Who Wants To Join Me for Spider-Man on Broadway?

Here’s the deal. I’m going to BlogWorld Expo in New York next week and Infolinks has invited me and a select group of super bloggers to see the most expensive Broadway musical ever made: Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark.

The InfolinksO is a very unique superhero, that’s for sure. But Infolinks is also celebrating a more widely known hero – Spider-Man at BlogWorld East! This year Infolinks will exhibit at BlogWorld East, the world’s largest blogging, podcasting and new media conference and expo. The Infolinks family will also be treating a special group of top bloggers to an exclusive VIP preview of the most expensive Broadway musical ever made: Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark. With music composed by U2’s Bono and The Edge and even a special Law & Order inspired episode to be released, this show is guaranteed to be a “do not miss.” This plus drinks at one of New York’s most trendy bars will make for quite an evening.

I’m allowed to bring one other John Chow dot Com reader as my VIP guest, which will happen on Wednesday night, May 25. If the idea of having an awesome night out of the town with some of the biggest bloggers in the business appeals to you, then here’s what you need to do.

Write in the comments why you should be my VIP guest at Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark.

This contest is open to anyone who’s going to BlogWorld Expo. If you’re going to be at BlogWorld NY and you want to party like a gangster, then you need to join me and Infolinks in New York next week! Ideally, you should already be an Inforlinks publisher. If you’re not, then I recommend you apply before entering.

Deadline for entry is Monday, May 23. Good luck and enter now!

36 thoughts on “Who Wants To Join Me for Spider-Man on Broadway?”

  1. Kirk Taylor says:

    What night is the show?

    1. John Chow says:

      Wednesday night on May 25th. I’ve updated the post. Thanks.

    2. I just hope nothing goes wrong. It took quite a while to get this show off the ground.

  2. dg says:

    Going to NYC? Seriously, check out the Metropolitan Museum. Its the best attraction in the Big Apple; even if you aren’t into museums it will blow you away.

  3. Kirk Taylor says:

    Super, I will still be in town, I”m flying back to Chicago on Thursday morning to attend the Shareasale event.

    So here’s why I hope you’ll select me:
    1) Most importantly, I always use your affiliate links first.
    2) I wanted to come to the HasOffers meetup this weekend but my nephews graduation party happens to be Saturday.
    3) I can take a picture of you with my Lumix GF2 while you take a picture of me with my Lumix GF2 that I bought from Amazon using your affiliate link.
    4) I really need some drinks because we took another child in to our home yesterday! He’s all over the place…
    5) I will come from Iowa to go to a DotComPho setting the record for the traveling the longest distance to have lunch with you on a Saturday! (It will make for a great series of blog posts)

    Thanks for the opportunity and I greatly appreciate the pass.

    1. Kevin Kimes says:

      This isn’t a vote. But if it was, I’d vote for Kirk.

      1. Kirk Taylor says:

        Thanks Kevin. I appreciate it!

  4. Wow that’s nice. But I’m in Sri Lanka. Anyway All the best!

    1. Yea, Sri Lanka is a bit of a long ways to go to see Spidey.

      1. Yes penny well say
        i agree with you..

  5. fazal mayar says:

    That would be nice but im not a super blogger but im a infolinks publisher though! A trip to NY will be expensive for me though. This is a good opportunity and event as always john!

  6. Me, me, me how do I win

  7. John,
    I would love to go but I will not be able to. I’ll be ready for next years blogworld expo. That’s cool how they got U2/ Bono and Edge to compose the music for them.

  8. Jacob says:

    You shouldn’t give it to me. I won’t be going to BlogWorld and it would be completely unfair for me to win because I’m not going. However, since I work in Manhattan, if you decide to have a “meet for lunch” type of thing on Thursday or something, I’ll definitely shoot over for lunch. Can finally meet the blogger I’ve followed since you first added advertising.

  9. Alexis says:

    I wish I could be there. For us here in London What can we do?

  10. Talkvn says:

    Nice ! But i’m not in US 🙁 !

  11. fas says:

    This is gonna be super exciting, but cant make it 🙁

  12. Allison says:

    Top three reasons you should pick me:
    1. I randomly sat next to you at BWE in Vegas last fall at one of the keynotes (the one where the sound was really bad, haha), but we were both struggling to hear and needed to leave quickly afterward, so I didn’t really get to introduce myself. So I need a second chance!
    2. I blog for BlogWorld and know from helping at last year’s event that by Wednesday night I’ll need a tiny break, haha.
    3. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to spend a night with me doing something fabulously geeky? 😀

  13. I want to be your VIP guest so I can see Spidey crash in front of me during the show.

  14. The event would great but disappointingly I cannot travel such a long distance.

    1. PPC Ian says:

      Same situation here, would love to go but a bit too far from the Bay Area for me to make the trip.

  15. Honestly, I’m surprised this show is still on. There has been an incredible amount of bad luck around it.

    1. They must have gotten all the bugs worked out.

  16. Of course it will be great and interesting too…all the best John…

  17. Eugene Craig says:

    You should choose me because I am a daily reader, and try to implement the blogging tips you teach us!! I think the experience would be mutually beneficial for the both of us. I am a college blogger, and would love to learn to spend time on a face to face basis with the master of blogging. I also think you can learn from me. I am a college student that Is outside of the major college think tank tech areas who could help you expand your reach. While it would be nice for you to choose me just know that if you don’t it would be fine, because it is only a matter of time before I can say I’ve earned the right to walk in the same circle that you and other super bloggers do.

  18. PPC Ian says:

    Seems like a truly fun time! John and Infolinks know how to party!

    1. Any affiliate party seems to be way over the top these days.

  19. Can’t make it but have fun John!!!

  20. John says:

    I work a few blocks from the theater, I am over the legal drinking age, and the PR guy over at Rick’s Cabaret owes me a favor…all in all a good combination

  21. Spider-Man is Looking terrible …..

  22. Spider man is going to BlogWorld Expo.how amazing,i really like this interesting post…

  23. John very well done,i appreciate to you whole heartedly ….

  24. i am big fan of spider man this concept is really nice

  25. Whitney says:

    This sounds…interesting to say the least lol.

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