What Would Make You Unfollow Someone On Twitter?

Many people are calling Twitter the new RSS. When you think about it, that makes a lot of sense. Twitter allows you to build a community that you can communicate directly with. And just like RSS, this community is extremely loyal. However, if you abuse them, they will unfollow you.

Like the previous post which explain what to do if you see your RSS numbers falling, this post will show you the many things you can do to get your Twitter followers to stop following you. If you don’t want that to happen, don’t do these things.

What better way to find out why Twitter users would stop following someone than by asking the Twitters themselves? So I made that the Twitter Question of The Day.

In many ways, the answers could be applied to why would you stop reading a blog. I see many parallels in the responses. Thanks to all the Twitter users who replied to my question.

What Would Make You Unfollow Someone?

@sallychow (Sally Chow) says:
@JohnChowdotCom I unfollow anyone who doesn’t like my dad!

@fattony69 (fattony69) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Constant Twittering over nonsense

@nickthrolson (nickthrolson) says:
@JohnChowDotCom What would make me unfollow someone would be to many twitters in one day also when all I see is there face on the first page

@michaelkwan (Michael Kwan) says:
@johnchowdotcom a lack of community interaction

@MaxRoeleveld (Max Roeleveld) says:
@JohnChowDotCom When I lose interest (duh), or if the tweets start to get on my nerves, like only posting "blog update <url>".

@WesleyTech (Wes Novack) says:
@JohnChowDotCom excessive spam or link broadcasting without any real interaction or real updates would make me unfollow

@tomharrison (Tom Harrison) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Unnecessary drama, and flooding the service with a gross amount of links to activity/content elsewhere.

@Timothy_Jones (Tim Jones) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Spammy sales tweets. Over and over again…

@kasiafink (kasiafink) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Or if they accidentally hit return in the middle of their tweets. 🙂

@kasiafink (kasiafink) says:
@JohnChowDotCom I’d unfollow if they start being passively agressively nasty to other twitterers.

@joshbickford (Josh Bickford) says:
@JohnChowDotCom or if they always talked about eating Pho. :-p

@joshbickford (Josh Bickford) says:
@JohnChowDotCom boring, pointless rambling.

@phonewisdom (Brad Molen) says:
@JohnChowDotCom not enough content, not enough links. Ask me questions, involve me, or at least provide some relevant value.

@magpiers (magpiers) says:
rt: @JohnChowDotCom if they used a lot of foul language or be-a-magpie http://is.gd/c2rn

@edrabbit (Ed Hunsinger) says:
@JohnChowDotCom I would stop following a person if a) they only post links, b) they post nothing but ads, or c) they only post @ replies

@GrantGriffiths (Grant Griffiths) says:
@JohnChowDotCom If all they do is self-promote and don’t give before they expect to receive on twitter. You have to participate in convo

@RichYasparro (Rich Yasparro) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Spamming me with your business or product without even taking the time to say hi or give some indication that you care.

@NewWrldYankee (YankeeinaNewWorld) says:
@JohnChowDotCom I unfollow ppl that promote only themselves, and are mean to others.

@webtrafficroi (ZK) says:
@JohnChowDotCom I look at the users credibilty – Bio and website.

@FeedingTheCrave (Eric Tan) says:
@JohnChowDotCom too many updates and spam.

@WallerBlogDotCm (Jeremy Waller) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Update to my previous response: I actually just unfollowed someone because they blased 10 tweets in a row.

@teraom (bharadwaj) says:
@JohnChowDotCom : advertisements and sponsored tweets are so annoying. Who wants to see an tweet for "reduce fat" or "cheap real estate"??

@errantx (Tom Morton) says:
@JohnChowDotCom self importance: everyone can have something interesting to say – so long as they dont make it all about them!

@blackysky (blackysky) says:
@JohnChowDotCom only show up blog post or twit too much … I mean too much

@jpearce01 (Jordan) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Too many Tweets talking shop…Show me there is a real person behind those Tweets and not just a PR drone. 🙂

@ravikapoor (Ravi Kapoor) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Out of context/racist tweets. Spamming.

@chrisjacobson (Chris Jacobson) says:
@JohnChowDotCom If they don’t update their status at least once every few days, or if they’re just non-interesting in their Tweets.

@JoeDavison (JoeDavison.com) says:
@JohnChowDotCom I only unfollow twitter accounts that repeatedly send messages that have no meaning to me

@WallerBlogDotCm (Jeremy Waller) says:
@JohnChowDotCom When someone repeatedly sends out 5+ tweets at once.

@santoshp (Santosh P) says:
@JohnChowDotCom links in every tweet (less as person, more as bot), more thn tolerable updates eating timeline, if replies are chat sessions

@brooksduncan (brooksduncan) says:
@JohnChowDotCom People who solely post their own links. Or I unfollowed one guy who just posted quotes that he ripped of from a book.

@AlexFraiser (Alex Fraiser) says:
@JohnChowDotCom What annoys me the most is when someone tweets WAY too much about the same thing over and over and over again.

@tclemans (tclemans) says:
@JohnChowDotCom if they used a lot of foul language or be-a-magpie

@KyeGrace (Kye_Grace) says:
@johnchowdotcom They tweet about making popcorn everytime they make popcorn…it happened. If I ever master Tweetdeck I may never unfollow.

@edawg (Elliot Webb) says:
@JohnChowDotCom irrelevant tweets in regard to what I was interested would make me unfollow someone.

@m38967 (Missy) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Any violent type remarks or comments. I tolerate just about anything, BUT violence.

@AlexFraiser (Alex Fraiser) says:
@JohnChowDotCom You tweet WAY too much about the same thing over and over and over again.

@steitiyeh (steitiyeh) says:
@JohnChowDotCom To be honest? nothing, i’ll get used by time whom users to read their msgs and whom not to, for example: i am addicted 2 urs

@hlooman (Hans Looman) says:
@JohnChowDotCom A stream of tweets without any interaction, solely to promote their own site or activities

@SpyderCandy (Stace Barrus) says:
@JohnChowDotCom I stop following when people provide uselss info repeatedly, such as… just got a cofee, now I’m tying my shoe, etc.

@buzzbishop (buzzbishop) says:
@JohnChowDotCom incessant spam (@vatabrasil), or the lack of adding real value to the twitter conversation, incessant pestering

@aschek (aschek) says:
@JohnChowDotCom If she loves another follower more than me.

@akmalwardak (Akmal Wardak) says:
@johnchowdotcom if the person is talking bullshit.

@easytechtalk (easytechtalk) says:
@JohnChowDotCom too many updates relating to "deals" or other related sites

@Skitzzo (Ben Cook) says:
@JohnChowDotCom lack of interaction and repeated self promotion would do it for me. Or repetitive offensive tweets.

@EcoInsomniac (EcoInsomniac) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Posting of scammy spammy MLM type sites.

@successprof (successprof) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Two things 1. All they do is advertise 2. An insane number of updates in rapid succession

@micheleneylon (Michele Neylon) says:
@JohnChowDotCom people talking rubbish constantly ie. buzzwords and no actual content

@Greg_Gerber (Greg_Gerber) says:
@JohnChowDotCom When people ask for diggs I usually unfollow them.

59 thoughts on “What Would Make You Unfollow Someone On Twitter?”

  1. I unfollow people who unfollow me, and who write about 5 or 6 tweets in a row everytime they get on twitter.

    1. Li Weng says:

      Sounds vengeful. What do you think about people who have very long conversations on twitter then?

      1. What I meant was those people who get on Twitter, tweet 5 or 6 tweets with urls to their stuff, then get off and never do anything more than that.

        1. you mean guy kawasaki I don’t think that I’ve seen him write very much….although I did enjoy reading the article about the solider who was still fighting 29 years after WWII. Does he reply to anyone much

    2. Ben Pei says:

      I think there’s nothing wrong with continous tweets if they makes sense..

    3. lots of useless twitters irritate me.. Recently unfollowed few of them.

    4. Yeah, those Twitterers can be annoying.

    5. i have nt actually unfollowed anyone as yet

      1. Me too, I used to wonder why other unfollow. I have never actually noticed people unfollow me. Do we get mail notification for that.?

  2. When it comes down to it….you unfollow those who don’t fit into the conversation….simple enough i think

  3. Anyone who uses be-a-magpie.

    1. Whatz wrong with be-a-magpie

    2. I agree – I was about to say that myself – be a magpie – the spam advertisement for twitter

    3. Arfan says:

      what is this be a magpie thing

      1. its an ad network for ads on twitter

    4. Also, I’ll block anyone who emails me spam when I leave a comment on their site. Like what happens here.

    5. I forgot about that one. I don’t like the be a magpie tweets. Here’s a funny spoof of the be a magpie.

      It’s called Don’t Be A Magpie.


      1. why dont you guys like mag pie

        1. In all honesty, I already dislike the idea of getting constant updates on my cellphone etc, but then to get constant ADS on my cell phone – definitely not a fan!!

    6. I absolutely hate Be A Magpie. I’ve had some people spam me with that & I unfollowed them right away.

  4. I see @successprof would definitely NOT like my twitter stream. I twit alot. And to those eager to follow someone new. Follow me.



  5. Arfan says:

    some one who kept tweeting useless stuff

  6. A ton of updates in a short period of time. Some of these guys are SCARY when it comes to the self promotion too. I don’t need all of that.

  7. Ben Pei says:

    Argh I missed the question of the day again!

  8. I usually unfollow them when I can’t see interesting subjects in their tweets..

  9. joe gelb says:

    mostly if its anouther nonesense make money fast deal. many of these people or robots or whatever they are seem the same after awhile

  10. Li Weng says:

    I unfollow people who hardly uses twitter and never updates.

    1. To think about it….the question should be “What made you follow someone that now you want to unfollow?”

      1. Well, some people change. There are some people who are fine to follow, but then they start Tweeting useless stuff all of a sudden.

        1. It kinda reminds me of the kid who always feels like he has to talk. that’s what I have notice myself. What I really hate are those who either don’t respond or don’t know how to respond to people. For example, they’ll just reply w/o letting anyone know who they are replying to. Every time I think about that I think about is @ijustine. Who does she even respond to?

    2. but how does that matter

  11. Someone who goes page after page of tweets about their website makes me press the unfollow button….

  12. MaXsiM says:

    I love to follow but i will unfollow when it’s getting too chatty (only @replies) and people just post too much – about 10 times in a row with only nonsense…

    I also hate when people don’t answer or – even worse – never say thank you for retweets. For those i’m keeping a blacklist in my brain and there are currently 2 persons in.

    But after all i don’t take it too seriously and everybody gets a second chance.

  13. BusinessX says:

    I don’t know if Twitter could be called the new RSS, as it should be a new channel stream not a replication. From what I have seen from above, people unsubscribe from post links and constant barage of links/spam. Therefore, a new RSS would have to deliver something new, not just a scaled downed version of the old.

    So, maybe that is the Twitter question- what can you deliver on Twitter than cannot be found elsewhere?

    1. I would definitely agree that Twitter could never replace an RSS, as you’re exactly right!!

  14. Low quality tweets. Constant non-sense, yet, but Twitter is also about giving back, and I appreciate links in tweets. If there are none, I suspect there is now “news” worth sharing.

    Sure it’s cool to know that you’re washing dishes from time to time, but clicking on twURL’s is funner. 🙂

  15. Trevor says:

    Just nonsense will make me unsubscribe.

    Seems like many people have the same opinion.

  16. mxyzplk says:

    what is be-a-magpie?

    1. ad service on twitter …r u on twitter

  17. I would say just too much twittering. I share my blog posts and posts of other blogs, but I don’t ever just randomly tweat. I could care less if someone put bananas on their peanut butter sandwich for lunch. Its stuff like that that I don’t care for.

    1. Agreed. If those people really want to do that, then they should save it for Myspace/Facebook’s “What are you doing now?” feature.

  18. What is twitter? Lol, just messing. I’ll unfollow someone with no interactivity with their followers.

  19. OMG! Sally Chow is the cutest of all…….. 🙂

    1. talk about showing up late to a party hehehe 😉

  20. daryllorette says:

    I would only not follow/unfollow someone if they started getting nasty towards me.Is unfollow a word? The spell check is giving me the red line….

  21. Piggy says:

    I would stop following someone if they were babbling about things I don’t need to know. One or two little notes are fine,but if i see this filling up all my tweets , I’m gonna have to fly away 🙁

  22. I would stop following for the same reasons most everyone else would…

    …too many tweets that do not build a relationship.

    Pretty much the same reason I unsubscribe from mailing lists, but I am more
    tolerant of my mailing lists subscriptions than the people I follow on twitter.


    I dunno… Guess cause I just hate Web 2.0 spam more than I have old spam?

    Joshua Collins

  23. Takumi86 says:

    Lots of point of view there, but i’m sure most people have more reason to unfollow you

  24. Hi John,

    I’m a newbie, joined Twitter yesterday at around 10 PM during a live, 6 hour marathon coaching and Q&A session with Alex Jeffreys,

    So, as a newbie, I wanted to thank you for the post and especially the survey!

    I only got 8 followers and now I know what not to do so they stay with me 🙂

    Warm regards and thanks again,


  25. Chester says:

    I would make someone to unfollow me if that person starts to invade my personal space.

  26. Rosemary says:

    I will stop following if I see too much foul language or negativity. I also don’t like seeing personal update after personal update after personal update. I prefer seeing a mix of things.

  27. Hmm, Looks like I will have to change my twit strategy a bit, I had thought that people would never be interested in the real updates that would say the daily things of my day. I had thought that people would like only the resources I post.

    I was WRONG.

  28. Sanjo-chan says:

    Not too long ago I found dozens of people who followed me from months ago who have stopped following me. Since I’m a nice person, I try to follow them back. Now I have to search for people who used to follow me that no longer follow me and unfollow them.

    I know it’s a bit rude doing that, but it’s rude in my opinion when at first they seemed interested in my tweets, now they cannot stand to see what I have to say. Haha, there’s a lot to learn from using Twitter. 😆

  29. Gandree says:

    Someone who posts a tweet every single time they update their Squidoo lens. Once is enough people, share something new.

  30. BeatlesLane says:

    I recently had to unfollow someone who constantly posted the F-word (sometimes several times in one post) and other cussing in their tweets. Cussing among real-life friends is one thing, but in a public place it’s just really unnecessary and annoying.

  31. I would unfollow someone who sends in spam everyday or asks questions and expects a reply.. but if he is giving anything in return say a link back on his blog.. I wouldn’t mind 😉

  32. I unfollow when the quantity and quality of Tweets goes way down. That’s the point of Twitter in the first place…to share information, but if there isn’t any to read, then why bother?

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