Successful People Do Differently”

  1. Md Shahnwaz says:

    Really nice article and very nice website

  2. Thank you for sharing this useful information, I will regularly follow your blog

  3. Yes, I totally agree with everyone people want a success. Every one feels have differently because he wants good score chase.

  4. Thanks man, that’s really a great post. Successful people are really different & smart in every decision they take. They didn’t fall at that place, they deserve that place.

  5. DNN says:

    I was always considered an odd ball and really didn’t fit in with many people. I’m glad about that. “Side hustle millionaire” is on the rise. They always come running back when they see you doing good without them & wanna contact you. Am IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight I say? L 😛 L

  6. You covered the basics Rizvan. Well done dude. Time and energy, all we have, are best used by successful folks who render service and make friends with a decent chunk of their time. I have a fun life outside of blogging but do spend many hours daily having fun WITH blogging. Any success I experience is because I spent years serving people and making friends, and not wasting time on silly activities like gossip or criticizing others.


  7. Successful people think differently, act differently and ultimately distinguish themselves from unsuccessful people by taking a distinctive path toward their goals.

    Success doesn’t happen by accident, but because you have committed yourself to certain activities, that will help you reach your goals.

  8. Thank you very much

  9. Rachna Pal says:

    Think outside the box. Drink protein shakes. And work like you don’t need the money. That’s the mentality of a true transformation champion for life and a future “side hustle millionaire,” whether you’re going forward in life out of “inspiration or desperation.” Bill it to the game for staying motivated! 🙂
    I feel inspired by this post.
    Thanks for sharing…I really appreciate it.

  10. Car Rental says:

    Successful people will come out of their comfort zone and try to experiment things differently until they achieve their goals.

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