What To Do Once People Opt In To Your List

So you finally decided to set up an email list. You got a new account from Aweber, you’ve created your email landing page, and it worked! People has opted in. Now what?

In the video below, Oscar gives some practical and actionable advice on what to do once you get people to top into your email list.

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14 thoughts on “What To Do Once People Opt In To Your List”

  1. david says:

    sorry, didn’t quite catch the domain name of that gentleman’s website? thanks

  2. vinayashree says:

    impressed by seeing this video..

  3. Ericka Todd says:

    Nice to the point video. Another good opt in WordPress plugin is by Thrive Leads. They give you a variety of ways to display your opt in form such as pop up, in line, slide in, etc. You can also build your pages based on what category the reader is on so your conversions are higher. For the newbie in me, I also appreciate all the different templates they offer.

    You made a great point about keeping your email series in line with what they opted in for. The email campaign should be seen as a whole process as you described. Not as individual parts that aren’t related.

  4. Ali says:

    Awesome advice…..! Thanks Oscar and John.

  5. manogua says:

    John, Thank you a lot for this video!
    But, why we choose Aweber? I’ve heard that service is not very good…

    1. Jonathan says:

      Where did you hear that? Aweber is among the best out there (if not the best).

      Great video, John! Oscar seems to know his stuff.

  6. Andrei says:

    Good advice. The only thing that confuses me sometimes is that different websites/bloggers/IM gurus have different advice on frequency of email sending. E.g. some say that you should email 2-3 times per week, some say that it should like 5 times per week except weekends. Also, it depends on how big you and your company are – the bigger the sender the more rarely emails can be sent out. For example, big companies can send out their emails 1-2 times per months while you, as Intenet Marketer, should do it on a daily basis.

  7. Finally some actual concrete advice telling you about what to do with your list, rather than abstract nonsense.
    Nice one, John.

  8. Amit says:

    This is a good informative post since most of the people are able to get subscribers but dont know how to monetize it.

  9. shaun f says:

    hey john

    This is some quality content right here! I love video training and I love this website!

    An email list is definitely one of the best assets online

    Thanks 🙂

  10. Milan says:

    I wouldn’t start promoting other products right away, they will opt-out fast because you just want to take their money…maybe start building a “relationship” with them and build your credibility.

  11. DNN says:

    And keep the videos coming so people will feel immediately attracted to your offerings.

  12. Jacob James says:

    I blog often and I really appreciate your information. This great video has truly peaked my interest.
    Great read John and Oscar !!

  13. DNN says:

    Permission based e-mail marketing is the boss of all bosses b/c it requires no $ spent for advertising.

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