White Fire Media Wants to Make You Money

White Fire Media Wants to Make You Money

You have a lot of options when it comes to how you want to make money online. You can choose to become a professional blogger or freelance writer like me. You can choose to flip domains for profit. You can choose to develop digital products like WordPress themes and plugins.

Similarly, if you take the path of affiliate marketing, you’ll also find that there are many different advertising networks for you to consider. One of the newer players to enter the game is White Fire Media. It may not have the same level of popularity and prominence as some more established names in the business, but this review is a part of their marketing plan to get the word out and attract some more publishers (and advertisers).

If You Can’t Stand the Heat…

Do you have a flame burning inside of you, yearning to become a dot com mogul? If that’s the case, you have to be prepared to put in the hours and the effort to learn the tools of the trade. As the saying goes, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

I suppose that could have been the inspiration for the naming of White Fire Media, but I’m just going on personal conjecture. In short, White Fire Media is a CPA network that promises to offer the “highest payouts in the industry.”

As you may already know, the CPA (cost per action) model of advertising means that you direct traffic that completes an action of some kind. When visitors do this, you get paid a commission. On the surface, White Fire Media looks like it is very similar to nearly every other CPA network out there. It’s unfortunate that the information page doesn’t offer much in terms of information.

Navigating the User Dashboard

White Fire Media Wants to Make You Money

After you log into your account, you are presented with the standard user dashboard from White Fire Media. There are five main navigational links near the top: Home, My Account, Request Offers, My Offers, and Reporting.

From the main page, you can see the featured offers, news and events, new offers, and your manager’s contact information. Strangely, when I clicked on any of the new or featured offers, I was given a page saying that no offers could be found. Broken links are a definite no-no.

The user interface is clean and easy to understand, but this also gives the impression that it is not as robust as it can be.

Browsing the Affiliate Offers

Interestingly, White Fire Media presents its list of offers as if they are not all available for your disposal right away. Instead, you have to find them under the “Request Offers” section.

White Fire Media Wants to Make You Money

From here, you get at-a-glance information for the name of the offer, the average rating, a brief description, the payout level, category, and so on. There is a preview link to the left and a “Request Offer” button to the right. This makes it seems like you have to apply to use any given offer, but when I tried a few, they were all “approved” right away.

White Fire Media Wants to Make You Money

Clicking to find the details of a specific offer after approval, you are given the basic information for the payout, a preview, and the list of creatives. It would be nice to see how well the offer is converting for other affiliates in the network, but this functionality may be added when White Fire Media has grown some.

Payment Details

Reading the terms and conditions at the bottom of the signup page is the only way that you can find out about the payment details. I think that having a proper FAQ page would be preferable.

In any case, White Fire Media operates on a net-30 payment schedule based on a minimum payment amount of US$50. You will need to provide them with a valid taxpayer identification number of social security number. The assumption is that payment is made by check in the mail.

Make Money Online with White Fire Media

Is White Fire Media worth your time? This is still a very young CPA network, so they are aggressively looking to gain new publishers, as well as trust and credibility. In this semi-beta stage, White Fire Media doesn’t really have anything to set it apart from the crowd. As with anything else, your mileage will vary.


51 thoughts on “White Fire Media Wants to Make You Money”

  1. Fakhrul Alam says:

    It is unique opportunity I found and I have joined it and let see how helpful it is.

    Thanks for sharing this great making money system.

    1. Ben Pei says:

      Always good to strike while the iron is hot!

      1. Ya but how hot is the CPA Iron??? There are dozens of CPA networks out there all claiming to be the best.

        Trust me pay amounts aren’t the only thing involved here.

        Gotta look at:
        – Payout times
        – Managers
        – Notifications (like if they are stopping an offer)
        – Shaving your earnings

        If you only care about payout amounts then check out tracking 202’s tool that lets you compare networks for offers without having to be a member.

        1. Nice points. I’d have to say scrubbing, ie, converting but not getting the commission, is another big one.

  2. As my blog has gained popularity I have decided to start considering which affiliates I plan to market with. Since this is a new company, it sounds like they don’t have very strict policies regarding who they accept.
    Did they include how much the payout is for each offer?

  3. Jeff C. says:

    Thank you for the post John!
    I’m Jeff, I own White Fire Media. You hit the nail on the head, we are a new, young network looking for affiliates who want to run with us.

    We are doing whatever we can to make sure our affiliates are comfortable running traffic with White Fire. We look forward to seeing a lot of you with us, and will help you with whatever you need!

  4. Reuben says:

    I got approved for white fire yesterday, pretty good support and the offer payouts are genuinely very good.
    If they can keep this up, i’ll be definately sticking with them.

    1. Ben Pei says:

      That’s good news to hear.. Should be quite encouraging to many other internet marketers

  5. Just joined and get approved like 5minutes after I signed up. Fantastic staff and great offers even if there’s not thousands of them as of right now but of course it will grow! I’d give a five stars to their actual offers quality, keep it up WFM!

    1. EarningStep says:

      i agree with you.. look like this is better than cj .. but i will try it first before give other statement

  6. Hmmm. A luke warm review for this cpa network then.

    I haven’t done much affiliate marketing lately, I have been more involved with affiliate management lately. Having started my own blog though, I am tempted to set something up in terms of promotions.

    Here is a question. Are there any cpa networks whereby I can ask them to recruit affiliates to send traffic to a landing page, and when they sign up to my newsletter,I pay the affiliates say like a dollar? I don’t know if I have explained that clearly, I basically want to get people on my newsletter using cpa affiliates. Is this possible?

    Anyone know?

    1. Reuben says:

      I think so.
      I’m planning to do something similar to that through whitefire, just waiting for the management to get back to me.
      I guess you’d have to make your own landing page though.

  7. Benjamin Cip says:

    Sounds interesting, I’ll certainly give it a try. Thank you for sharing thing!

    1. Sahil Kotak says:

      Hey Ben, did you sign up there, are you approved?

    2. And do not forget to share your found.

  8. Casey says:

    Thanks for sharing. I haven’t done much affiliate marketing but I might give White Fire Media a try.

    1. Ben Pei says:

      You won’t regret getting into this game!

    2. You might want to try the bigger networks first such as ClickBooth or Commission Junction

      1. EarningStep says:

        i know cj and make a lot money with it.. i might give clickbooth a try…

  9. Sounds very good. I’ve joined and hope this one is good one. Thanks for sharing the info.

  10. gaban says:

    you give us a lot of option John
    im suggesting you to recruit reviewer then you can share your job review to us
    what do you think

  11. VeRonda says:

    You know, it’s important to maximize what’s a good fit for you and your project… I heard about this a bit ago and although it doesn’t have the prominence like others it might be extremely useful for some. This post offered greater understanding than what I had before, so that was really useful.

    1. Ben Pei says:

      It is always good to explore new options..especially when someone takes time to review it.. saves all the trouble understanding it all over again yourself.

  12. Sahil Kotak says:

    I think it is nice, I have signed up now. Waiting to get approved.


    1. Benjamin Cip says:

      Hey Sahin, it seems that you subscribe to many programs. I’m wondering how you can handle to use them all. I tend to focus on a few of them to be more effective with, and then decide to use another one… etc

      1. Sahil Kotak says:

        Well Ben, there is no matter on that, I feeling that I haven’t got the one I am looking for and the one which is very effective. So I will carry on my search until I get one.

  13. I already sign up, waiting get approved or not.



    1. EarningStep says:

      you have a nice name ….lol…. i wonder what product you wanna use to make money on your site…

  14. Blogging says:

    First of all, do they accept non-US publishers? Second why do we need another CPA network? Like you say, Michael, not really anything there what sets them apart from the rest. SY

    1. Reuben says:

      I’m in the UK, so yes, I think they do.
      Dunno about india/china etc though.

  15. Money-Era says:

    I posted an article on the ways to make money online here http://www.money-era.com/2009/05/online-money-making/. Please visit, comment and/or add your ideas!

  16. I couldn’t agree more with that. I think its essential to understand that in-spite of certain errors, it could be big tomorrow. Time & right decisions will only tell. But, its a evaluation of risk verses rewards at this point of time that would help them make best of decisions for their future financial life.

  17. Diabetis says:

    The question is that would they accept affiliates from Asia and do they have any cpa for diabetes.

    1. EarningStep says:

      you might give them a try.. there are lot of cpa network available for us.. clickbank and cj are one of them

    2. Ben Pei says:

      There is no reason for them not to..

  18. Jeff C. says:

    To answer some questions:

    We accept affiliates from Asian countries on a case by case basis usually only after chatting through email or IM.

    We do offer free content creation, articles, ad copy…etc. to any and all of our affiliates to help you out. All of this is done in house, and NOT outsourced.

    Yes, we are new, but every company has to start out at somewhere. We are committed to proving to all our affiliates we are worth doing business with.

    If anyone has any specific questions to ask before joining, please contact me on AIM: WhiteFireJeff

  19. BrokerSense says:

    Who doesn’t promise the highest payout in the industry?

    1. Bwahahahahahaaaaaaah! You hit the nail on the head with that comment! Only time will tell. Let other peoiple go and learn the lesson, and then draw on their experiences before taking the plunge…..

  20. fas says:

    Worth a try, me thinks.

  21. I am still building my readers. I surely will subscribe to white fire media after have enough of readers number.

  22. Ms. Freeman says:

    I would like to join, but I am not willing to give an unproven upstart company my Tax Id or Social Security Number. They are going to have to allow the option to input that info once I’ve reached the payout threshold.

  23. I’ve been pretty happy with Commission Junction but I’ve also been looking for another network to join. White Fire Media might be exactly what I need.

  24. EarningStep says:

    look like this is great CPA that worth to try.. like i said before .. i am one of lucky cj member .. but it’s okay.. i will give this a try… look how many i can make with them

  25. josh says:

    great one abt info in whitefire….gonna try

  26. Your closing statement of White Fire Media not really having much to offer that sets them apart from the crowd is a pretty damning one. I would sit back and wait to see what experiences others have before jumping onto this particular ship…..

  27. Maybe I’d just give it a try on the submit offers. Throw it some dirt cheap poll clicks, and see it how it converts.

  28. Ben Pei says:

    My goodness.. another affiliate network in the market?

  29. Hey John,

    This seems to be another wonderful opportunity. What else can anyone demand out of it, you have to make the task complete and you will get paid, its less hectic then affiliate marketing.

    I will surely try it out.

  30. The “highest payouts in the industry”, no offense, but doesn’t every CPA company make that claim? You think their marketing dept would get a little original.

  31. Richard says:

    Every CPA network makes that claim. Well, can’t blame them, they wanna get marketers to their side.

    I think, what most of us wanna know is, does the product they carry really converts, and as always, it will depend on publisher’s strategy to market the product to make a sale.

  32. JoshuaElliot says:

    CPA if done properly, will become a passive income for you.

    It seems that CPA is gaining popularity these days, and I saw what some websites (doing CPAs too) has good converting pages too (I also want to give them my details too).

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