Why Canadians Are Happier People

According to various surveys and polls, Canadians are generally happier than their counterparts in the US and the UK. Many explanations are given as to why this is and almost all of them never stand up or make much sense. No, I feel there is one main reason why Canadians are happier:

We don’t get flooded with bad news!

Take the following example. The Huffington Post has three editions (US, UK and Canada). Those living in the US and UK likely don’t see the other editions. However, those who live in Canada have easy access to the US and UK site. Here is the front page of the UK edition.

Pretty grim, huh? Not exactly the best way to start the day.

Below is the front page of the US edition. Again, not exactly uplifting news.

Lastly, this is the front page of the Canada edition of HuffPost.

Yes, it’s true. While the rest of the world worries about finding Gaddafi’s weapons of mass destructions and economic doom and gloom, Canadians are worried about what kind of autumn Canada is going to have.

As the saying goes: Don’t Worry, Be Happy! 🙂

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  1. Kirk Taylor says:

    Interesting, I never looked at the other pages… I don’t regularly read the post

    I’ve often thought that the press in the United States has more influence over the country then the sitting President does.

    1. Technary says:

      The other pages are very much good!

      1. Gift Ideas says:

        very well allothers
        sham sham

    2. The media have as much influence as people allow them to have. As long as people will consume it and buy it they will keep on producing it.

      I think that happy people don’t really get that much influenced by negative news because they don’t consume it. Those who consume it and feed on it may get less and less happy.

  2. Whitney says:

    I agree John, Don’t worry be happy! That’s really the way to go. It does appear that the Candians have more “cheery” news…you guys should consider yourselves lucky!

    1. Do not that lucky is proper word because they labour hard for it and they are good citizens with civic sense (exept recent some incidence because of sport).

      So we are having such life and we are enjoying it.

      1. Whitney says:

        Hmmm..well call it what you will my friend. I’m glad you’re enjoying your life though!

    2. PPC Ian says:

      I agree. We need more positive news here in the US, way to go Canada!

  3. LOL You must be very observant to discover this.

    I try to stay positive about life and don’t get affected by all these stuff. Times are already so bad.

    1. Whitney says:

      Staying positive is extremely important in our fast paced world. You can look at everything in a positive light, remember that!

  4. Patrick says:

    I lived in Ottawa for two years. The winters were bitter cold, but the people were quite warm. 🙂

    1. And hence you are enjoying warm life …

  5. CaptiousNut says:

    Of course there are a lot of differences…

    Canada doesn’t get attacked by terrorists; they don’t have a massive *entitled* underclass; and they aren’t suffering the negative side effects of decades of growing wealth; etc.

    I myself have tuned out all that media nonsense for years now. They are just trying to co-op my time and manipulate my emotions.

    Boston was too cold for me…forget Canada!

  6. fazal mayar says:

    im not surprised, we dont have much storms or tornadoes down there and no big debt problems and war problems too. 🙂

  7. Michael says:

    Haha – great post John. We are definitely happier people!

  8. MykeTech says:

    I’ve always wanted to live in Canada because I like cold weather and hockey!

    1. Than Canada will be heaven for you …. Come my friend.

      1. fazal mayar says:

        yes hockey, cold weather rocks!

  9. Jay says:

    lol I love it that is like comparing apples to oranges. As a U.S citizen that is all we see is bad news it is ridiculous. Falling stocks, terrorist attacks, the economy etc… etc….

    No wonder a lot of people are depressed it goes without saying lol. I need to hang out in Canada more often I like the carefree attitude.

  10. Canada is a very nice country so that’s why people are happy. But I would say that if Candada had better higher temperatures during the winter, people would be happier than they are now.

    1. you wont get everything in a plate my friend …

  11. Garrett says:

    Dang, Canadian media sounds awesome. I always hate watching/reading the news because of how depressing it is.

    “13 children died today…”
    Why can’t I hear about how 13 children dressed as power rangers stopped a robbery instead? >_<

    1. That is because in spite of what people say about negative news most of them still watch it and wouldn’t watch positive news.

      The news business is still a business and produces or focuses on what sells.

      It is sad but true.

  12. In that sense would say Indians would never get an opportunity to be happy;(
    U r a great observer john;)

  13. The mass media does have a hand in shaping the psyche of a people. Your audience will only know what you give them, and that’s apparent in your comparison of Huffington Post’s different editions.

    1. GlyphTab says:

      So true! The sad part is majority of people just take what main media are giving them as granted.

  14. Interesting. I stay away from newspapers nowadays. Especially the front pages.

    1. PPC Ian says:

      Yeah! I agree. If you stay away, you can focus more on your work and get more done with a positive attitude as opposed to getting sidetracked with negative news.

  15. GlyphTab says:

    I don’t watch news ESPECIALLY local news! Very very VERY depressing. All they have to say is who killed who, who raped who, what accident happened. Yet mainstream media control people’s minds that they believe just whatever is fed to them. DISGUSTING!

  16. joe says:

    Dunno that canadian is very happy..

  17. Bruce Gibson says:

    Brilliant, dead-on observation. Certainly made me think.

  18. I think I should start placing Canadian news media post as my homepage so that it makes me a happy person every day 🙂

    1. If you need media to make you happy than you may have a problem because even Canadian media has plenty of negative news. It definitely prevails over the positive news.

  19. Awesome infrastructure and better living is main thing for any common man.

  20. ScrewLife says:

    Great post John, do more of such posts …As much as you noted that people are tired of the whole war, debt and stuff posts by the media (making them unhappy)…same way we sometime get bored and tired of reading about affiliates, wordpress, make money online crap and others.

    It is warming to read about other things like you just did…Bring more of your ramblings…they are needed sometimes…

  21. I don’t see how Canadians are so happy, considering how they’re so worried about something as trivial as the weather for the upcoming Fall! ^_^

    1. You could have a good point but weather is important since it can be extreme in some parts of Canada.

      John wrote that Canadians are happier in comparison. That is of course generalizing and it doesn’t apply to everyone.

      I know how hard it is for some people to read that they aren’t number one in everything.

  22. fas says:

    Well that is just an example not the same with other media.

  23. A cheerful and happy person creating happy and nice people around him, it spreads like ripples in water. Perhaps that is what the Government of Canada knows this trick and banned newspapers have negative headlines in the newspapers. 🙂

    1. Do you really think that Canadian government has the power to order media what and how they can report?

      A scary thought.

  24. MykeTech says:

    Keep in mind – there’s a lot of people who don’t even look at the news.

  25. Stocksicity says:

    So this is why my cousin in Toronto is always happy when I speak to him over the phone.

  26. Technary says:

    Canada is a great place! But we can live happy wherever we want… 😀

    1. Yes, I totally agree with you.

      There are places where people aren’t free to live happily but any countries mentioned by John certainly don’t limit anybody that way.

  27. As a resident of the Gulf coast, I am (&*^*(%^% happy %&^& )*(&(&*.

    Life here is *(&*^%^ great.

    \ /
    / – \


  28. FYP says:

    True Canadian are happy people.

  29. I’m typically not a sunshine-and-lollipops type but there’s something to be said for the Canadian take on the news. This post does remind me of a newspaper column I read this week that compared news stories from 9/1/2001 to today’s. There was a distinct difference in tone.

  30. Roy says:

    Are Canadians really happier because 1 days news is different than ours? Let’s see…
    1)Canadians who are entertainers must come to US to really make it. Justin Bieber, Alex Trabec, Jim Carry, Regis Philbin, I could go on.
    2.)C’s who want or need a medical procedure NOW and not 2 years from now…hmmm…usually come to the US. Treatment refused in Canadian hospitals can be had in the US. (They brag about their healthcare system until they really need quality medical care.)
    3)Thousands of C’s flee the country each year to Winter in the US because its so damn cold in Canada.

    I guess they could be happy because the US NORAD and military protects them from attack and then they wimp out when we ask them to join us in a just cause. I could go on but why bother. I’d rather be an American, Thank You…and so would a lot of Canadians ( See #1)

  31. Erwin Miradi says:

    LOL Nice post. I think where ever you live you could be a lot happier than anyone else. Just stay away from the news and you’ll be okay.

    1. Technary says:

      You can`t run away from the news! 😛

  32. Lalit says:

    I think whereever you go and whereever you live, you must enjoy your life and should be happy so that you remain healthy and fit.

    1. Technary says:

      I agree! Enjoy life!

  33. Okay, I’ll agree. The juxtaposition of the three Huffington Post photos was funny.

    It really does say it all.

  34. Free Forms says:

    Wow really impressive culture of Canadian..!!
    There are great examples which consists of hard works & hard time…

  35. Great stuff. I would be much happier in Canada taking advantage of the free health care!

  36. I call BS 😉 Huffpo Canada had so many stressful articles when it launched including one about your postal service workers being shafted. Further if Canadians are so happy why do they love living and visiting the U.S. so much?

    Just about any Canadian celeb I can think of has a house in the U.S. and some live here full-time…. Celine Deon, Avril Lavigne and many more heck you lived in Seattle for awhile John!

    1. I agree with the “stressful articles” part of your comment because, those headlines/articles = Pageviews & the inital pageviews/users 😉

  37. The UK version has recently launched, attention grabbing headlines like the UK’s one is a way to generate the inital page views before, they become regular visitors 😉

  38. allan stuart says:

    nice one John.. i do think good news can really influence our day.. 🙂 the world is in chaotic condition especially in Libya and Somalia where poverty and hunger really takes it tolls, but you still have to show positive news in the end of the day.. it motivate you and make your life happier… Canadian rocks..

  39. Buy a Blog says:

    Hum! This is not all the reason that they are happy, They are rich and this is one of the biggest fact and the truth is they are happy and they are rich.

  40. I’ve made a similar observation with my blogs. Readers like positive news. This is strange, because classic paper newspaper sell better when there are bad news. Anyone care to explore this phenomenon?

  41. I love to visit canada nice place to stay

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