When Google Hands You A Lemon, Make Lemonade

Martin Krohn is a fellow webmaster and ex-tech site owner. He is the owner of I Am Not A Geek (IANAG). Back in the day, IANAG did computer hardware reviews and technology articles, just like The TechZone. One day Martin got bored of reviewing the latest and greatest computer hardware and decided to turn IANAG into a Windows utilities and anti-spyware download site, because it required no work. Using top secret SEO techniques that I am not allow to disclose, Martin got IANAG to index extremely well on Google for a bunch of Windows utility and spyware keywords. Google was sending enough traffic for Martin to make $1,000 a day off the site. Martin brought a new car, a boat, two jet skis and was looking to buy a new house.

Then one day, Google decided that Martin was getting a little corky with his SEO and handed him a huge bitch slap by de-indexing most of his site. Almost overnight, Martin’s income went from $1,000 a day to less than $70! That’s when I gave him my now famous quote “Live by the Google, die by the Google!”

You can never keep a good Dot Com down for long. Google had handed Martin a really sour lemon. Martin went to work turning it into lemonade. First he moved all the content of IANAG to a new domain call Network Techs and worked on getting the content re-indexed. Then he turned IANAG into an online arcade site running Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) ads. Martin’s choice of running Yahoo was not to get even with Google. Yahoo just paid better for arcade sites.

Why am I telling this story now? Well, today I got an IM from Martin with a screen shot to his YPN earnings from March 10th to April 10th. It looks like he has done a good job turning around IANAG. He tells me his Network Techs site is also doing very well and Google has re-indexed most of the pages, but they’re not placed as high as they use to be. So far Martin has managed to regain half of his pre-bitch slap monthly internet income.

That almost puts him back in Dot Com Mogul territory.

5 thoughts on “When Google Hands You A Lemon, Make Lemonade”

  1. Mr. Chow you gota tell me where to get these SEO techniques that get millions of searches!

  2. cameron says:

    Thomas, try http://syndk8.net/forum/index.php .

    My guess: Cloaking combined with doorway pages and spam sites redirecting users after massive link whoring.

    Yeah, I hang around syndk8 waaay too much. :-p

  3. BoozeB says:

    No offence of course but if BH techniques were the reason why he got deindexed then he should have expected this a long time ago.

    When you do BH you just know that your sites won’t stay in Google’s index forever.

  4. Vik says:

    To tell you the truth John, I don’t feel sorry for your friend one bit! He used to be on SitePoint and he would always talk big. As you mentioned in your post, he purchased expensive toys with his income that he generated by cheating the system. I was alwasy amazed by how much traffic his site got for, at best, “okay” content. I’m glad Google taught him a lesson for cheating. Let this be a lesson to others also. Cloaking and oher dirty tricks will not get you far.

  5. There is hope for us all.

    With a little work, and a bit of knowledge, success is inevitable.

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