Which Billionaire Are You?

Let’s face it, we all want to be super rich and join the Billionaire’s Club. However, have you ever thought about what type of Billionaire you would be should you become one? Well, a new site call Which Billionaire Are You can answer that question.

According to Which Billionaire Are You, there are only five types of Billionaires.

  • The Investor Billionaire
  • The Philanthropist Billionaire
  • The Idealist Billionaire
  • The Mastermind Billionaire
  • The Megalomaniac Billionaire

By answering 15 simple questions, Which Billionaire Are You will be able to determine the type of Billionaire you will be should mega amounts of money suddenly start raining down on you. The test should take no longer than a few minutes to complete and the results are instant.

What would you do with your money?

Which Type of Billionaire Will I Be?

After answering all the questions, Which Billionaire Are You concluded that should I ever become a Billionaire, I would be an Investor Billionaire. They even gave me this nice little badge to display on the blog.

I think the test is pretty accurate since investing is what I generally do with my Internet income. The only other Billionaire I could see myself as would be the Mastermind Billionaire or the Philanthropist Billionaire.

Which Billionaire are you? Take the test and find out. Now, I just need to become a Billionaire. Time to invest into a few start ups!

51 thoughts on “Which Billionaire Are You?”

  1. Benjamin says:

    I must be the Idealist 💡

    1. same here. not exactly sure what that is, cause they dont give definition

  2. I just want to know whether these people who make these websites actually make money or do they just have too much time on their hands!!

    1. Ashley says:

      It’s clearly just link bait – they actually put in a text link at the bottom of the banner – in this case it says “money” and links to their money.co.uk website.

      Jon – I’m really curious if this is a paid review. Did you honestly link to this site because you liked it?

      1. Kevin says:

        Clearly a paid review. I mean who in their right minds would review a site like that unless they were being paid 🙄

        No disclosure by John that its a paid review, quite shoddy imo… how about setting things straight John? Was it a paid review?

    2. dcr says:

      Wait 6 months and see if their site is still online.

  3. Enkay Blog says:

    Turns out that I’m an investor as well. I see we have something in common John!

  4. I am just a couple of dollars away from being a billionaire

    1. Benjamin says:

      Let me guess John Chow got you on your way to being a Billionaire? 😆 :mrgreen:

  5. zk5182 says:

    I am just a couple of dollars from being a billionaire

  6. Hong Kong says:

    If we were working instead of making a billionaire test, we would increase our chances at actually becoming an billionaire…

    But we probably gave up hope already, so we stick with the billionaire test 🙁

    Sorry for this pessimistic comment, next time I’ll be more positive again.

    1. Actually most billionaires didn’t work their way to it. Sure the entrepreneur kinds were smart but luck had to do with it too!

      1. Thorsten says:

        Attitude is more important than elbow grease. If we had a linear pay structure Bill Gates would have to work some thousands of hours to make all his money. But last I checked he just retired…go figure…he is doing it the smart way.

  7. I’m gonna be a philanthropist billionaire(if ever!). Wow! 😀

    1. Same here! Philanthro..pifisist! 😯 Nice! 😉

  8. browie says:

    I”m an idealist. Free spirited fellow I am.

  9. I got Investor Billionaire. Funny, because since I was young, I’ve had one of my close relatives explain to me how important it is to invest your money.

  10. ms danielle says:

    i already know…philanthropist!

  11. Brad Hart says:

    Before having taken the test I am guessing I am a megalomaniac billionaire. The primary reason is I am pretty sure a billion bucks just isn’t enough. I may well be philanthropic too, but most of it honestly would be to help improve my god image…

    1. Well, the more money, the better. Nothing wrong with wanting to expand some more!

  12. Thorsten says:

    cool idea for a blog, universal topic. I wonder which billionaire I would be…?

  13. Ronald Su says:

    After you have become a billionaire, remember to start a blog and teach us how to become one too :mrgreen:

  14. Jc, you and your tricky questions. For the record, I think i’d like to see myself in this category: “The Philanthropist Billionaire”. 😉

  15. Pras says:

    Its Idealist for me. The questions were pretty cheap. I repent for spending my precious 2 mins for taking that useless quizz.

  16. Bro Alex says:

    Billionaires don`t waste time blogging about how much money they made, but it would be an idea, I had no doubt I would be the Investor type of billionaire. 😉

  17. bonoriau says:

    I love to be Investor ..but I’ll test which category is me!!!

  18. Not JohnChow says:

    I am working h it seems that my debt is growing towards anti-billionaire status!

    Debt reduction is my plan, then I will start thinking about this question!

  19. I am stupid billionaire with no money 🙂

  20. Looks like I am in good company. I would be an investor billionaire.

  21. fas says:

    I tried the test and came to be a idealist.

  22. hmmm… I think I would qualify as the “who gives a f*$%” billionaire, because really, if you have that much money and you aren’t giving tons of it to charity you really don’t give a f—. 😈

  23. I would have thought you would have been the Mastermind billionaire, since you’re so evil! 😛

  24. Tyler Ingram says:

    Looks like I’ll be an investor billionaire! Who wants to help me start out on my path and send me money? I’ll turn it around pretty quick for you!

  25. G says:

    I would be an investor ?! 😯

  26. RC Williams says:

    I’m an Idealist! Technically, that means you can still help drive traffic to me 😀 😆

  27. Ashley says:


    I’m curious – is this a paid review or do you really just like the site? Do tell us if this is part of your money making strategy. It’s a simple site but it’s honetly not too interesting and I’m curious if you would really link to it for free.


  28. I think I’m a philanthropist billionaire but I think deep down everyones a megalomaniac billionaire.

  29. I think i would be all 5

  30. Bro Alex says:

    It`s a combination of algorithms to make those 30K + a month 😉 It takes quite a bit of years to achieve that and lot and lots of hard work 😉 Doesn`t it John ?

  31. Zak Show says:

    lol :mrgreen: cool test, I was too carefull with the answers and I proudly got an Investor Billionaire ! So cool.

    Zak from ZakShow.Com

  32. VeRonda says:

    John, I’m going to take the test, but I have to say… I’m with you (your last statement), I can just get to the billionaire status… me and my attorney and financial advisor can surmise which type I’d be!! LOL!

  33. i’m not a billionaire, but with that test seems i can be a Megalomaniac billionaire.

  34. Julius Blog says:

    Hi John,
    This is a hard test 🙄 anyway, of course I will be an investor billionaire. This is what I’m doing right now earning money online and then, invested into real states and stocks.

    Julius @ juliusorias.ws

  35. RedTomato says:

    Even if I move to Vietnam to try and become a Dong millionaire I would struggle and that’s with 26,638.16 Dong to a Euro.

    But I’m an Investor Billionaire so I’m told :o)

  36. I would been an investor millionaire. Increase my wealth

  37. Geiger says:

    I believe I am the poor billionaire!

  38. tyna says:

    I took the test I am going to become an investor billionaire,well that atleast was accurate. Anyway it doesn’t really matters which billionaire i becomes so long as i becomes one especially in pounds or euros currency lol!

  39. Mark says:

    Sorry – I missed the bit where you mention how much you got paid to whore out your blog to shallow, uninspiring linkbait for money.co.uk?

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