Who Says You Can’t Buy Friends?

That’s right! You want friends? You can buy them on eBay! This auction is selling 5 Myspace accounts with thousands of friends in them. I know, you’re thinking that’s the dumbest thing you’re ever heard of. But, believe it or not, someone actually bought it! That’s right, the winning bidder, who paid $75, just got him or herself 5 Myspace account with 9,500 friends in it. That works out to less than 0.008 cents per friend. I had no idea friendship was so cheap!

3 thoughts on “Who Says You Can’t Buy Friends?”

  1. I’ve heard that it’s a decent way to draw traffic, if your demographic is around the 16 to 29 age range.

    I did MySpace for a while, but it was annoying. I’m thinking of getting back into it, just to get more traffic, but I don’t think I’d go out and do the hard work necessary to get 6000 friends.

    At the moment, I’m pulling maybe about 0.02 IPU so assuming best case scenario that all 6000 come and visit, I’d recoup the investment ($75) and a little left over and- who knows- maybe they a few visitors might go for the full service my dating/seduction blog offers and then that would seriously be worth it.

    Something to think about. Heh, I just don’t work that hard to achieve thousands of friends.

  2. John Chow says:

    You really think the person is buying it to get traffic or just to say he has tons of internet friends?

  3. I think there’s a whole untapped underground market of advertising and so forth going down in MySpace.

    It’s primarily being done by bands, clubs and porn stars who cater to that specific demographic.

    So yeah, I think there is a monetary benefit to it. I’d imagine the way it works is that once the profile is purchased, you change the profile a little bit (saying, hey I just joined this company or whatever) and then post a bulletin to your 6000 friends pointign out this GREAT website you just found.

    Even if you don’t get 6000, I imagine if your product caters to the demographic, you’d have easy access to some traffic. NOT to mention MySpace is very viral and hugely networking… if one kid likes your stuff, he then MySpace mails HIS friends so on and so forth.

    Again, though, it’s all about the demographic and if what you offer can capture the attention of ADD prone teenagers.

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