Why Bulk Email Campaigns Are Going Extinct

Email marketing is a huge player in creating brand awareness and user engagement. It’s said close to 95% of people have an email address and 55% check it daily for updates. What’s even more amazing is some have email addresses even when they have nothing to do with business or online marketing. Email is a great way of communicating and getting the point across very quickly so no wonder it’s making people very rich quickly. For example, imagine selling a product and during your launch sending an email to 100,000 people just think about the reaction you would instantly get. Here’s something else…

The email blast can generate enormous money income for your business and product. However, from my personal experience bulk email blasting used to be more effective and is slowly deteriorating for many reasons. This is pretty upsetting because it still continues to be the best way to engage with niche relevant people. Let’s look at a few reasons why email marketing no longer is as flexible as it once was. Let’s get started…

Sending Limitations

Over the years, SMTP’s or email hosting providers have become more aware of the growing problem and included a restriction on their sending. At one point, there was NO limit on the number of emails you can send daily. However, now many hosting accounts allow no more than 200 emails per day. For someone who is banking on bulk email sending to generate income this will be a major problem. Keep in mind the success of email campaigns increase depending on the amount of emails you send out and with these limits in place you’ll be greatly restricted.

It’s very hard to increase these limits and the only way to do it is in “2” ways. First, you purchase several more hosting accounts or setup more email accounts. Secondly, you start sending through independent email relays like SMPT.COM and SENDGRID. However, even with these options you’re running into restriction now which is very hard to get around.


If you decide to send through SMP relays then you’ll have a larger sending limit however you’ll run into another problem. At one point, the practice of sending limits wasn’t an issue, but these relays learned poor emails with an increased bounce rate, unsubscribe and SPAM complaints were hurting all their IP addresses. They then went on a mission to find ways to decrease this and introduced a reputation score. What does all this mean?

When you sign up, you’ll be given a reputation score and overtime either this will improve or decrease. As it decreases, your limits are adjusted. How does the reputation be influenced? The number of bounce rates, SPAM and unsubscribe over a specific time period.

Email Clients

Another reason why email campaigns are becoming more difficult is because inboxes are becoming smarter and able to catch specific types of emails. There’s a reason why you have a SPAM folder and it’s automatically filling up. It’s because clients like Gamil.com, Yahoo.com and Hotmail.com are able to catch specific messages because of the IP the message is sent from or words within the message. You’re wondering how they know what messages to send to SPAM? Simple…

Its experience and what messages people have been marking as SPAM over the years. When someone sends you a message, it’s scanned before delivery for specific words and then either sent to the inbox or SPAM folder. This works 90% of the time, but people are able to get some messages through by tweaking their sending options. Either way there is a system in place and it’s getting better as time goes on so you can rest assure it’ll keep improving over time which will just make it harder on those bulk senders. If your sending emails for marketing purposes that’s OK, but if your mass sending to get people to click-through and fill out a form than it might be a problem for you.

All of the factors listed above are making it very hard to continually send email messages with success. However, I personally believe following the rules is crucial in achieving success. It’s a great way to build your brand the right way WITHOUT running into any issues going forward.

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6 thoughts on “Why Bulk Email Campaigns Are Going Extinct”

  1. Hello Rizvan,

    Email blast is out of fashion as long as I’m concern. When people are asking me if I have an email database of 100k so that I can sell to them I just look at like, “Is this one still in this planet?”

    It will continue to go out of fashion. Thanks for pointing out reasons why this is happening .

    There’s nothing that surpasses building relationship with your followers and asking for their email address to continue the conversation.

    Thanks for being here, Rizvan. I’m one of John’s biggest fans.


  2. Hey Rizvan!

    This is why you must invest in a reliable email marketing tool (autoresponder). I don’t know who is doing such email blasts from their own website / host anymore. This is dead man.

    Email marketing is still an effective marketing strategy. I was just reading something about this on another blog and looked at some statistics, email marketing is still very effective. But, you have to do it the right way. You have to do it with the proper tools and follow the right strategies. Otherwise, you will fail miserably trying to spam people with any other ways of email marketing. Yes, if all you want to do is just blast your message to people’s emails that you don’t even have the permission to send an email to, you will always fail.

    Thank you for sharing this interesting topic!

    Best regards! 😀

  3. DNN says:

    I just write long content in faith that business increases.

  4. Syed Fahad says:

    thanks for this awesome information i am very glad
    thanks again

  5. DNN says:

    I never send bulk e-mails from my server.

  6. Karim Toulba says:

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    I’ve been using an email marketing tool for so long now. And I’ve got to experience great results and benfits that I’m not to get without such a tool.

    While being the oldest way to reach out to customers, It has turned out to be the most-effective one for high conversion rates! Basically, email marketing becomes very effective.

    I’ve made sure to include different sign-up forms on different places in my blog. And I’ve managed to get nice results with a good daily subscription rates. I’m turning the 1,000 subscribers mark very soon within this month (according to my own predicting).

    Thanks again for sharing.
    This article is very insightful and indeed very helpful!

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