Why Bloggers Fail To Make Money By Blogging

Let’s face it, the majority of blogs trying to make money online won’t make anything. As a matter of fact, if your blog makes more than $100 per month, you’re doing better than 98% of 120+ million blogs out in the blogsphere. Pretty sad, huh? Why is it that so many bloggers fail to make money from their blogs? One thing is for sure, It’s not from lack of information. There are tons of information on the Net, both free and paid, that can teach you more than you want to know about making money by blogging. But still, the vast majority of bloggers won’t make anything. Why?

They Don’t Take This Seriously

Most people start their blogs for fun and not to make money. That is how John Chow dot Com started. I created this blog as an outlet for me to ramble about whatever was on my mind. I never intended for the blog to make money. As a matter of fact, I donated all the income the blog made in 2006 to charity because making money from a personal blog seemed kinda strange at the time.

Because most bloggers work on their blogs for fun, they don’t take it as seriously as they should. Many are doing the “Let’s give this a try and see what happens” approach. If the blog makes money, great. If not, oh well. With that kind of attitude, it’s not hard to understand why so many bloggers don’t make money with their blogs.

They Didn’t Put Any Money Into It

One of blogging biggest advantages is also one of its biggest liabilities. With services like Blogspot.com, you can literally start a blog with zero dollars. If you want a more professional look, a domain name cost only $8.95 and hosting can be had for as low as a few dollars per month.

This extremely low barrier of entry also means you don’t have much, if anything, to lose. Should the blog fail to make money, you curse me, say I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about and move on. This brings us back to point number one. It cost you nothing to start so you don’t take it seriously.

If blogging cost $100,000 or more to start, would you be running your blog the way you’re running it now? I highly doubt it. Yet, a blog can provide so much more than a traditional $100,000 brick and mortar business. You’re not tied to a location and the time freedom is unmatched.

Knowing that commitment increases with money, the solution is simple. Put some money into your blog. Buy that domain name, get that professional web hosting account, invest in a custom design, spend some money on promotion, etc. Once you have some money tied into it, you’ll take things a lot more seriously.

Easy In, Easy Out

Because of the low cost of entry, most bloggers take an easy in, easy out attitude. It cost nothing to get in so if it doesn’t make any money, it cost them nothing and they can get out without being tied down to anything.

They Don’t Treat It Like A Business

Most blogs never get out of the hobby stage. A money making blog is a business and it should be treated as such. Yes, I still consider John Chow dot Com as my hobby but I run the blog as a full blown business. The blog has its own set of books and bank accounts. All income and expenses are tracked and accounted for.

If you really want to make money by blogging, you need to get serious about it and treat your blog like a real business. Blogging is a not a fly by night or get rich quick scheme. Like any business, it take time, money and commitment to build. For the first eight months of this blog’s life, it made zero and barely got more than 1000 page views per day. But I kept at it. I treated the blog like I treated my other businesses. I invested in it, I spent thousands of dollars improving it and promoting it.

Success is never by accident. All the big money making bloggers didn’t get there by luck or taking the attitude of easy in, easy out. They got there by taking their blogging seriously and treating their blogs like a business. You should too.

100 thoughts on “Why Bloggers Fail To Make Money By Blogging”

  1. IveTriedThat says:

    Well said John. If only more people actually listened to your advice instead of looking for get-rich-quick schemes.

    IveTriedThat’s last blog post: Make some extra side cash with YouData.

    1. Lee Ka Hoong says:

      I don’t think there is any get-rich-quick schemes..if there is any..then we won’t be here anymore..haha! 🙂


      Lee Ka Hoong’s last blog post: 66 Professional Bloggers You Should Follow

      1. I think they fail because there is no commitment to do blogging and promotion, they think make money from blogging will come just a day or a month. it need process.

  2. blued888 says:

    Very well said. Some even put up a blog just for the sake of showing Google AdSense advertisements.

    blued888’s last blog post: StumbleUpon sold back (by eBay) to its founders

  3. David Risley says:

    Sound advice, John. I would also add the importance of learning marketing. Without marketing skills and an overall plan of action, you can be really busy on your blog yet make no money and have little (if any) traffic. This is why most bloggers give up.

    I make a six figure income like John does as a blogger, but I work HARD at it.

    David Risley’s last blog post: Tactic for Maximizing Revenue From Your Blog

    1. Melody says:

      Absolutely, I agree tenfold. Some of the most basic points of marketing get lost online, and people fall into this rut of copying others because they don’t understand that marketing will tell you whether or not, someone else’s style of blogging is the type of blog you should be doing..

      Hence..the ga-zillion make money online blogs..

      Melody’s last blog post: My Progression as an Artist. From 5 Years Old to 20.

      1. That’s true. On theory it seems possible that by copying someone who has made it you too will succeed in the same fashion. But in practice it’s a different ball game altogether. There are many other factors that you may not have thought of. So in that actual sense, unless you are his clone, you’ll never be able to copy anyone exactly.

        Peter Lee

        Work At Home Blog’s last blog post: Case Study: How Work At Home Homepage Got High Page Rank PR4

  4. mayooresan says:

    Good post!
    I think another reason! Many bloggers will stick to the conventional money making tips. They’ll have to think out of the box to make some good money, which I havn’t done so far 🙂

    When I read your post, I’m doing everything but I have only 500 hits per day to my blog and making arnd $ 50 from my blog! Anyway I didn’t give it up, I’m keep on trying 🙂

    mayooresan’s last blog post: WordPress.com Search Engine

  5. great advice. Hard work is the only path to success. Its sad to see people just sitting around waiting for the “money train” reach their site. I know that its not easy and growth takes time…kinda like an apple tree:

    you can plant the seed (start a blog)
    but if you dont water it every day (work hard)
    you will never get the fruit of your labor ($$$)

    I am not making much money with my blog, but it was never my intention, it was just to have fun and keep people informed for free for what other sites try selling. Slowly I have seen a ROI and know it can always be better, just keep putting in the time and and effort and listen to what the bigger blogs give as advice and things will work!

    [email protected]’s last blog post: Financials are winners Monday! + Tuesday Earnings

    1. Jake Stone says:

      I have to join the Yes men here. Also I’m going to go all Seth Godin on you by saying that hard work is different from working hard.

      Like Aman here, my blog’s primary mission was to have fun. That’s why I also use alter ego, although my identity can be checked with simple whois task. Still it provides me the anonymity that I prefer, so that my real world clients won’t end up to my fun site at first… bonkers, this was supposed to lead somewhere, but bleh… move on nothing to see here.

      Jake Stone’s last blog post: Cruz vs Volk vs (Stone)

  6. Chelsea says:

    Any business choice that you make that costs nothing is generally not invested in fully. Much like bloggers, many people who start e-commerce sites expect to magically have sales just because they filled a template in online – it rarely works that way!

    No matter what your business is, the same principles apply.

    1. Jake Stone says:

      Good point. Similarly many digital information product buyers expect to have the knowledge quickly after the purchase. Soon they notice that they need to invest time to study and then to put all that into practice.

      Jake Stone’s last blog post: Cruz vs Volk vs (Stone)

  7. Jamersan says:

    Of course, you left out the fact that most people are either not interesting or just not very good bloggers.

    1. Jake Stone says:

      But that’s universal fact, no point mentioning that if you suck then you suck.

      Jake Stone’s last blog post: Cruz vs Volk vs (Stone)

  8. rick says:

    Thanks for the post John…While based on your stats, I am in the 2% category but still struggle with the marketing aspects. I need to focus on competitors and establish a plan of action. My main struggle is the marketing of affiliate programs. I have not started to use my mailing list to market these programs…Can you give us a sense (percentage) of how many sales come from websites vs email marketing? Thanks again

    rick’s last blog post: Photo Projects Wanted! We’d like to hear from you

  9. Danielle H says:

    Thanks John for this sound advice! I am currently working on my online blogzine called Urbane Perpsective Magazine. It’s planning to launch and I am definitely treating it like a business. Because I get distracted at home I work at the NYPL Business Research Library (SIBL) and take advantage of their resources. Thanks again for your valuable information!

    1. Jake Stone says:

      Great name for a zine. In this modern age I constantly get names wrong and fill in the blanks forming gibberish.

      Jake Stone’s last blog post: Cruz vs Volk vs (Stone)

  10. Mike CJ says:

    Very well made point. If you’re new or a learning blogger, actually keep a set of accounts for your blog from day one. Even if you’ve only spent a few dollars, having that sense of running a company will impact the way you treat your blog.

    Mike CJ’s last blog post: Are we really leveraging the power of the internet?

  11. Coree says:

    You have said this before, and it is so true: If you really want to make money by blogging, you need to get serious about it and treat your blog like a real business.

    I’ve also looked back to your e-book ‘Make Money Online” to get tips on how to set up my blog. Thanks so much for all the advice. I’m in it for the long haul!

    Coree’s last blog post: Improve Page Rank and Increase Traffic With Incoming Links

  12. Danielle H says:

    May I suggest a book: Starting & Running a Successful Newsletter or Magazine by Cheryl Woodard. Also I am currently writing a business plan that includes a marketing and financial plan. I was laid off recently from a fortune 500 company in the states, and I have applied to a lot of jobs. Unfortunately, I haven’t had any luck, and therefore I am forced entrepreneur. Combining my skills for marketing, writing, entertainment, and publishing…

  13. skye diaz says:

    I’m a new blogger John, and have been reading your posts and your ebook. I actually started reading your site last year and I’ve finally now got a topic that I’m really passionate about, and very committed to produce great content. One thing I think I’ve had troubled with in the past when I tried to set up a new ecommerce business is traffic. Some of your posts talk about promotion and getting your name out there in networking – as a beginner (blog was just set up a week ago), where do you suggest I start networking and getting some traffic? Or where do I start promoting my blog? How much should I spend? Do you have any advice or could you do a post on this topic?


    skye diaz’s last blog post: Current Pregnancy – 3rd Trimester

  14. ramseeker says:

    You can do it. I’m walking proof that you can make a living online.My last day job was 2001, and I haven’t looked back.
    But it takes time, as John says.

    Another great post, John.

    ramseeker’s last blog post: HP Home and Office Deals

    1. thats amazing! congrats on the dotcom life!

      [email protected]’s last blog post: Financials are winners Monday! + Tuesday Earnings

    2. Ramseeker, that’s a good example that it’s possible to make money online. Actually it depends solely on yourself. There is a saying that goes:

      “If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way; If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.”

      Peter Lee

      Work At Home Blog’s last blog post: Case Study: How Work At Home Homepage Got High Page Rank PR4

  15. Pheak Tol says:

    from my standpoint and my opinion – making money from a blog requires a lot of hard work – hard work that some people tend to get lazy on after a few weeks or so of not seeing any type of improvement or seeing what they want to see – the $ flow

    like john said some people start a blog for fun – to ramble- or just to pass the time away —

    –there are however other means of generating an income online that proves to be worth the time and effort put in – affiliate programs and internet marketing to me is the way to go and then blog about it to help others such as john and others do

  16. Bradley says:

    Very True,

    Making money online is hard b/c your hit with wave after wave of the NEXT BEST THING….
    you get overloaded with information.
    It’s hard to KEEP FOCUS on your objectives.

    Bradley’s last blog post: Internet Marketing Quickies 3 for Free

  17. Good post..I have learned something today! Thanks!

    John, perhaps you may want to give some tips on how to promote non-english blogs?

    Go2Wellington’s last blog post: 复活节~热气球

  18. Richard M says:

    Pretty good post John, but I think a lot can be said for working smarter and not harder. Being dedicated and working hard on your blog will only get you so far. The same goes for throwing money at it. If you don’t put it into the right places then its just money down the drain.

    Honestly for most people going from 0-1000 visitors per day in less than 8mo’s is pretty impressive. Some people will look at it and says that’s not much but for others they probably would kill for 1k /day

    I’ve seen lots of people with tons of dedication that don’t ever reach even those numbers because they are putting the work in the wrong place.

    On the flip side of that I think a lot of people get wrapped up into some of the success stories out there that are less than .001% off all bloggers. They see someone that through good luck, good timing and maybe some great marketing or a great niche haven’t had to devote as much work as others. They think that all you have to do is write a couple posts a week, throw some ads on a site and you’ll instantly make money.

    Richard M’s last blog post: eBay Sales Off StumbleUpon Is Skype Next?

  19. Very good post and completely true.

    I’d say another reason is blogging has grown so much in popularity that it’s pretty difficult to break into a profitable niche that isn’t already covered 100 times over.

    I think perhaps a lot of people are looking for quick results and when they don’t get them, they get discouraged and end up quitting.

    I know I’ve felt discouraged many times, but i’m sticking with it and I’m starting to see some positive results.

    That sandbox is a tough one to get out of. 🙂

    OrlandoGolfBlogger’s last blog post: Hitting a Sand Shot

  20. Those who fail may not even care to try. I’d say the majority are doing it for fun. For those who are trying, most probably try for a bit and discover it’s not a get rich quick and give up.

    [email protected]’s last blog post: How To Get People To Keep Reading Your Blog

  21. Mr. I says:

    Sound advice! Last point is essentially true. Treating blog like a hobby is not good most of the times.

    Mr. I’s last blog post: Five Things That Instantly Destroy An Idea For A Blog Post

  22. Lewis B says:

    Great message… some would say it’s almost common sense, but I call it a wake-up call and it’s true that “Common sense just isn’t that common” =)

    I’m actually motivated to take my blog to the next level!



    Lewis B’s last blog post: 25% Off TurboTax + Free Food + Top 10 Procrastinating Cities

  23. Hi John, I started to read your blog 2 years ago and after that started my first blog “Let me lead you through the streets of Moscow”. This blog was a great fun for me. And I did not make money with it.

    Exactly eight month ago I actively started to work on my second blog “To Europe”. This is also for fun, but I take it very seriously and treat as my business. I update the blog 5 times a day and try my best to get my visitors helpful information about budget traveling in Europe gathered by my own experience. I get now about 1000 views a day. Income is not as much as you predicted but I am not disappointed. I know, this will be improved. After next eight months I will reach my targets!

    Thanks John! Your post was the best motivation to do in this way.

  24. Evelyn says:

    Hi John,

    I noticed that you following me on twitter. I found your blog via twitter and must say I enjoyed this post. I learned a lot in your article and other posts that were linked to it. Great information! I will subscribe. Take care!

  25. Motivational post. Thanks John, I will put some of your words into action.

    needmoney.com’s last blog post: Email Marketing – How to Avoid the Spam Blockers and Filters

  26. Lester says:

    Because of so many worthless blogs today, some people are loosing hope to see the internet for solutions but rather just prolong the situation and loose profit for most bloggers. Thanks for these article hope these blog inspire more people like me.

    Lester’s last blog post: Masters Seminar In Tampa..

  27. diabetes man says:

    yes john after a years….I get just little money from my blog, I try to get the problems……and you are right.

  28. Melody says:

    It takes money to make money..

    Melody’s last blog post: Winning the AzoogleAds/Playboy T-shirt Design Contest…

  29. Jackie Chia says:

    Money makes the world go around.

    Jackie Chia’s last blog post: ALL CLEAR: FeedMedic Alert for http://feeds2.feedburner.com/SolidaritymakesPowercohesionhope

  30. Melody says:

    The only thing I don’t understand about people who are in it for “fun” is that, then why do you put ads on your website?

    Adsense and the other ways of making money have become watered down from all the people who are unwilling to go through consistent efforts of marketing/work to build their website…

    If you’re in it for fun…then don’t help saturate the industry by putting ads on your site..

    Melody’s last blog post: Winning the AzoogleAds/Playboy T-shirt Design Contest…

    1. I don’t see anything wrong with someone putting ads up on their site if they’re only blogging for fun. There’s no harm in making a little money on the side while doing something you love.

      TYCP Entertainment Magazine’s last blog post: Courtney Van Dusen Interview

  31. Eden says:

    Very true. I guess I have to admit that I’ve never worked very hard at any of my websites…certainly not like I do at my day job or at my freelance projects. Great post!

    Eden’s last blog post: Site Redesign and Comment Improvements

  32. Rick Kats says:

    Awesome post, and definitely true, just about everyone and their grandmother has a blog, they start it and let go in no time. blogging requires constant effort and work in order to be successful.

    Rick Kats’s last blog post: Building A Brand Name That Lasts

  33. Leah says:

    I noticed you were following me on Twitter and decided to check out your blog. I learned much from you today and I haven’t even read all of your content. You Rock! Thanks for sharing.

  34. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    Most of the bloggers will quit when they can’t make money with their blogs, I think this is the major reason that blogger quit or shut down their blog. Nothing can be done without putting effort.


    Lee Ka Hoong’s last blog post: 66 Professional Bloggers You Should Follow

  35. Philip Nowak says:

    I started my blog solely to share my love for Chicago with my friends and anyone else that might be interested. I would like to eventually monetize the site, but right now I am trying to drive as many readers to the website as possible. In addition to keeping track of my income/expenses, I have been trying to implement a consistent writing/posting schedule to force myself to view the blog site as a business.

    As always, thanks for your great advice.

    Philip Nowak’s last blog post: Picture of the Day: Full Size American Gothic Statues on Michigan Avenue in Chicago

  36. Silvia says:

    I think every season has its fruit,when the time comes the blogger is ready to invest into the promotion of his blog and treat it as business,becomes more motivated,but the period of blogging for fun is also necessary,one can get some experience and a sum to invest.

    Silvia’s last blog post: Прохождение гры Godfather 2 – Крестный отец 2

  37. MIRACEL says:

    Thanks John for this post. I’m just a newbie in blogging. I would really take into consideration your suggestions.

  38. Miracel says:

    Thanks John for this post. Will take into consideration your suggestions. I’m just a newbie in blogging.

  39. cancer info says:

    thanks for advice john….you are right, not easy to be success….but very possible

  40. Great post John! Business is business, fun is fun, if you are here to make money don’t play around, take things seriously.

  41. Nice point John! I also see serious income when I moved from blogspot to wordpress. It took me 8 months fof the first payout in adsense. But when I used wordpress (that time, I am really creating quality posts and invested time and effort in marketing it), I got my second adsense minimum payout in just 3 months.

    We should all treat our blogs like a business if we really want to make money from it.

    Millionaire Acts’s last blog post: Save Money at the Supermarket

  42. Titan says:

    Excellent article and so true. I am working on raising some capital to do it the right way. I appreciate your posts.

    Titan’s last blog post: Asset Backed Loans

  43. Ken says:

    You hit the nail on the head…….But then creating a successful blog that makes money is like so many other things in life. The ones that reach the top are are usually 1 to 2% that are willing put in the time and effort.

  44. Andi says:

    Yeah, agree with you, John. Treat it like a business. If possible, from the very beginning, by doing some market research first before you create your blog. See how big the market size actually is.

    Andi’s last blog post: Top 10 Wallet Breaking Internet Marketing Products – Part 2

  45. Shams says:

    I don’t agree withyou. How many iteams you have at your hand to blog. Make money online (you are doing it), about tech (techcrunch is doing it), don’t forget boing boing and other top ones. So in fact people need maximum 4 to 5 different blogs to entertain them. That’s the reason why only few makes money. Not that others are not serious about it.

    1. That’s BS about people needing more than one blog. I know people that only have one blog to their name.

      TYCP Entertainment Magazine’s last blog post: Courtney Van Dusen Interview

  46. Greg Ellison says:

    This is a great post. Thanks Greg Ellison

    Greg Ellison’s last blog post: Great Posts This Week

  47. I definitely agree with you John, tons of people really just don’t care that much about their blog. Thats one of the main reasons I got a custom design before I even had a following, I wanted to be serious about my blog.

    I’ve been working hard to get my blog going, I try to maintain a one post a day schedule and I’ve been working on the SEO as well as buying banner ads on various related blogs. In fact I need to grab one on yours.

    I’m actually looking to start another blog or two on different subjects. Obviously I’m interested in several topics but they won’t fit on my affiliate blog so well. So what are your suggestions on niche blogs? Should I go for another UBD design for each niche blog I make? For example, football spreads and betting is a topic I want to talk about. Is it worth it to spend a few thousand on the design for something like that?

    Jeremiah Cooper’s last blog post: Working from Anywhere

  48. “Just if your blog makes more than $100 per month, you’re doing better than 98% of 120+ million blogs out in the blogsphere.”

    I didn’t know this so at least I know I’m in the 2% category. But seriously, you’re right many bloggers do not take it seriously enough. Thanks for sharing such a nice post.

    Peter Lee

    Work At Home Blog’s last blog post: 4 Bloggers’ Interview:If I Could Start My Blog All Over…

  49. Thanks for that insight John. I agree with you. I almost made the mistake of taking it seriously and doesnt make sense. Blogging should be fun. We should be doing something we love to do, or write about what we are passionate for. Great perspective!!!!

  50. Good post.I guess many people fail blogging because they buy into all the “must-have” half-baked products out there and obviously they don´t work.The products are not even meant to help anyone but the developer of the product.

    It takes a lot of work, research and persistence to make money blogging.It is something that takes years, not days or weeks.

    Tom – Home Business Marketing Tips’s last blog post: Marketing With Articles

    1. Your right Tom, so many people see the big blogs and how they are pulling in 5-6figure monthly incomes and try to emulate their strategies without understanding the hard work it took to build a following. Persistence and patience will go along way towards a successful blog.

      [email protected]’s last blog post: Free 60 Day BJ Wholesale Membership!!

  51. rscot138 says:

    Great advice! I just started blogging and I have to say it’s loads of fun! You’re advice is priceless, hopefully I can continue with this and maybe it will help me with my college loans..

    1. its great that your first emphasis was on having fun. That takes away a lot of stress of worrying about how/why your running site for profit. If the $$ comes in, its a great revenue stream, but again, fun is key and will obviously keep you motivated to work at this. Best of luck!

      [email protected]’s last blog post: Free 60 Day BJ Wholesale Membership!!

  52. Well said and about time someone put the real truth on the table.

    It cost money to promote and get your blog noticed invest and with hard work and determination you will eventually reap your rewards.

    netbusinessblog’s last blog post: Review: Active Campaign’s email marketing software

  53. fas says:

    Awesome motivation there John. Another important point is that blogging should have a regular schedule. You should n’t skip it.

    fas’s last blog post: Do You Workout?

    1. regular schedule is great. i try to post each night btwn 9pm – 11pm which seems to be what the majority of my readers wanted…i tried different methods but in the end the feedback I got was taken into consideration and I worked with it.

      [email protected]’s last blog post: Late Day Rally Wednesday

  54. I couldn’t agree more John. If people are starting blogs, they should have some kind of plan and goal from day 1 whether it’s to make money or whether just a personal site like the way you started out. I’ve recently launched a new blog called http://www.videophoneinsider.com which has no content right now but it’s only 2 weeks old. This is a site purely about the video phone. It’s purpose will be to have visitors buy a Video Phone through me. My purpose was clearly defined from day one.

  55. True enough, if you want to get a good fruit out of the business then you better focus. Money doesn’t come raining at once just because you have opened a blog, you have to be patient and learn how to put things straight. Don’t overlook the basics.

    Perhaps, Originality and Honesty is the Best Policy.

    Nice blog anyway Mr. John Chow.

    Tyrone – Internet Business Path’s last blog post: Moving Your Business Online

  56. Haris says:

    Hi John, the greatest challenge is to be discipline, stick to schedule. I am following your way ‘the seven habits of highly effective blogger’.

    that’s punching my face all the time. thanks and waiting to read more great posts.

    Haris’s last blog post: 8 tips penting sebelum memilih perusahaan hosting

  57. Manisha says:

    Well said John.

    But here in India not much online earning scope. most blogger put Adsense on their blog and try to earn. Nothing local is available to monetize the blogs in India.


    Manisha’s last blog post: Jobs in HOCL apr09

  58. Well said. I also treat it like a business. If you don’t do that, then you will never really make any money. The other thing I’ve noticed is that some people have no patience & expect to become a millionaire overnight.

    TYCP Entertainment Magazine’s last blog post: Courtney Van Dusen Interview

  59. You mentioned some important points above, but I would also like to add that another reason why bloggers fail is so called “information overload”.

    When newbies start out, there is so much to read and learn, that some of them don’t really want to get into all that stuff, so they just quit.

    Quitting has always been an easy option, but it’s not the right one…


    Make Money Online 4 Idiots’s last blog post: Clickbank Journals – The Road To Success

  60. I think another reason why some don’t make money is because of lack of focus. They often jump from one affiliate program to another not understanding how each works. I think making money is really not that simple so a lot of effort and patience is needed to see some real results.

    Peter Lee

    Work At Home Blog’s last blog post: Case Study: How Work At Home Homepage Got High Page Rank PR4

    1. Lee Ka Hoong says:

      I agree with you Peter! Making money online is really not that easy unless you’re big G’s relative or friend, else you gonna work hard and put in effort to achieve your goal. Patience is the most important attitude we should have, many bloggers fail to continue their blog because they can’t see money flows into their pocket in just few weeks time, but make money blogging requires longer time to success (May not successful too). Just trial and error. 🙂


      Lee Ka Hoong’s last blog post: 6 Web Design Jobs That Make Money Online

  61. VanillaSeven says:

    As the wise man said ” Where your money is where your heart is”
    A really good point to bring up

  62. ck5354 says:

    Agree with you, until today my blog still generate less than 0.03 cents per day,

    Help Help Help.

    ck5354’s last blog post: Sold 10 lots of sime-cg at 0.16

  63. louis Viton says:

    thanks,john!I want to make some extra money from the internet world!So I want to follow you.thanks again for your good article.I learn more from your writting.

  64. Rahul says:

    You opened my eyes. you have to get serious if you wanna get something…
    yesterday my old blog generated 1$…

    this shows you have to serious and steady….dont give up….than only you get some thing…

    success dont come in one day.

  65. while it may take time, earning money with blogging can be achieved. well said john.

    1. TK says:

      I’ve been throwing the idea around fr awhile – TO Blog or Not To Blog….but all my friends do it to share their families with friends & out of state family – I admit I was considering it for the same thing. I NEVER considered making money!! What a concept…gee what cave have I been living in!?

      So here goes. I will be reading-absorbing-& hopefully blogging soon. I’m intrigued…

  66. TradeProfits says:

    Some good points there. There are a lot of examples of good bloggers out there who make a living from it, and from what I can tell, they follow the above described ideas..

    TradeProfits’s last blog post: 100 % Accurate signals – 100% Bullshit

  67. NL says:

    Your points are indeed noted. However there are some of us who are in parts of the world where because of circumstances you do not have anything to invest. Strategy would be to build traffic by manual means and then invest the first few dollars that you get.

  68. Timon Weller says:

    I agree. You hit this subject topic right on the nail for most bloggers. I find this is the same with most things though for most people, especialy when it involves effort without instant money.

    Timon Weller’s last blog post: Are Internet Marketers Too Serious?

  69. Ironman says:

    Yes, but not all those 120+ million blogs are in for the money! So the comparison is quite far fetched.

  70. Penny says:

    Point taken, take it seriously! I expect that the income from my blogs will rise steadily over the next 5 years to the point they will overtake my “day job.” I expect my blogs to outlive me, and will take the appropriate business steps to transition the ownership so they can survive me and provide an income for future generations.

    Penny’s last blog post: California Online Community College Courses

  71. Bati says:

    Even though using blog to make money doesn’ t cost too much but it will cost too many time.Blog is a long way to archive and must be serious with it.I totally agree with your opinion.

    Bati’s last blog post: 7 techniques to develop Blog plans

  72. I don’t agree on your statement about “Easy In, Easy Out”. You can still market your site successfully without spending a dime. You have to be willing to learn, and the search engine provides lots of information for people to learn.

    Number One On Google’s last blog post: How To Rank Number One On Google

  73. Yeah, I’m still not making that much money from my blog yet. I’m only making about $2 or so a day, if I’m lucky. I didn’t take blogging seriously enough before, lol. But when I began to see it’s potential, I got back into it. Nice post!

  74. I think generally what John says about having a picture or telling more about yourself is the correct way to gain trust from your readers. But then again I’ve seen some people who intentionally don’t reveal this since their blog or the contents they write seem to be give a certain sense of mystery which attracts a certain group of people.

    Peter Lee

    Work At Home Blog’s last blog post: Less SEO Tags for More Visitors

  75. Excellent thoughts. What struck me most is your comment regarding, “they don’t treat it like a business.” I couldn’t agree with you further. Many people create a blog, slap some ads on it – and expect to make money. This isn’t the case – and the blog must be treated with care.

    Smart Boy Designs’s last blog post: Love Your Blog Topic Like Stephen Hawking Loves Science

  76. Christian says:

    This may sound crazy, but it’s good to hear you didn’t make money at the start and had to work to build this particular property, even though you already had a successful business online. Most people assume that you already have it made. I’ve learned that just because you’ve “made it” in one business doesn’t mean you “have it made” in anything else. It’s always a lot of work to succeed 🙂

    Christian’s last blog post: The Ingredients of Wealth: How Many do You Have?

  77. Linn says:

    so true.. but that’s what makes those people who work hard will stand out from the rest.

    good read.

    Linn’s last blog post: Using Linux

  78. I’m guilty of the part that I sometimes don’t treat blogging as a business although the blog I chose is in entrepreneurship. I think you are right, if you treat it as a business, you will do your best to make money out of it. Like a brick and mortar business, you need to invest in it also.

    Lito | TheFilipinoEntrepreneur.Com’s last blog post: TRC (TLRC Training) Courses/Seminars Available in May 2009

  79. Michael Zhao says:

    That is so true. I have to re-launch my site as well. Make it totally awesome!

    Michael Zhao’s last blog post: End of Second Week.

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