When Opportunity Knocks, Will You Take It?

Internet marketing legend, John Reese, has just opened the doors to Opportunity.com. If Internet marketing was a religion, John Reese would be its Pope. Famous for making $1 million online in 24 hours, John Reese is the man that every marketer looks to and learns from. His newest opportunity is knocking. The question is, will you answer it?

Opportunity.com isn’t one of those super expensive marketing products. It’s actually inexpensive and affordable for almost anyone (more on the price in a moment).


Opportunity.com is being called, “The ultimate service for the ultimate online business.” John Reese calls Affiliate Marketing the ultimate online business for a number of reasons…

  • Run Part-Time Or Full-Time
  • Run From Anywhere
  • No Inventory To Keep
  • No Products To Ship
  • No Payments To Collect
  • No Customer Support
  • No Recruiting

John has earned millions of dollars in affiliate commissions and started Opportunity.com to help anyone start and grow an Affiliate Marketing business. Opportunity.com has a huge Training Center with step-by-step tutorials and lesson materials the help you succeed with Affiliate Marketing. But Opportunity.com is so much more than that…

  • It has a massive Offer Directory that John’s team is constantly scouring the Internet to find new and promising affiliate programs for.
  • It has a Research Department to save you hundreds of hours of your time and reports back to you with the latest news on trends, hot products, keyword activity, seasonal opportunities, and much, much more.
  • It has a special Alert System to notify you when new opportunities are found that meet specific criteria that you define.
  • It has a “My Opportunities” function that helps you manage the vast number of opportunities that are all over the Internet.
  • And much, much more!

Opportunity.com literally contains training materials that rival some $2,000 marketing courses, but if you act fast you can take advantage of introductory pricing and get a full membership of Opportunity.com for only $39.95 a month, and you cancel at anytime. It’s the ultimate no brainer when it comes to learning how to grow your online income. Become a Charter Member of Opportunity.com today and take advantage of the special low price. $39.95 to learn from John Reese. That has to be the Internet bargain of the year.

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93 thoughts on “When Opportunity Knocks, Will You Take It?”

  1. great website (and domain name!)..thanks for sharing John, looking into this opportunity right now!

    1. Jake Stone says:

      Indeed that domain name might have cost some money. But what’s with “the Pope”, I ain’t buying catholicism as the right analogy… no way.

      Jake Stone’s last blog post: Finnish army to buy Nintendo Wii game stations

      1. Remember he acquired this name a long time ago 😉

        Nicholas James’s last blog post: Are Bloggers Really Your Competition?

    2. I wonder how he get that domain name now. All the best to John Reese for his new venture. His last venture BLOG RUSH failed miserably.

      Shanker Bakshi’s last blog post: Learn How Daniel Scocco Launched $10,000 A Month Membership Site

      1. really? I didn’t know that. Atleast he did not stop with a fail like some people do..he is back and hopefully stronger and more prepared for the challenges that lead towards his goals!

        [email protected]’s last blog post: Win a 40″ Samsung LCD HDTV!!

      2. He also owns income.com. Talk about having the perfect domain names.

        TYCP Entertainment Magazine’s last blog post: Courtney Van Dusen Interview

      3. Hello? He made 1 million dollars in 24 hours!!! Spending 10-20k on this domain really won’t matter to him 😛

        1. Even the domain its self already have high value, i will check detail then.

    3. Too right that’s an expensive domain name.

      Tim @ Blog Tips For Beginners’s last blog post: 5 Things You Should Know About Making The Digg Front Page

  2. Kassandra says:

    When opportunity knocks John, knocks.

  3. Wim says:

    That a new site for in my favorites.

  4. Danny Croft says:

    Thank you for telling me about this im gona sleep on it cos its to late to start signing up to things in england haha, and i should be signing up to it tomorrow afternoon.

    Danny Croft’s last blog post: Dan Croft on Twitter

  5. Sudeep says:

    Wohh thanks for sharing this information .. need to check out that site for sure ..And yes I have agree with Aman .. what a gr8 name ..

  6. Greg Ellison says:

    This is a nice sales video. I really liked it. He is the godfather in the industry. LOL Thanks Greg Ellison

    Greg Ellison’s last blog post: Couple of E-Books that I am giving away

  7. JC and Shoe, the Amazing Synchronized Shill brothers. Will I have to wait an entire day for Howse to join the team this time as well?

  8. jin says:

    john your a clever guy……do you reckon getting money for just socialising on the internet is good???

  9. I still don’t receive approval for my affiliate application from John Reese. Maybe he got too many applications to be processed. By the way, John Reese have revolutionized so many things in internet marketing..

    Mahadzir Jaafar’s last blog post: Craiglist

    1. Earningstep says:

      Yes , i’m waitting to approve by them too

  10. This is an opportunity that I really need to see. Coming from a guy like John Reese it seems to me too cheap, I better take before it is gone.

  11. The introductory price is $39.95, but what do you end up paying per month after that?

    1. John Chow says:

      The same $39.95. It doesn’t go up. However, if you prepaid for a full year, you can get 40% discount.

  12. Miss Right says:

    This sounds like an excellent opportunity. It is an impressive video that makes it sound like just about anyone can do this and be successful at it. Seeing that it is by John Reese makes it a very credible program, I think anyone could benefit from this program. $39.95 seems reasonable and I suppose if you don’t make your money back each month (for whatever reason, you can always cancel). Almost Risk Free.

    Miss Right’s last blog post: Where can I find Private Label Right or Resales right on ebooks, topics on early childhood cultivation?

  13. Cam Birch says:

    Very interesting. I’m only just getting rolling online so these types of investments are a little bit of a large leap right now. Once I get some content and a bit more posting confidence I’ll certainly be looking into training and whatnot.

    I keep feeling like I’ve just started a race that was already completed by those who came before me. Taking baby steps here to make sure I don’t get overwhelmed. Thanks for the constant flow of information though John.

    Cam Birch’s last blog post: Google’s Goats

  14. game-girl says:

    Opportunity.com is a real opportunity for everybody.

    game-girl’s last blog post: Призраки в Коннектикуте скачать фильм онлайн

  15. Luke says:

    I might just give it a try… 🙂

    Luke’s last blog post: MyBrute will beat your Brute

  16. I’m definitely going to look into this. John Reese is no BSer.

  17. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    Seems interesting! I’ll be checking more about it and decide whether I’m going to sign up or not. Thanks John for telling us about this. 😀


    Lee Ka Hoong’s last blog post: How To Boost Twitter Followers In Minutes

  18. Sounds awesome, John Reese deserves attention. I’ll check it all out right now. Thanks, John for the info

  19. Well nothing more nothing less i will staright away go and buy this one for sure since it has come from the experienced hands of Professional Affiliate marketer.

    Ricky Peterson’s last blog post: Make Social Media and SEO Exposure Beneficial

  20. Wii MPG says:

    I don’t know. I’m currently under ED Dale 30dc+ and I think I will stay there and learn more then maybe I go to John Reese for more.

    Wii MPG’s last blog post: Wii Sports Resort Review Video

    1. Who the heck is ED Dale?

      TYCP Entertainment Magazine’s last blog post: Courtney Van Dusen Interview

      1. You’ve never heard of Ed Dale? Have you been living under a rock for 5 years? Just Google his name.

  21. Farai says:

    Will give it a try and see how it works.

    Farai’s last blog post: Market research during global recession

  22. Derrick says:

    Just went through the Opportunity sales page, i think is worth investing.

    Thanks for the info, John.

    Make Money Online : Autopilot Profits

    Derrick’s last blog post: Find Clickbank Product to Promote

  23. Ron Givens says:

    I have taken a look at this sales video and information as well as reading a lot of John’s material from the past several years.

    His books, CD’s and DVD’s are incredibly useful and packed with information.

    I also enjoy his hands on, tactical approach to everything he does and he communicates.

    This is certainly going to be a very useful program. I can’t wait to see how it unfolds.

    1. Jake Stone says:

      For now it somehow looks like a SFI Marketing Group program that tries to tap MMO crowd. Sure enough, very interesting.

      Jake Stone’s last blog post: Finnish army to buy Nintendo Wii game stations

  24. John says:

    Thank you for posting. That’s great that he can provide a single place to get all the resources you need.

    John’s last blog post: The Thomas Kilman Conflict Instrument

  25. Ekey says:

    I remember talking to John at izeafest.. He came in his lamborghini … Knowing his previous accomplishments this course shall add to the list.

    1. lambo is a nice toy when your making money like John is…one day!

      [email protected]’s last blog post: Win a 40″ Samsung LCD HDTV!!

    2. That’s a hot car, but I want a 1967 Chevy Impala & a 1955 Buick.

      TYCP Entertainment Magazine’s last blog post: Courtney Van Dusen Interview

  26. Karl Foxley says:

    Thanks for sharing…

    If John Reese is behind a project you can be certain it is well worth looking into.

    Affiliate marketing is certainly one of the best places to start making an income online.


    Karl Foxley’s last blog post: Online Video Marketing: How To Use Video To Get More Clients For Your Service

  27. of course i will take it!

    ohmelayu | melayuboleh’s last blog post: Bola Sepak Malaysia: Semangat Melayu Boleh kian pudar..

  28. game-girl says:

    Opportunities are everywhere,one must only to open his eyes to see them.

    game-girl’s last blog post: Призраки в Коннектикуте скачать фильм онлайн

  29. Michael Zhao says:

    Man…sometimes we don’t see it even when it’s right in front of us…I think many of us have let opportunities go…or maybe we do see it sometimes…or maybe we are just scared, for whatever reason, to take it and run with it…One LIFE…LET’S GET IT MAN!

    Michael Zhao’s last blog post: End of Second Week.

  30. diabetesinfo says:

    too simple to understand…….

  31. Andi says:

    John Reese quality product at $39.95?! Count me in!

    Andi’s last blog post: Twitter Marketing – Tweet Me You Must!

  32. I’ve been monitoring the launch of Opportunity.com for a while now and I must say it rocks.

    This opportunity can change the world of Affiliate Marketing in a very smarter way. John Reese is famous for his Traffic Secrets that created tons of successful case studies around the globe that we call them “Gurus” now.

    Anyway, I liked the message of this post and the way you announced Opportunity.com.



    Hooshmand Moslemi’s last blog post: How To Make a Travel Guide Website

  33. Technolik says:

    wow opportunity.com he is very lucky to have this domain and with this domain he will have huge success…thanks John it seems to be a very useful tool for affiliates and knowing John Reese it may be one of the best 😀

    Technolik’s last blog post: Building not found error

  34. Derrick says:

    Real interesting opportunity and honestly speaking, opportunity is basically everywhere so one, need to be aggressive and work smart to get the porfits..

    Thanks for the posting.

  35. Wow, I had never heard of John Reese before. Yeah, I’m a newbie and still learning lol. Got lots of checking out to do now…thanks John!

    DTs Flash Drive Blog’s last blog post: Humping Around

  36. Dino says:

    John Reese is the ultimate God! Honestly 1 million within 24 hours is just nuts!!



    1. Caden Grant says:

      That’s great but I’ve recently heard of another marketer I never knew about that I guess made around $18.3 million dollars in 24 hours? Not sure if it’s true.

      Caden Grant’s last blog post: Add A Link To Digg, Delicious And More To Your Blog Posts

  37. Ricky says:

    Looks great.I ll give it a try

    Ricky’s last blog post: Video sites always safe with paid subscription services

  38. Caden Grant says:

    I signed up for this. It’s pretty good I’ve only learned a bit but there’s more to come. I’m not quite sure on my views on it yet.

  39. Well with John Reese’s proven track record that anything he touches seems to make money you have to get on board…

    My mentor personally worked with John Reese meeting him at one of his events and I have to say even seeing some of his events by video he is a very no nonsense teacher that get the job done…

    So thanks for letting me know about his new program will let you know how things work out generating income and leads for his system with blogs and video content…

    Gregory Drake

    Gregory Drake’s last blog post: Gregory This Site SUCKS!!!! Read Why

  40. Definitely I would love to grab by both hand … without giving even a single chance to miss.

    As god give very less chance but yeah that’s for sure that he gives to everyone.

  41. Lithiummind says:

    Sounds Interesting. I am will doing some research on this opportunity. Thanks for the great article.

    Lithiummind’s last blog post: WordPress 2.8 Beta 1

  42. Jason says:

    I don’t know if I will take it from you and your affiliate link, but you can take it from me. By the way, do you have any idea what the program offers exactly? Or did you just cut and paste that description from the sales page?

    Thanks for nothing,
    waste of my time

    1. HorAce says:

      You know. All these get rich quick “guru’s” are useless. Bullshit for dumbass retards who will follow anyone. So if John Resse gathered you douchebags on an island and told you to drink his kool-aid, would you?

      Wow… just wow.

  43. Isaac Yassar says:

    Good chance of income, but also good chance of being scam-ful and mind-manipulating. Affiliate program with no product depends solely on how far you can convince or manipulate others.

  44. Rahul says:

    I love the name Opportunity.com.
    But i dont wanna invest right now..

    Rahul’s last blog post: Make Money With Crapy Content

  45. Dori says:

    Looks interesting, but there are so many opportunities out there one can get lost just looking them over.

  46. VeRonda says:

    Wow… the concept is crazy. I’m just in awe of those who sit and mastermind these ideas… and, then allow others to benefit from them.

    VeRonda’s last blog post: Time For A Change?

  47. watches says:

    it’s always easy to say and hard to do.chances,when come,we can not always recognize them ,even if so,we often lose it because of our choices.

  48. Mike says:

    I got a refund on opportunity.com after about a month. It was all recycled videos from John Reese’s other ventures and most of it was outdated. They said they were adding new videos any day and I waited another 2 weeks and saw nothing at all. It may be good for a complete newbie but if you are able to read wikidfire, digital point, or warriorforums you will already know every single thing.

  49. Wow, a guy named John Reese who made $1 million in 24 hours? I never heard about him until now, wow. That guy sounds amazing, I need to learn more about him. Thanks for the post, I’ve found new inspiration.

  50. Charles says:

    LOL I find it funny that you say John Reese is the Pope of Internet Marketing even though there are people like the StomperNet team making $18.3 million in 24 hours. But I agree the Pope name for is fitting for John Reese because he is a good guy and the StomperNet guys are “cheats”.

    Charles’s last blog post: How to Win Friends and Influence People through Disagreements

  51. Opportunity is out there ! Is whether you grab it or loss it but honestly speaking, stuffs included in the opportunity package should be more valued for money and up-to-date.


  52. Eric says:

    This definitely looks like a solid site. I’ll be interested to see if they can help me with my current startup at all.

    Eric’s last blog post: Top 10 Tips for Successful Article Writing

  53. iWrite2Know says:

    Hope the $39.95 investment will yield healthy results

    iWrite2Know’s last blog post: Why Search Engine Optimization?

  54. work at home says:

    John Resse has always brought out something to amaze all of us. Hopefully he will do it again. Although BLOGrush was crushed we now know what he can do.

    work at home’s last blog post: You Don’t Need A Google Pagerank 10 Blog To Rank #1 On Google Search Engine

  55. Aslam says:

    I should take this opportunity. Thanks for great post.

  56. Evan says:

    Anyone needing free and effective affiliate marketing or internet marketing help or education can contact me. You should NEVER have to pay for online marketing education.

    Evan’s last blog post: Using Social Media and Social Networking for Affiliate Marketing

  57. wow! 1 million dollars for just 24 hours. He really is a marketing genius.

    investingpinoy’s last blog post: You Attract What You Think Most of the Time

  58. marl says:

    John Reese is really amazing…

    Ill count myself in…

    marl’s last blog post: Affordable and Stylish Mailboxes

  59. Mike says:

    I signed up and have already stopped my membership. The site is riddled with old material from some cd collection of his he sold in the past. The “training” information can be obtained free on any super affiliates site for free. free affiliate marketing guide. The “bonus” material was 5 year old videos from affiliate summit.

    I thought it was going to help affiliates find current niches that work.

    Oh and it took them 6 days to cancel my acct. At least I’m assuming it’s closed. The tickets were closed with no reply.

    Bottom line. Steer clear of this one.

  60. Vijay says:

    As Always great post, not sure I am ready for another additional course 🙂

    Vijay’s last blog post: Spore Hero By EA: Review

  61. Tahir Jameel says:

    John Reese is a genius and this side looks great!

  62. HHH says:

    Opportunity is out there ! Is whether you grab it or loss it but honestly speaking, stuffs included in the opportunity package should be more valued for money and up-to-date.


  63. martin gover says:

    highly recommend this web site – highly recommend

  64. Wow, thanks for the review, it looks like an awesome resource,I’, definitely going to check it out and try it out. Im only starting out so need all the help i can get:)


    Diggy – upgradereality.com’s last blog post: Abundance mentality

  65. Sounds like another Oportunity for J.R. to make more money from people looking to make money…


    Google SEO Tools’s last blog post: Google Webmaster Tools is changing

  66. Am I the only one here who’s not stupid? Of course everybody knows that John Reese paid John Chow to hype him up just cuz Chow’s got traffic ohhhh ohhhh at least I’m not retarded.

  67. gurtey says:

    well….seems to be a great oppurtinuity…will cash on that!

    gurtey’s last blog post: What is SEO? A guide for starters

  68. gurtey says:

    i think i definitely need to follow this opportunity

    gurtey’s last blog post: Contest update

  69. Cheryl says:

    Yeah, worth checking out

  70. hey, john nice post, 1 million in 24 hours ? is that real? well i am really wondering bout your blog here. what theme do u use?

  71. VeRonda says:

    Reese is my hero b/c he did it… He just did it! Off to the Opportunity site.

  72. If you want to succeed at Affiliate Marketing, give Opportunity.com a test drive for one month. Sign up, learn everything John Reese is willing to teach you in each of the training modules, and start putting it into practice. You really can’t beat this ‘Opportunity’ for only $39.95.

  73. Sounds like a great opportunity to try out, thanks for the info.

  74. Looks like a great opportunity to gain knowledge about affiliate marketing.

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